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Get started with exfoliating skin care

Recently a multitude of different face masks have been released on the market, and face masks with exfoliating effects have become very popular with beauty lovers. So what is exfoliation, and what happens to the skin when you exfoliate it? / Jacob Ammentorp Lund

Exfoliation is a chemical process that peels off the top layer of dead skin cells, and stimulates new cell growth. There are many benefits with getting rid of old skin cells. For example, it cleans the skin, gives lustre and makes the skin look more radiant. Exfoliating also clear pores and gives you a more even skin tone.

The word ‘face scrub’ is often mentioned in connection with exfoliation. A face scrub is also an exfoliation, but instead of being a chemical process it’s a physical process. Most commonly it’s a product that contains small granules that is massaged on to the skin and scrubs off dead skin cells. The skin can be exfoliated with all kinds of scrubs. At PriceSpy you will find all body scrubs in the body scrub category and all face exfoliants in the face scrub category.

In other words, there are different kinds of exfoliation. In addition to the scrub that you rub in, there are two other popular types, enzyme exfoliants and acid exfoliants. Enzyme exfoliants are similar to a face mask, also applied to the skin. The face mask contains enzymes from fruit that gently dissolve the layer of dead skin cells.

Choose exfoliating products according to skin type

Acid exfoliants work a bit differently to other exfoliating products. It dissolves the bonds between old skin cells, thus removing dead skin cells from the outermost skin layer. There is everything from quite strong and powerful ones, to milder and gentler acid exfoliants.

Keep in mind that different exfoliators have different effects and it’s important to choose one according to your skin type to find the one that suits you the best. Acid exfoliants are more powerful than enzyme exfoliants, so it's good to test on a small part of the face first if you have sensitive skin.

After exfoliation, it’s important to moisturise the skin, preferably with a face mask or face cream. If you are going to be outdoors the day after an acid treatment, you will also need sun protection. Exfoliation makes the outer layer thinner, which makes the skin even more sensitive to the sun.

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Author: Emma Cedell. Translator: Åsa Sondén Cook