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Sage Appliances Oracle BES980

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  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Found a return copy at a reduced price for Elgiganten last fall (2017). After almost a year of ironing around the hot crop, the price dropped to about half the new price.

    Can only say that the person who appreciates good espresso and does not mind a little manual work, sometimes coffee break and drip on the sink and some adjustments of grinding parameters, extraction time, etc and having ten salmon + lying will probably not be disappointed.

    This machine provides the conditions for "private bars" to invite their guests to a really enjoyable coffee experience.

    Even this machine's "Long Black" (for example, Sällskapsresansen "has Swedish coffee?") Is really enjoyable there in the morning before you take the kids to school o go to work (o sure other times o occasions).

    Check the deposit at home, this gem pulls almost 10A with all the cranes open. A quick dwarf switch in combination with some other load on the group is risking magpask.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    I start as always - with the right expectations you will not be disappointed! If you buy a coffee machine for over 20,000 then the expectations are then set. And it delivers on - however, I would lie if I kept the following comment on "indescribably good coffee".

    But then you should keep in mind that I'm together with a roast champion so I have access to as fresh coffee as it can be so the coffee quality has always been high in our house. So that's probably why I did not experience any revolution regarding the taste of the coffee now, rather than making good coffee.

    But the reason we bought this coffee machine was because it was too bad to grind coffee, push out a little espresso, skim the milk for cappucino and make sure everything from the coarseness of the coffee to the temperature of the pot was good. So we bought this in the hope of losing it. And there it delivers above and beyond!
    It paints the coffee itself according to the roughness you specify. And it stumps the coffee itself. And then it pushes it through the water according to the time you set. And the milk foam is always perfect and in 60 ', or whatever you are setting up. Because of that, things need to be addressed to this. It's a bit fancy to get everything perfect, but once it's done it's delivered again and again!

    So why just an 8/10?
    "If you do not have a coffee mill, water pressure required, how the skim milk should be and everything that can be set, this will be a bargain. You do not get much help on the way.
    - It sounds quite a lot when it's on but does not do anything, when all it does is keeps the water damp at 93 'so it sounds. In full standby, however, it is cluttered because it does not do anything.
    - Immediately after we bought it and unpacked it and removed all transport protection and put it together according to all the rules of the art and plugged in, it started working on water temperature. And after an hour it had worked up 10 degrees. After one hour 5 degrees to. Completely unacceptable so I prepared to return it and disconnect it. In the morning, I did one last try and then it went up to 93 'relatively fast and since then there have been no problems! I do not know why that happened that time, we did nothing to fix it ??
    - I failed with the blind test with our old 6000: - Philips coffee machine, but then the fruit had just painted freshly ground coffee in both so it was superb coffee in both! So if you compare with regular coffee bought at Elgiganten / Media Markt, I do not know if it had been so smoothly.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Great coffee!

    Incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is move the handle from the mill to the bridge part, the rest handles the machine itself and even the milk foam.
    The only negative is that it feels like clean robbery buying a latte at the cafe, as you make better coffee at home.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Indescribably good coffee!

    + Best possible coffee
    + Feel yourself when it wants to be cleaned, still does not have to drink it after a few cups, that in soft water.
    + Set yourself how you want the coffee.

    - Dyyyyr ....
    - A little big
    - Take a while before learning.