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Lawn and garden tools

Winter is coming to its end and slowly the Spring sun is shining through the heaviest of clouds. If you haven’t started to work on your garden it’s about time.

Many now cut the lawn for the first time, manure and water their gardens, and the flowerbeds need to be cleared of winter coverage. Thorough preparation now sets a good base for the rest of the garden year.

On PriceSpy you’ll find most things you need to start cutting that lawn, regardless of how small or large your garden.

A lawn mower is one of the most essential tools for the garden, regardless of the size of your lawn. For smaller patches, it’s enough with a regular hand-propelled lawn mower, but when it comes to bigger patches, a bigger electric or petrol-powered model is recommended.

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A robot lawn mower that automates the mowing is an alternative to the traditional lawn mower. They are normally quite pricey but in return, give you more time to do other things. A robot lawn mower is available with self-docking for automatic charging, rain sensors, child locks, and remote controls for those who wish.

Here you’ll find all the robot lawn mowers on PriceSpy.

A Ride-on lawn mower works best on large lawns where a traditional or hand-propelled lawn mower would take too long to use. Common for all models is that you sit on the lawn mower and direct it with a steering wheel rather than push it. Models with center-mounted mowers are often called garden tractors and are also great for other jobs than just mowing the lawn. 

Here you’ll find all the ride-on lawn mowers on PriceSpy.

Scarifiers are an excellent addition to the lawn mower if your lawn contains a lot of moss and weeds that need to be removed. It creates slots in the lawn so that the grass roots receive more oxygen and it can also remove moss. With a vertical mower, you do not need to fertilise as much in order to get a nice piece of lawn.

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Strimmers are used, among other things, for trimming the edges of the lawn where the mower can not reach. Lighter and cheaper models are good enough for normal grass, but if you want to do more serious work, a larger grass trimmer or a brushcutter is worth looking into. Some models have more features and tools than others, choose carefully after what’s required.

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A Rotavator is the grower's best friend, and best used in the vegetable garden, rather than the lawn. It relieves you of the heaviest work by turning the soil without you having to dig by hand. The cheapest models cost from a hundred pounds upwards but expect to pay considerably more than that for a quality machine. If you only need it for a short period, it may be more economical to rent a one. 

Here you’ll find all the rotavators on PriceSpy.

Daniel Haaf

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