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UppaBaby Cruz (Pushchair)

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  • Poor
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    This is only suitable for malls and even asphalt in the summer after the litter is swept up. It is certainly not rubble, and it's clear that the money is in genuine leather here and there, because the construction itself is too sloppy and flimsy!

    We bought it a couple of weeks ago after being assured in the store that this was so "light-tricked", robust and nice, but after using it on a bit of hollow and shredding, it's now noisy and slipping all over.

    There is also zero damping, so the vesla is like a full-fledged wagon, but of course you avoid driving as mentioned inside shopping centers and even asphalt.

    They sell it "streamlined" and modern, and if it's more important than comfort and quality, this is the truck for you!
    It was certainly the most important for the cohabitant, and then it will be the case since we "men have not done this"

    We also have a TFK wagon that is "soo old fashioned", it is in a completely different league in terms of quality and durability.

    The reason why it gets more than a star is that it's sure if it's never used uneven ground ...