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Jura E8

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  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    I bought this machine as a replacement for my Siemens EQ7 which gave up after 5 years of service.
    This machine delivers perfect coffee and milk foam.
    Very nice not to have to clean the bridge part, which was done at Siemens.

    What is negative about this machine?
    - The container for coffee beans is quite small.
    - You can clean the milk frother daily with special means.

    Positive things.
    - Excellent coffee.
    - No need to clean the bridge part.
    - Simple and clear display.
    - You get high cups / thermos cups when you make coffee with milk.
    - Quite small and compact.

    Good price when I bought. 8240: - on the electric giant.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Cannon! Easy to handle and quick to get started.
    Compare with a 15+ year old Siemens in the upper segment who eventually gave up.

    Is there any major difference that one always claims is that there has been so much development in recent years, the answer is obviously no. But people would like to believe that things develop with all these frivolous abbreviations, it is ultimately about going on a sales pitch for them to be able to sell new gadgets.

    This one is pretty pretty in size, has a modern look with display and everything. There are more expensive Jura ex S8 but they are equally plastic except for small details, the contents the same. Best you can buy in this price range.

    So what's the difference from my previous machine? Well this is a little more automatic, is a little faster in all the steps, has slightly more adjustment possibilities but not much and more modern look, but more plastic. LED lamp illuminating the tray: O

    The sound level is about the same, ie it allows some, will never escape this.

    The coffee then? yes it will be as good as my previous one which was canon.

    Hope this lasts as long but doubtful.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    King of coffee, smooth with the cleaning just stop in 1 tablet o let it take care of itself.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    Have had the curved version for about 1 month. Note that platinum, black inox and chrome are different.
    The curved version comes with the professional milk froth where you can adjust the amount of foam on the milk.
    The milk moth is really good.
    You can also have instant coffee if you want instead of whole beans. Scroll on for the rest of the review ...

    The coffee tastes lovely compared to my 6 year old Nespresso latissima premuim capsule machine.
    Great to avoid squeezing out 4kr per capsule and driving fresh whole beans that can be bought in all food stores.
    Likes you can set the degree of grinding on the beans and also the coffee strength.
    Animals like the attic and I had wanted a sensible hot water function for over 12,000 kr.
    Were coffee with tea and it would be nice to be able to throw away the kettle.
    The jam warms the tea water only to 71 degrees, and it does not get all the flavors in the tea even though it is set to the highest temperature.
    Why even have a hot water function if the water is lukewarm?

    Also bought for the bluetooth dongle from German amazon for a five hundred.
    Unfortunately, you can not plug the machine into any smart home set up (Google home, Alexa, SmartThings, etc.) but is bound to Juras app only to check the filter quality, brew coffee, etc.
    It could certainly be arranged if you are a codeclocker and have more knowledge than me.

    The machine is relatively quiet (though not noise-free) compared to the capsule machine I had as a buzz dumped and could not drive at night because of neighbors.

    Smooth cleaning program for milk and coffee.
    A tablet goes into the compartment for instant coffee and the rest manages the machine.
    The milk cleaning process is managed by Jurgen's own detergents, which is quite cheap.

    The water tank has a filter that cleans the water.
    LED light illuminates the drip tray.
    The appliance cleans the coffee maker at each startup and shutdown automatically.

    All in all, satisfied, but wanted warm water for tea, integration with smart home gadgets, a little less noise during brewing and maybe a little cheaper or the bluetooth stick had been included in the price.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Have had two Siemens machines earlier, the latest one EQ7 (both broke after about 3,000 copper, the latter 2 weeks after the warranty expired). There were two machines with the right amount of play / cloth in the parts that were to be cleaned. Now with Jura, that's a big difference. There is no sticky / slippery surface on the parts to be cleaned. It was that in Siemens, clever and oily.

    This machine definitely makes better coffee and espresso, quite a big difference really (best in Test & Röns blind test 2017). Only it's worth the rise in price from simpler models.

    Jurassic is expensive and there is no extendable brewery that can be cleaned. On the other hand, that's what you can pull out, the game tank and the swamp, as new after 2 weeks of operation. And it was just the brew unit that climbed on my Siemens, the one I cleaned for 2 years. So ... Jura may be a little better at keeping apart where the remains are ending up and therefore a brewery does not need to be picked up and cleaned every week?

    Expensive. Good coffee. Very little cleaning (all pulled out can be machine-cooled if you want). Hopefully better / longer than my previous machines.

    Highly recommended so far. It brews coffee very well, just it justifies a little more expensive purchase.

    Check with page import, then Jurassic in Sweden is not guaranteed for 25 months, so buy from an authorized ÅF.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Really good coffee machine! The coffee is as in a cafe and you enjoy every time you see the mill going on. Many options and easy to clean. The price is perhaps in the highest team on the other hand, this is the Rolls Royce coffee machine. A quality machine from Switzerland. Spent on other machines too but went on Jura which is a safe card with good access to service and spare parts if needed.
  • Excellent
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Super Happy