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Simple tips on how to choose the right game console

Time to upgrade your old game console, or perhaps you’ve never had one? Either way, we have some practical tips for those who don’t know which one to choose. 

Today’s game consoles differ quite a lot, and have different distinctive features. Some are more powerful, others better suited for kids. Here are some short tips on how to choose.

The best gaming experience in 4K and HDR

If you want the best possible graphics, it’s the Playstation 4 Pro that you should go for. This gaming console is currently the fastest on the market, until the Xbox One X is launched in November. After that it’ll move down to second place, as Microsoft’s model is clearly more powerful. If you can do without the Ultra HD Blu-ray- player in the Xbox One X, and don’t want to wait, the Playstation 4 Pro is an excellent choice.  

Watching Ultra HD Blu-ray films
The Xbox One S is currently the best gaming console on which to watch high resolution films on disc. With an Ultra HD Blu-ray-player and HDR support, this gaming console is the film lover’s best choice, with more functions than the dedicated Ultra HD Blu-ray- players from LG and Samsung. Note that both Xbox One S and Playstation 4 Slim can run games in HDR which is a practical little bonus for the users.

Most affordable consoles for games and films
Both the Xbox One S and the Playstation 4 Slim are excellent game consoles for those who aren’t so bothered about 4K resolution and high frame rate (fps). Both consoles have a great number of games to offer, the Xbox One S slightly more so, with backwards compatibility for games for the Xbox 360. You’ll get a lot of gaming and entertainment for a reasonable cost.  

Play together with the kids
The Nintendo Switch might be the most child-friendly game console today, together with its predecessor the Wii U, and the even older model, the Wii. Here you’ll get fun figures such as Super Mario, Yoshi the dragon and the Link the hero. Switch has upgraded graphics compared to the previous generation’s Nintendo consoles and can be used hand-held without a TV.

Bring along on the trip

The Nintendo New 2DS XL is a small and practical hand console for a reasonable price. It’s easy to operate, and has many games, for adults and kids. If a small and simple console will suffice, the New 2DS XL is a practical choice, otherwise there is also a newer Switch with better graphics and support for connecting to the TV.

Author: Daniel Haaf

Translator: Åsa Sonden Cook

Photo: / stevanovicigor

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