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We collect new toys in one place

We have launched a new category on PriceSpy called ‘New toys’. Here we explain why.

When PriceSpy creates a new category, it usually contains a specific set of products, like coffee makers, bicycle helmets or graphics cards. Toy trends often happen suddenly and can disappear as fast as they came. To help you compare prices faster and better, we’ve collected these trends in the same place.

It can be hard to keep track of what’s “in” if you’re not versed in the topic and that’s where the category ‘New toys’ can help you. It’s where you can find the latest and most popular toys, and can impress your children or grandchildren by buying “the right thing”. 

At the time of writing, we offer price comparison of Hatchimals, kendamas and fidget spinners, three products that have been trending and are in demand. Right now, the interest for fidget spinners is off the charts! We will continue to research toy trends.

Have you spotted a trend that you think fits in this category? Tell us about it!

Emma Pyk

Foto: / ThamKC

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