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Xbox One X is released - now you can buy the gaming console in the shops

Microsoft has finally released the Xbox One X, and you can now buy the gaming console in the shops. But be quick, the supply is limited and the few examples already in the shops are expected to be quickly sold out.

Photo: Microsoft

Those who manage to get their hands on one of the Xbox One X’s, also get one of the market’s most powerful gaming consoles. The new model can run games in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, something that no other gaming console has managed to do.

The first Xbox One model was released in the UK during 2013, followed by the Xbox One S that was released three years later. Many people have, since the respective launches, collected a large number of games, and all work directly with the Xbox One X.

However, in order to take full advantage of the increased performance of the new console, it is necessary to update the games with support, which is currently valid for more than 100 game titles. Microsoft has a complete list on its website and when looking for upcoming releases in the shops, they should be labelled with "Xbox One X Enhanced." 

Even existing hand controls from previous Xbox One consoles work directly with the Xbox One X, as well as other third-party hand controls. Additionally, hundreds of older Xbox 360 game titles can work with backward compatibility, but without support for the performance increase of the Xbox One X.

Move from Xbox One to Xbox One X quicker with an external hard drive

To quickly get going with the new console, you can use an external hard drive to synchronise all files from an older Xbox One console to the Xbox One X. Connect the hard drive to your old game console, synchronise the files, and connect to the new game console. The transfer is automatic, and you can save several hours as updates and gaming files don’t have to be downloaded again. 

The approximate price for the Xbox One X is £449 compared to the older Xbox One S that can be bought for about £200. The latest model isn’t a replacement but should be seen as a compliment to those who are willing to pay more for higher performance. All future games for the Xbox One series will work excellently on all available consoles.

Those who do not have high requirements to run 4K games but still watch high definition films can benefit from the older Xbox One S console. The first Xbox One model is still available but should be avoided if you want a more future-proof game console that supports playback of Ultra HD Bluray films and HDR. 

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Author: Daniel Haaf

Translator: Åsa Sonden Cook

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