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Ride on toys for adults and kids

In PriceSpy’s category ‘Ride-on-toys’ you’ll find, amongst other things, the hugely popular hoverboard, but also favourite classics like the BIG Bobby Car. Ride-on- toys can be used by both big and small kids alike (as well as adults) and are sold in a number of shops. Compare prices on PriceSpy before buying and save money.

A hoverboard is an electric self-balancing board that is both fun and easy to use. Using  modern gyrotechnology, the board reads the movements of your body, as well as the weight and balance point, which allows you to control your steering. Initially it may be difficult to find enough balance to even get up on the board without help, but as with everything else: practice makes perfect. Practice in this case can result in a speed of up to 12 km / h. 

Here you will find all hoverboards on PriceSpy. 

At the beginning, it’s also extra important to consider using the right security equipment. A helmet should always be used, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. In addition, it’s recommended to use knee and wrist protection.

Here you can compare the prices of helmets. 

A BIG Bobby car suits the youngest kids better. The car is a classic and fun pedal car in plastic, that has been the favourite toy for many children for several generations. The small car is ergonomically adapted to the needs of the child, and is designed to allow the child to reach the floor with its feet to gain momentum. 

Here you’ll find all Bobby cars.

Emma Cedell

Photo: / kazatin

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