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Three things to keep in mind before and during Black Friday

Black Friday is closing in and soon we’re over-run by shops’ tempting sales offers. It’s easy to get drawn into the shopping hysteria during a day such as Black Friday, but you can avoid the worst traps by following our three tips.

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Plan in good time what you’d like to buy during Black Friday. Do your research on the gadgets you want to buy, check how much they cost, and think about what your spending budget is. Then create lists of the different products on PriceSpy. You can create different lists with different themes to create more specific lists. 

During Black Friday, all you have to do is to log in to PriceSpy and click on your lists. 

To create your lists, log in to PriceSpy. If you haven’t got an account you can easily create one by going to our homepage and click on ’log in’. If you download the app, a question automatically pops up asking you to create an account. 

When you’ve found the products you’d like to buy at this year’s biggest sale, we recommend that you create an alert on each product. You’ll then receive an email from us if these products’ prices drop. To create an alert, find a product, go to the product page and click on ‘create alert’. It’s possible that the price drops even before Black Friday, and you can grab a bargain early on. 

If the price doesn’t change during Black Friday, you can keep the alert and monitor the price in case it drops during the boxing day or January sales. 

If you, well in advance of Black Friday, find products that you are interested in, and note down the price, during Black Friday you can avoid being fooled by fake sales prices. That shops raise the prices before Black Friday, and then lower them again during the sale, is not unheard of. The Black Friday offer that you’ve found might not be as good an offer as it first seems. 

To avoid having to keep track of all products’ previous prices, you can use our function ’price history’. Just click on the statistics tab if you’re using desktop, or the red graph if you’re on the mobile. You’ll then reach a page with graphs, where you can see a product’s price history during the time it’s been listed on PriceSpy. 

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