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Find the barbecue that works best for smoking

Take barbecuing a step further and try smoking. With a barbecue that can handle smoking, you can impress anyone with your cooking skills.

To smoke food isn’t anything new, but something people have done for thousands of years. What is interesting when we smoke food on a barbecue today is that the wood we use is what sets the flavour. Try different types of woodchips next time to find the flavours you like.

Before you start smoking, you need a barbecue that can handle the job. It’s a good idea to use either a charcoal barbecue, a gas barbecue or a smoker (a barbecue whose main purpose is for smoking).

A common Kettle barbecue works well for smoking food. This type of barbecue is very popular and if you have one in the garden, it's quick to get started.

A gas barbecue also works well for smoking food, and it’s easier to control the temperature than if you use a charcoal barbecue. The gas barbecues are often more expensive than charcoal barbecues though, so it's really a question of price which one to choose and before the smoking can begin. 

For those of you that are really interested in the topic, there are barbecues designed to work extra well for smoking. Such a barbecue can keep even temperatures for several hours, and the barbecue master only needs to put in minimal effort. In this category there are both professional barbecues like ’Big green eggs’ and ’Kamado Joe classic’, which cost over 1200 pounds each, but obviously you can also find simpler, smaller and cheaper models.

On PriceSpy you can filter on charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues and barbecues intended for smoking. You can also filter on price, and find barbecues for less than 300 pounds or more expensive models for over 1200 pounds. Use the filter to find the barbecue that suits your needs. If you want a medium-sized barbecue that works for non-smoking purposes, we suggest this filtering.

Linnea Kleen

Photo: / iunderhill

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