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How we show reviews

We want to make your purchase decisions easier. That’s why we let our users write reviews about products and shops, so that you can read them. To read another user’s opinion on something is sometimes the most important piece of information in the buying process.

We have an extensive process in place to detect fake reviews. We do not allow user reviews written by companies, or by individuals with self-interest in the shop or the product, and we do not allow reviews written by users closely linked to such persons.

We do not allow reviews submitted in return for compensation, in any form.

How reviews are written

Product reviews
Product reviews can be written by users who are logged in on PriceSpy.

Shop reviews written by logged in users
Shop reviews can be written by users who are logged in on PriceSpy.

Instore shop reviews written during purchase
Instore shop reviews can be written by anyone during a purchase from a shop that has integrated our review system into their purchase process. We mark these reviews specifically when shown in our services.

How reviews are published

Product and shop reviews that are written by logged in users are published immediately. Instore shop reviews that are written during a purchase will be published when the user clicks on a link in the confirmation email sent to the user. Instore shop reviews will be published immediately when the user clicks on the activation link. If the user never clicks on the activation link, we never publish the review.

Users can edit their reviews at any time. Edited reviews will display the date last edited.

The content of the reviews can be used anonymously to interpret and sum up the message, with the purpose of creating more simple and accessible information for our users.

How reviews are moderated

PriceSpy does not preview reviews before they are published, but we may moderate them at any time. We moderate a review when a user flags it for moderation, or when it has been marked as suspicious by our automatic review monitoring system.

Some users and shops may be subjected to more frequent and manual controls if deemed to be necessary by us. We do this when a user or a shop has previously acted suspiciously, or contrary to our rules.
When we moderate, we check that the review follows our Rules and guidelines for users and applicable laws. We notify users who get a review removed. We may also contact a user to ask for minor changes to a review in order to comply with our rules.
We moderate edited and already published reviews in the same way as new reviews.

How long we keep reviews

We show reviews until we no longer list the product or shop. We can also hide reviews if they don’t follow our rules. The user who wrote the review can remove it at any time.

How we share reviews between our markets

A review written by a user in one country may be published (translated or in its original language) on a PriceSpy site in another country. At the moment, PriceSpy operates, and shares reviews, in Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden and UK. We may operate and share reviews in additional countries in the future.