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Compare prices on cat and dog food

Did you know that you can compare prices on both cat and dog food on PriceSpy? With just a few clicks you can choose between dry food, wet food, or fresh food, type of packaging and age group.

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You can also filter whether you want the food to come in bulk or in individual packs. If you prefer in bulk, you can also choose the number of packages, and how much each of them should weigh. This applies especially to smaller products that weigh less than 1 kilogram, but check carefully, as there are exceptions. 

Those of you who’d like to know what ingredients, nutrients and vitamins they contain can easily filter accordingly. For example, you can filter for type of fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, plus if the pet food is cereal-free for example. 

Apart from the ingredients, what is probably of most concern is price, and here you can really save money by buying pet food from the right shop. With a simple search on PriceSpy you can save anything from a couple of pounds to up to 10 pounds.

A big pack of the Hills Feline Science Plan Kitten Chicken 10kg cat food costs, for example, 38,99 pounds in the cheapest shop and 54,49 in the most expensive shop. A whole 15,5 pounds difference in price. Another example is the Royal Canin Breed Maine Coon 31 4kg which costs 23,98 pounds in the cheapest shop and 51,83 pounds in the most expensive one. A difference of 27,85 pounds. That's a lot of money to save during a whole year when buying fro the cheapest shop.

For those of you who’ve got a cat or dog already can write a review of the pet food you’re currently using. This way you’ll help guiding other users to the best choices when choosing between the right pet food.

Here you’ll find all types of pet food on PriceSpy.

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