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Fitbit Charge

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  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Works well, had no problems pairing the phone the first time but it worked. Comfortable to wear, check it after a while. The app works fine.
    "Caller ID" is super fun, but one must have "all day sync" enabled for this to work, and then pull the battery much faster (if you do not have this enabled it goes 8-10 seconds from the phone rings until it comes up caller ....)

    "Quick View" is also brilliant but is unfortunately rejected here then it can be programmed to be deactivated at night, and when it lights up the room every time I turn around in bed.

    NB! If you're wondering whether you should buy small or big, buy big! I measured myself so it stood on the Fitbit website, in which case the small fit, but I must have it at the outer notch (only 1 stick stuck) for it to fit.
  • Poor
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago

    Content nickel. Jag has never varit Kansas för wallop but has gotten svårt att Bara denna runt hand fairway. Googled for "Fitbit wrist irritation" then look nine vad it's about. Fitbit Rekommenderas att taking of bracelets och goes without periods. Seriously? It är ett activity band that logs DELICIOUS, hela poäng coincide with this.
    Gick tillbaka till Teknikmagasinet och dom knew direkt vad jag pratade about. Fick pengarna tillbaka och rekommenderades one annat märke. Dom said att man got klagomål även on Fitbit charge HR och flex

    Alltså, passionate it minsta Kansas or tänkt använda bracelets scheduled, Information Select isf one annat.

    The performance in general was good, loggade Stegen och SØMNA who rush förväntade. The display was what decided the att jag Copt Adjust this. Hade it a vecka för jag började get klåda vid hand fairway.
  • Very good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    The pedometer works good and it syncs seamlessly to the phone.

    Measures not, however, such as cycling. But then you need to have enough of a heart rate monitor.
  • Excellent
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    Note You must be aware that Charge is not waterproof. Can not bear shower or wash basin. Interest nonsense from Fitbit that Charge is waterproof. Delivered back to the store and got new. Contacted Fitbit and they advised me to have rice one one bowl and let Charge for 24 hours before I can use it back. They believe that rice sucks water. Otherwise recommended!
  • Poor
    6 years ago
    Updated: 6 years ago
    This is nothing more than an advanced pedometer. But a pretty bad one because it expects far too many steps. When I get out of bed in the morning usually already have counted 50 steps (and no, I do not go to sleep) and in the shower counting the additional few hundred steps. Then it goes on so during the day, so even though I'm pretty passive so it is easy to reach the recommended 10,000 steps. Sure you can enjoy it anyway, if you look at it as a relative measure of how active you have been, and compare it day by day. However, the values ??of distance traveled and calories burned completely worthless.

    Function with an altimeter that counts how many stairs you go're a nice thing. But it works better as an indication of the weather than on how many stairs you passed. High value = windy weather. This is also shown in the manual, which says that the sudden pressure changes can make it count wrong.

    To get statistics of sleep is fun, but not the function provides reliable values. Above all sleep time is often wrong for me. I often sleep restlessly at the beginning of the night, and it perceives fitbiten like I was not gone to bed yet.

    Probably comes to my opinions about Fitbit Charge also most other training bracelets. They simply do not work as good as advertised would suggest. Otherwise, this is a kind of thing that I believe in, and that could get me to exercise more. But I want them to be more precise. Hopefully future generations will work better. Since you have paired the bracelet with an app on your phone, I think they should be able to interact more, so that data from the bracelet is operated together with data from the phone's accelerometer and GPS. It could provide much more reliable information.

    The actual design of the Fitbit Charge is not entirely successful. The outside is a grooved rubber-like materials with high friction and sharp edges. Furthermore, since it is quite easy as it gets stuck often inside his sleeve. I can not just shake up the one I'm used to do with my regular wristwatch. It will therefore be especially troublesome to look at the display, and it is often easier to pick up the phone and look at it.