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The stand mixer makes cooking and baking easier

The stand mixer is the ultimate helper in the kitchen. It chops, mixes, grates and mixes most things in an efficient and clutter-free way. All that’s needed is the right attachments for the machine and the ingredients. Pour everything in the stand mixer and go.

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Slice vegetables, cut potatoes, grind coffee beans and grate carrots. These are just a few of the things a stand mixer can do. This is a machine that can always be on show, and helps you in most situations.

Having said that, there are a few important things to consider, as the different models may differ a lot in functionality. The cheaper stand mixers often have fewer speed modes, lack many accessories, and can’t be used with a dough blade when baking.

It’s often smarter to go up one or more price ranges to get a more powerful, more practical machine that can cope with more, and for longer. Before a purchase, check how much dry capacity the container has, how much liquid it can hold, and the maximum dough weight the stand mixer can handle.

Stronger food processors can handle larger doughs

A stronger food processor can handle larger doughs and does not have to work as hard as a weaker machine. This also increases the longevity of the machine. What you need depends clearly on the primary purpose of the stand mixer, but from 700 watts and upwards is a good benchmark for most applications.

Other details to keep track of are how easy the machine is to disassemble for cleaning and then reassemble again. Please check in the shop before purchase if there are plastic parts that can be easily broken or worn, especially bowls that often have to be mounted with a little force.

A stand mixer that is stable on the table is nicer to work with, and low-noise models do not wake the family up if they are used in the mornings, for example when doing smoothies. 

Finally, check the weight of the stand mixer you choose as a really heavy machine could be difficult to take out and put away. If you have space in the kitchen to have it out all the time, it's not a problem, but otherwise it will quickly become a nuisance being left unused in the kitchen cabinet. 

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Author: Daniel Haaf
Translator: Åsa Sonden Cook

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