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This is how you start the new shopping year

The Boxing Day sales have come to an end and now the shops are preparing for yet another sales event, the January Sales. You can still find some great bargains, and with a bit more knowledge, you can also avoid making the most common shopping mistakes.

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Before you start with your shopping, it's a good idea to read a bit about how to shop safely on the internet. One tip is to read our article ‘9 steps to find the best bargains during the Boxing Day sales’ before getting started.

Another good way of finding the best offers during the January sales is by visiting PriceSpy’s campaign page.

The January sales page is updated several times a day with products that have been significantly reduced.

You can either sort by the best offer, or the most popular offers. You can also sort offers depending on the category you are interested in, such as jackets, mobile phones or perfumes.

When you then find something you want to buy, and have checked the price history to confirm that the offer actually is as good as it seems, it’s time to strike. If it's a good deal you've found, there’s a risk that products will run out of stock.

To all offers during the January sales.

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