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Vegan protein powders for those of you who are trying to avoid animal products

Did you know that we list vegan protein powders on PriceSpy? More and more people are choosing to avoid animal products, and on PriceSpy you can find protein powders that are completely vegan.

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The base in vegan protein powder is often soy, oats, peas, hemp or rice. Sometimes they consists of several sources of protein, such as a combination of oats and peas. 

On PriceSpy we list several flavours to choose from. Click on the flavour of your choice in the filter, and all the protein powders with that particular flavour will be pulled up.

Soy protein powders generally don’t have an aftertaste and are therefore easier to start off with. Choose a flavour you like and check what suits you the best. 

If you want to buy a protein powder with its own natural flavour, oat protein is a great alternative.

Oat protein is easy to mix in for example oat porridge, or a smoothie. If you’re not used to the oat flavour you shouldn’t mix it with water as the flavour will be more prominent.

Natural rice protein has a particular taste that takes time to get used to. We recommend that you buy a smaller packet when testing rice protein. Here you will find all packets of rice protein weighing less than 0.5 kilograms.

The protein powder can be supplemented with vegetarian protein bars. Here we show all the products for those of you who have chosen a vegetarian diet and do not eat animal products.

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