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How often is the information updated?

Our price information is updated several times a day and by hovering the mouse pointer over a specific price, the date and time for the last update will be shown.

How do we sort the price listings?

Sometimes, two or more shops sell a product at the same price. If that happens, prices are listed according to the following.

  1. Price excluding shipping
  2. Price including shipping
  3. Stock status
  4. Shop rating
  5. Number of shop ratings
  6. Number of products of which the shop has the lowest price

Why not sort on price with shipping included?

Comparing prices with shipping included is trickier than it may seem. Some shops calculate shipping cost per product, some per order, while others base it on weight or size. Since it is difficult to compare these methods of calculation in a fair way we have chosen to list the prices according to above mentioned criteria and order. Visitors can however choose to sort price lists in another way, just by clicking the column header.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

We have chosen to list the cheapest option valid for delivery throughout the country, and where normal payments such as cash on delivery or by card can be used. If there are cheaper alternatives, e.g. by choosing a payment schedule, a Featured Shop can indicate this in its retailer message. A shop can never state that shipping is free purely on the ground that goods can be collected at a special location.

Stock status

Stock status can reflect the shop's own stock or stock with suppliers / distributors.

We show shop stock status as follows:
lager_ja in stock, delivered within 6 working days
lager_ink on the way, or non-stock item
lager_nej out of stock
lager_iu unknown stock status

Let the mouse pointer hover over the icon for more information on stock status, such as estimated delivery time. If you choose to sort the list by stock status, it will be arranged in the same order as the stock status symbols above.