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Intenso Power Banks

Power banks charge your electrical gadget on the go. Select battery capacity, maximum current per data output, and connector type. A higher battery capacity allows you to charge the gadget longer. The voltage indicates how fast it can be charged (preferably 2A or higher). Weatherproof models are good for rain, and a portable battery can be solar-powered. Compare prices from 91 shops in this category.
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Product Lowest price User rating Rank Battery capacity Input (charging connector) Features
Intenso Powerbank Slim S10000£12.59 6 44  10,000 mAhMicro-USBLamp 
Intenso Powerbank Slim S5000-i Dual£7.99 1 61  5,000 mAhMicro-USB  
Intenso Powerbank A5200£7.95 2 90  5,200 mAhMicro-USBSupports fast charging 
Intenso Powerbank Slim S5000£9.42 2 244  5,000 mAhMicro-USB  
Intenso Q10000£24.21 1 268  10,000 mAhMicro-USBSupports fast charging 
Intenso Powerbank PM5200£9.38 4 278  5,200 mAhMicro-USBLamp 
Intenso XS20000£25.82 1 489  20,000 mAh  
Intenso PowerBank HC20000£29.40  1 610  20,000 mAhUSB (Type C)Lamp 
Intenso XS5000£17.45 1 650  5,000 mAhUSB (Type C)  
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