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The analogue watch is classic and timeless

Smart watches are great and all, but the classic analogue watch still has a place on the wrist.

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The technical development of digital watches has gone a long way in recent years and largely left the analogue models in the dust. At least if we look at functionality and the ability to meet the need for constant connectivity and accessibility.

However, analogue watches still fulfil a function of showing the time and offer a whole number of advantages that the digital models can’t, such as 1-year battery life, and a lifespan sometimes longer than the actual wearer’s own. 

Furthermore, the mechanical construction’s durability beats digital construction by far, not least when it doesn’t have to be compatible with a mobile phone in order to work. Having said that, there are a few points worth bearing in mind in order to find the watch that works best for you. 

The right fit is one of them, as a badly fitted watch will probably stay at home in the drawer. By using the filter and selecting gender, you’ll get an idea of which watch will fit your wrist the best. 

Here you can also select maximum width and height to further limit the size, which is great if you’ve already got a watch whose size you want to match.

The wristband is also an important part as there are several different materials to choose from, such as steel, titanium, silicone, textile or leather. Luckily you can often replace this afterwards, but if the wristband matters to you, you can easily find the right material using the filter.

Sapphire glass is expensive but scratch resistant

On the surface of the clockwork sits a protective glass, and you can choose between a sapphire glass which is expensive but scratch resistant, Hesalite or a Plexiglas which gives great protection against shocks. And of course the mineral glass which is the most common material in watches today. One tip is to read up on the material as the properties do differ a fair bit.

Furthermore, you can also filter for power source, which can be either battery, automatic winding, and manual winding. Whatever your taste, remember that the automatic model tends to be thicker, which doesn’t suit all wrists. 

Other functions that may be included are luminous hands, stopwatch and temperature sensor. Divers can also choose to filter for watches that have altimeters and depth gauge to more than 800 metres.

A watch is a highly personal accessory, often chosen by the heart and perhaps budget, instead of on practical features. At PriceSpy there are more than 35 000 analogue watches to choose from and we’re hoping that you will find the perfect match.    

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