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Sage Appliances Barista Express

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  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Probably the best coffee purchase I have ever made! Bought this machine 4 years ago and it makes just as good coffee today as then. Buy my beans freshly roasted (It is important that they are a maximum of 1 month old as the taste changes drastically the older the beans are).

    Took a while to fine tune the settings and understand how I would use it. It is therefore again important to buy fresh beans so you learn to handle the machine with the beans you really want.

    Highly recommended and recommended before a fully automatic machine because you will learn the basics of making expresso, americano (coffee but with espresso beans) and e.g. caffelatte for real. You will learn quickly and will appreciate the knowledge of being able to make coffee yourself.

    You also get good support from Sage so you get started properly if you experience challenges in getting the fine-tuning. Also recommend watching Youtube videos on how to best proceed.

    Good luck!
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Very satisfied. Becomes very good coffee after you have tested yourself a bit with the degree of grinding, amount of coffee, how hard you pack the coffee, get the technology to skim the milk as you want it, and not least find good beans for the type of coffee you like. Stylish and everything exudes quality. I think it's nice with a little manual work and not fully automatic, it tastes good after a little craft. It sounds a lot when you grind, extract and even froth the milk if you have a little milk. Overall very happy with the price level!
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    How good!
    Went from a whole automatic to this one and is super happy.

    The coffee is absolutely delicious! And the price feels more reasonable than some others.

    However, it is a small run-in period where you have to fix with the settings, but when it is resolved, it is like a coffee at Espresso House.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    I am very pleased with the machine and the coffee tastes amazingly good. I chose to buy this machine because it's fun to play barista (semi-automatic machine) and it's great to watch. Have previously purchased used a cheap capsule machine that I was never really satisfied with. Sage has done very well with this series of espresso machines.

    They sell spare parts, something in the machine would have to bother or need to be replaced, so you can go to their website and order new.