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PriceSpy now exists in eight countries

PriceSpy expanded rapidly during the beginning of this year, with new services in Italy and France. It’s now easier and smoother than ever to price compare in these two new countries.

It’s been almost 15 years since PriceSpy launched its first site. Since then the company has grown in all respects and is currently is growing faster than ever. There are already sites in Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand and Finland and to that list we can now add France and Italy as well. 

One of the people at PriceSpy who monitors and maintains the expansion is Kristen Holt, Head of Strategy at PriceSpy: 

"Together with Schibsted we’re able to launch much faster and on a wider scale than before. As PriceSpy has grown bigger, the capacity to open up in new markets has increased, and that’s why we have expanded rapidly, according to Holt.

The reception in France and Italy has been positive from both users and shops. The more advanced users especially have shown great interest in PriceSpy, Holt says. 

He also says that the work of expansion is a result of the collaboration between not just Schibsted and PriceSpy as a company but also everyone that works in the company has done a great job with the preparations and launches.

"It’s an incredibly exciting journey for us as a company and I hope that everyone feels that they have a part in the expansion as it includes the entire company, everyone from the content department to finance and development, contribute to the company growth. We have shown that we can grow into a multinational company, from our start in small-town Ängelholm. We don’t just talk about taking on new possibilities, we do it", Holt says.

Daniel Haaf

Kristen Holt

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