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Savvy student savings

For many, summer is the season of fun… Or, if you’re a student, the time will be spent nervously waiting for exam results and attempting to figure out your career path. Whilst those at university will be thinking about all the fun to come in the next year.

A large number of university students tend to live in student accommodation at some point throughout their degree. Often the first time away from home, this means shopping for all the university necessities. Laptops and portable chargers for those all-nighters in the library, headphones to block out housemates arguing, spare USBs to save last minute work on, and speakers to power the many house parties. 

All essential, but inevitably costly, products for the student survival kit. 

PriceSpy, the fully impartial price and product comparison service, has made things easier for students either heading off or returning to university. Looking at the best prices to be found online for the most common student essentials against buying full price. Think coffee, takeaways and nights out!

Adam Scott, UK & Ireland country manager at PriceSpy comments: “Students are renowned for being cash-strapped, preferring to spend their money on fun experiences rather than the essentials. That is the reality of student life! 

PriceSpy allows users to search for all the university essentials, such as iPads, printers and headphones. Not forgetting the student house essentials like the toasty machine and portable speaker. Students can see the cheapest places to buy their essentials online, make lists of all the items that they need and set up price alerts to monitor them.” 

Information and pricing correct as of 10th August 2017. 

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