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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (Combi Pushchair)

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  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    The carriage is perceived as a little rickety and loose (especially the handle). A little robust, can not hang anything from the handle and is also not so much storage space on the trolley. The curve below is very difficult to get to with the backside. It works like a trip drill in function and with the small wheels, but has a little cumbersome way and is put together (must remove the seat first) and is not very small overall. However, it is very easily controlled. Had given it 3 stars if the price had been cheaper but it is simply not worth the money.
  • Terrible
    7 years ago
    Updated: 7 years ago
  • Excellent
    8 years ago
    Updated: 8 years ago
    Super Wagon is the only thing I can say, is how little any time when you fold the stroller and is relatively easy.
  • Poor
    9 years ago
    Updated: 9 years ago
    Consider purchasing again. This is a clean city trolley that works best in summer. It is very easy to maneuver but there are some things to look out for:

    The front wheels as "Pip" describes wear rapidly and axle rust away in about 3 years.

    Winter Wheels are a must as soon as you set out on the trail or in the winter. Because they are not pivotal, trolley very difficult to maneuver.

    Brake cable broke after 3 years, it can not be bought as a spare and Bugaboo does not replace it, but recommends a new chassis for 2500: -

    The feature that makes the handle is adjustable in depth decreases with time, be sure to use the guarantee before the trailer is 3 years old.
  • Barely acceptable
    9 years ago
    Updated: 9 years ago
    + Many accessories
    + Swivel wheels
    + Smooth

    - They puncture proof wheels are beneath contempt. After a month, they are almost totally worn out, inexpensive, they are not then they cost 350kr/st.
    (Goes mixed on gravel roads and in urban areas)

    - Bought "winter wheels" to cart to remedy the problem but then it is no longer something special.

    - Expensive accessories and parts

    - The quality overall I think this is beneath contempt.

    Total: Had not been for that I bought the cart private so it had been even lower ratings.
  • Very good
    9 years ago
    Updated: 9 years ago
    Bought vagngen from pramworld this spring, chose between this and teutonia cosmo, then lower the price and the look had become critical (compared with babyland in bromma). Bought it in the package price with car seat "infant seat" as the kids say.

    Quality Feeling although it can be perceived a little wobbly due to its flexibility to be folded anyway.

    I am briefly after a month with the baby in the very satisfied with the purchase and would not choose any other trailer.

    + Easy steering and smooth
    + Stylish
    + Takes up little space and comes in anywhere without lifting, great shopping / dining car from that point.
    + Pram and pushchair in one package.

    - Inaccessibility basket
    - Poor shopping cart due to space restrictions in the basket
    - Carrycot bit too low slung, curved back, the first part of the child's time, that is.
    - Difficult terrain can be tricky to drive in because of the small front wheels. Does not fit in the cities where the sidewalks are made of idiots who like high and many edges and poorly laid cobbles, such as Copenhagen. Do you live in the Swedish city and you will be happy enough.

    What is missing for full marks?
    * Sunscreen forward (sunshade covers too little) You have to constantly fuss with a blanket
    * Higher placed carrycot
    * Slightly better locking function for the front wheels (loose at vyssning)
  • Excellent
    10 years ago
    Updated: 10 years ago
    + Extremely easy to steer
    + Easy to size
    + Easy to adjust
    + You can change the front / rear on both children direction as wheel direction.
    + Easy to fold up and pack in the car
    + Lightweight (9kg circus)
    + Because it is so easy and smooth, you can also continue to use it as a pushchair (saves $)
    + Many stylish choice of color combinations, and Paul Frank fabric ..

    - Does it taste so it costs
    - Small basket underneath, but it could hardly be greater, while preserving other function.

    More detailed:
    Strollers are a jungle of choice, but this is therefore a duo city trolley with small motion, damped wheels in the front, but you can also choose to have the rear, by quickly folding over "governance". The stroller is low, which also means that it becomes NARROW over the wheel base (stability). Are you 200cm, it is a problem, but on the other hand, you step into the elevator. The collapse extremely neat and simple, you want it even smaller, remove the wheels with a quick grip. The duo is the model that you build on carrycot to seat unit, which means you do not have some lying around. The trailer is incredibly easy to steer, and without further ado, use it with one hand, and go about among the crowded shelves at ICA is a breeze: it turns on a manhole cover. Is the slop out, turn it around so that the big wheels go up, and then locks the little ones. Do you go in sand (!), Raise the small wheels.

    The competitor Brio Go is far too broad. Emmaljunga city model is stiff and clumsy. But prepare yourself for the ladies ask you about your Bugaboo, "but is it safe?" (It is so smooth and does not look like a tank)
  • Excellent
    12 years ago
    Updated: 12 years ago
    + Easy to drive
    + Good quality
    + Flexible! The child can sit backwards or foreward waiting, changed at 5sec.
    + Rain cover and insect protection includes
    + Basket holds plenty and content is protected from rain and dirt.

    - Difficult Run in difficult terrain
    - Clay stuck in the front suspension and comes off sometimes when folding the stroller. (Usually in the trunk of the car) ...