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Different properties despite identical model description

Please note that product properties can differ between shops even though they are listed as the same product. Some examples are: different languages in menus and manuals, warranty terms, preinstalled software or accompanying accessories. Therefore, always check the specific shop’s own descriptions and warranties, either on the shop’s own website or through contacting them directly. Please keep this in mind when comparing prices.

A shop might offer several versions of the same product

The same shop may offer a product in many different varieties. It can be anything from a variety of colours, language versions or packaged versions where the product comes with different accessories. In order to avoid making unnecessarily long price lists which are difficult to scan, the variation icon is shown. When pressing the icon, all the variations of the same product are shown.

Always check the shop’s own description

Despite PriceSpy’s efforts to always show accurate pictures of the products and list the right properties, errors may occur. Always check the shop’s own description and ask them to confirm what is important to you, preferably in an e-mail, which you then save. When you have chosen a product and are ready to purchase it, always check the contents of the cart/basket carefully. Some shops add extra items to the shopping cart in connection with a purchase.

Duty & VAT when shopping within the EU

Duty: When shopping within the EU, all goods are duty free.

VAT: VAT is not payable in more than one country.

-If you yourself travel to another EU country and buy goods over the counter, you always pay VAT in that particular country. If you shop online and have goods shipped to you, the company is obliged to charge VAT, which may vary dependent on the country.
 -It may be worth noting that you are not liable as a buyer if the company that sent you the goods charge you an incorrect VAT rate. The responsibility falls solely on the company providing the service. The shop can not charge you any additional fees in retrospect if the wrong rate has been calculated.
- Please note that if there is any difference between the price listed on PriceSpy and the shop’s website, we would be grateful if you would let us know. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will investigate the reason for this discrepancy and if need be, we will rectify it.