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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820 32GB

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  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Samsung have out done Apple with their new Tab S3.
    Tab S3 looks and feels amazing.
    The S - pen is superb and so easy to use.
    Sound quality is excellent.
    Picture quality is perfect.
    This is the best tablet available.
    I've been converted from Apple.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Living in an era where iPads have been dominating the market, it was refreshing to finally see the tech giant Samsung come out with their rival product: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. I was in awe from the moment I excitedly unpacked the package... here's why:

    The design and build - this has by far been one of the most stunning, sleekest looking tablets I've had the pleasure of testing until date. The AMOLED display (which allows the tablet to be super fast at activating each pixel making it perfect for larger, higher definition displays with a lot of pixels) was just excellent, the colour and contrast was so sharp, it was almost 3D like. The product itself felt premium, quality materials and workmanship; a true signature from Samsung.

    The sound - when i switched the tablet on, i was surprised with the sound quality which roared out of those tiny speakers. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab comes equipped with AKG quad speakers which deliver unbelievably impressive sound regardless of whether the tablet is held portrait or landscape. I've used the speakers to their maximum volume when friends are around and it seriously does sound like I've connected to some external bluetooth speakers! (i often get told off for having it on so loud, my brother can usually hear it from his room down the hall! Oops :P)

    The S Pen - Samsung wouldn't be Samsung without their signature pen. Personally I've never used a stylus with any of my tablets or phones as they just felt fiddly, let's just say... I've converted. I've been able to draw and write in different styles and fonts without the writing looking scratchy as it normally does on electronic devices. The feel is so natural and close to what a traditional pen feels like i often forget I'm holding a stylus and accidentally use the pen to write on actual paper!

    The lifeline (battery) - hands down the battery life is amazing. I've taken it on a lengthy trip to London recently and managed to get a good 2 days out of it without charge. Keeping in mind i only used it for an hour or two on the train each way, but heavily used the notepad and email functionality.. not to mention a little shopping when I got bored!

    Overall I'm really impressed with Samsung. They've really showed me there are other tablets out there other than the leading brands. I even bought the keyboard to convert it into a laptop so now i have a 2 in 1. The processing power is impressive, I've even used it to remote desktop!

    Definitely recommending this to everyone!
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    There are so many tablets out there it's hard to know what to go for. The Tab S3 combines cutting-edge hardware, the latest android software with a tablet that offers portability and functionality unlike any other! The S-pen integration is amazing! It's as if you don't need to carry a pen and paper anymore. Here is my summary after almost a months use of the Galaxy Tab S3


    1. Ultra slick design, slim, lightweight and feels like a million dollars
    2. Beautiful screen, S-pen integration, and super-fast software
    3. Great battery life


    1. No place to store s-pen, unlike previous Samsung models
    2. Not waterproof - this would be handy like other tablets (sony etc)
    3. Small issue - Takes ages to boot up!
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I’ve had the tablet for about a month now and had the chance to use if for many different functions.
    The first thing I use it for was a Trip from London to Tonga & Fiji. This gave me a chance to try out the battery life. The tablet lasted the London to Singapore leg of the journey which is 13h, I used it for most of the flight, around 10+ hours, to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.
    The screen really shows off when watching in low lights, having zero back light bleed, being an AMOLED screen, the shows looked amazing. The colours really pop without being bleached out by backlights. I then tried out the screen in bright day light while controlling my Drone, once again it handled this extremely well and could easily see what was being filmed. It is rather reflexed though.
    Replaying the 4K content was super smooth, there is definitely plenty of power for your applications. I’ve also been using the tablet for some light photo editing / adjustments. You’ll probably want to switch the screen into a different mode, e.g. Cinema or the like, as the AMOLED in standard mode is slightly on the over saturated spectrum so your images won’t look the same on a normal phone or pc screen.
    If you’re one of using the inbuild speakers you should be very happy with these. You get stereo in both Portrait and Landscape modes, this automatically switches for you. They also drive headphones well, I have some big headphones which the tablet can get to high levels still sounding great.
    Getting back to work I could put the Stylus to the test. I’ve been using OneNote, SimpleMind, TickTick and a few other productivity apps. The Stylus really helps when note taking during meetings. You can also take quick notes on the Tab S3 when the screen is off by holding the Stylus to the screen and clicking the button on the side of the Stylus. Using SimpleMind, a mind mapping tool, it would be painful not to us the Stylus as there are lots of little buttons which pressing with your fingers would be rather tricky. I found the Stylus extremely accurate throughout all tasks. Though it does take a little getting used to drawing on the screen vs paper.
    One thing which I found really useful is the hover function, it is used for multiple things throughout the tables use but the one I liked was when browsing a website on Chrome, you could hover the Stylus over a menu button which would normally show multiple dropdown options with a mouse hover on a pc, the Stylus reproduces the effect. Sometimes it can be rather hard using those menus on a tablet browser.
    If you’re looking for a good cover, the MoKo Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Case is great. I also bought the Fintie but that was is no good.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    We used the S3 extensively playing games, it handled them with ease. For apps for films and programmes, quick to start/ download, no juddering, buffering or pauses. When sharing with my television we were impressed by the speed it shared the content.
    S Pen provided is light to use and accurate. I think once my children are older they will have better use of this. I didn’t realise until recently that I could probably use this at work to take notes in meetings using One Note, I’ll be trying this out soon.
    Portability is still good despite heavier than my old tablet but this did also give a more robust feeling. It fit in a rucksack no worries and also into my sons changing bag when we went out for the day.
    Average battery life, nothing special. Lasts a few days of normal use, as in gaming, internet browsing and emailing. Advantage is that charging is super quick.
    Visually a nice bit of kit, currently looking for a cover to protect it. Although, we’ve been using it over a month and it looks brand new still. Has a high quality feel and excellent build quality.
    If you’ve used an android then you can pick this up and start to use it immediately, it’s so familiar/intuitive.
    Crystal clear, sharp, screen. Colours are bright, pop right out and the blacks are black.
    Speakers are superior over most/ all others on the market. Fantastic all around sound. Does start to distort at high volume with very base heavy music. Overall though, love this feature.
    As a family we really like the S3 and although we haven’t put it fully through all it’s paces, it is a welcome addition to our home. We do recommend it if you can get over the price tag.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    My first impressions were a premium feel with an extremely thin and light weight design, It literally could not be any thinner without losing the aux connection. I love the glass back design for looks but unfortunately it’s a finger print magnet with no grip.

    Once I had it charged up to see the display I was extremely impressed with the vivid colours and brightness that can overcome any sunlight outside. The AKG tuned speakers work very well whatever way you hold you the device as it has one in each corner.

    The main thing I enjoyed was drawing with the s pen (included for free) 
    You get so many choices of brushes, pens and pencils to play with without the need of purchasing a app. The sound it plays for a pencil is so satisfying I don't think i will ever get bored of it.
    Also seeing where the pen will start from hovering over the screen helps in so many ways. (less mistakes)

    The overall performance from multi tasking and having background apps open never slowed it down for me. The battery will easily last 10 hours of video playback which is amazing and now with USB C it can charge quicker than ever.

    My only worry would be the thought of dropping it but a case would easily solve this issue.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Look back over the last few years, from the rise of tablets to the state we're in now. Generally, Android tablets nowadays remain fairly cheap and budget driven, What about those of us who like tablets that can actually do stuff without grinding to a halt because we've got a couple of apps open? Enter the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, a rare, good and powerful tablet.

    First, lets talk about the design. Its the first thing you notice of course, and it stands out despite its simplicity. The tablet is incredibly thin and light, far more so than most tablets I've used, and the front screen is nice and big, with minimal bezels, ensuring the device is great to use for the internet, for watching videos, reading, or playing games.

    Performance! It flies. Seriously, its great. Couldn't get anything to cause it to slow down. If you're used to a high end smartphone, then performance will be mirrored here. The battery also holds its own, and can easily go 10-12 hours for watching videos which should get through all but the longest of long haul flights.

    The pen functionality is fantastic too. I can't draw to save my life but it works so flawlessly. The only criticism I'd have here is the lack of slot in the tablet for the pen, so I worry I'd lose it and its not super cheap to replace.

    For those that insist on taking photos with a tablet - its alright. Its not a great camera. No tablet has a great camera. Please stop using your tablet as a camera, you're blocking the view for the rest of us.

    Overall, I'd happily recommend this to someone looking for a more powerful Android tablet, and I'm glad Samsung is continuing to cater to those who want more than a £50 tablet that breaks in 3 months.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Tab S3 is the best Android Tablet and made with premium materials. The best I’ve seen. It’s got a very minimalistic design smooth edges, very easy to hold (although sometime slips through your hands). The buttons are all in the right place and easy to use while holding the tablet. My only bug was how easy the tablet attracted fingerprints but nothing a micro fibre cloth wont sort out. It has a glass back which adds to the premium build but I would recommend a case to make sure you have no accidents if dropped.

    The Tab S3's has an awesome 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a (2,048 x 1,536) resolution. Having a Samsung phone, the display looks far better on the tablet especially when using Netflix or Amazon Prime. The picture is crisp and sharp with its vivid colours. The screen is the best thing about the tablet

    Moving on the speakers, the tab S3 has 4 speaker and sound was good but not as loud as I thought it would be. The quality is clear and sharp. The speakers do have a clever feature which I noticed, pending on how you hold the tablet, the sound level changes according to the way the tablet is held to balance the sound via the 4 speakers.

    I have a Samsung phone, so this tablet allows me to sync the two together and have access to my files and apps. It allows me to put my phone down and do whatever I would on my phone, but with more comfort which is handy feature

    The S pen is great, smooth, accurate and a lot easier on the fingers than tapping. I don't usually enjoy using pens, but I am enjoying using this. I'm using it to write this review!

    If I don't use the tablet for a couple of days, I find the battery goes flat and I have to recharge it. I find this to be annoying especially when all I want to do is quickly check something on the tablet. It takes less time to charge my Samsung S7 than this.

    Overall a great tablet (the best android tablet), but could do with making some minor software tweaks to enhance people's experience of using the tablet.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    THE PACKAGE: premium, the unboxing experience was really nice.

    The tablet is very-very thin, you almost think, it is so thin, it will break in you hand. Obviously it is not, but you need your hand to get use to it. Also, it is quite slippery so I advise to get a case - well, the keyboard case would be ideal but quite pricey. I love the extra pencil like s-pen.

    Nougat is running on it out of the box, that is nice. No word about Oreo update though.

    THE POSITIVES: I do like the 4 speakers, it can get pretty loud. The building quality is outstanding. I do like the elegant design and the materials, however, it is a real fingerprint magnet. This is the price you pay for the premium materials and feeling. Much better to hold this compared to a plastic backed device.

    The display is very nice, especially if you can get HDR content to watch. Otherwise it is bright and nice. It is future proof, so you are in for a long term entertainment once the HDR content will be widely available.

    It was good to see the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and the USB type C charger is also a big plus. Charging takes quite long though, as the battery is large in the tab.

    BATTERY LIFE was less brilliant, I could not get anywhere near the 12 hours usage time. I did not download any apps, just to make sure, nothing will drain the battery in the background.

    THE NOT SO POSITIVE THINGS: I know, it is personal preference, but I don't like the order of the keys under the screen as I prefer the Android setup: back key should be on the left.
    Also, some strange slow downs are affecting the user experience.
    Do not use the Samsung browser, Chrome is better by a country mile.
    Also, some apps are not optimised for the tablet, just a blown up versions of the phone version. I know, it is not the tablet's fault.
    The tablet runs a very powerful chipset with decent 4 GB memory, so the occasional lags and stutters are not welcomed.

    SUMMARY: Generally this is the best Android tablet with some minor issues, which I can live with, so if you are after one, I recommend buying the Tab S3, you will not be disappointed.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    First Impressions :

    A bit larger than my previous 8 inch tablet so took a while to get used to. But I found it reasonably light for a tablet of this size.

    The glass back looks good but is a bit of a fingerprint magnet.

    Using the Tablet :

    The screen quality looks great when watching a HD Movie and the sound from the speakers is fantastic. Just a shame when you have to use headphones.

    The Pen is a great addition and makes the tablet a useful tool for taking notes during meetings at work. No more scraps of paper going missing.

    My Wife Loves the pen for drawing. It's sometimes difficult to get the tablet back off her. Easy to use and feels enough like a pencil so you don't think about it being anything else.

    The 32Gb on board storage enough for normal use as the sd card is available for storing movies etc for when wifi is not available.

    So far the battery life has been excellent. It always lasts the whole day without additional charge even with watching movies, playing games and a bit of web use.

    Summary :

    With the addition of a hard cover that has a slot for the pen you have a perfect tool for work and play.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a very good device. So far, I have a positive experience overall and enjoy using it. Unpacking it was a joy, everything looked slick and nice. There is just one little thing keeping it from being perfect, which I'll explain further in my review. Now, let's go into details:

    1. Design
    I like the design of Tab S3. It is a good-looking tablet, with front and back made of glass, and aluminium on the sides. You have all necessary ports, including USB-C, headphone jack, and microSD card slot (together with sim-card slot if you have 4G version). The camera does not protrude, and overall the device just feels good in the hand. However, it is slippery, so better put it in a case.

    2. Screen
    The screen is simply amazing! The resolution is very high, colours are vibrant (it supports HDR), and do not fade even if you look at it from the side. The brightness is high, so you can comfortably use it outside.

    3. Sound
    The sound is of a very high quality and volume for such a thin device. You have 4 speakers, so you can really enjoy watching movies or listening to music on the device.

    4. Performance
    Tab S3 is a very capable device, which can cope with anything you throw at it. I haven't tried with any games yet, but so far it has never let me down.

    5. Battery life
    I am satisfied with the battery life. It can easily last all day with moderate to high use. I don't overload it with lots of tasks and games, so I usually need to charge it only once every 2-3 days. And when I do it, Tab S3 charges very fast, especially for a tablet (I didn't measure the exact time, but it's around 40-60 min).

    6. S Pen
    Personally, I don't use S Pen very often, but it's a nice add-on to have with the Tab. It is responsive, precise and easy to use. Plus, you can take notes when the screen is off, which makes it very quick and easy. I am not an artist, but have seen on the web what people were able to draw with it, and it looked very impressive!

    So why not perfect then???
    One small detail that keeps Tab S3 from being perfect relates to performance. It is not slow by any means, but it is just not... super-fast. I may be picky here, but when you pay £600 for a device, you expect it to be flawless. Also, it still has Android 7.0, when 8.0 was announced several weeks ago.

    To summarise, I think that Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the best android on the market right now.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I have aways been an avid user of apple products, and I have always felt as though I had to have an up to date Apple gadget as a Graphic Design student (now a graduate). I have a MacBook Pro, iPad and an iPhone, but transitioning to an android tablet was a very conscious decision as my iPad had ‘aged’ considerably and was beginning to let me down. Although I was leaning towards an android product, I was not expecting much as a result of the predominantly apple-filled market; I had assumed that the high promises Samsung declared in their advertising campaign were exaggerated as so few of my family and friends were using android.

    The packaging was simple and smart, adequately encasing the tablet, the charge cable, the pen and other information on the product. My first impression of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was that it was very sleek, modern and incredibly light (but not too light and ‘cheap’ feeling). Its glass finish is fantastic, it certainly gives the impression of an all round superior design despite being a perfect trap for fingerprints both on the screen and on the reverse of the product as I discovered within moments of unpacking. I initially noticed that the tablet had front and reverse cameras, a ‘home’ button, volume controls, charging port AUX cable port, a USB C port and 4 speakers.

    Upon powering the device I was blown away by the picture quality and how quick the device was to set up. I could connect this device to my gmail and gaming accounts which was a fantastic start to personalise the device. The home page was very clear with all of the relevant tabs, apps and information on display. As for the pen, I was impressed by its sensitivity and the additional control this allows - such as being able to make hand written notes on any page which is perfect for studying! However the quality of the pen itself falls short of the high standard set by the glass tablet. It is very light and plastic and would benefit from more weight and more consideration of materials. The fingerprint sensor is very quick to recognise and open.

    My hope was that the product would at least match the basic capabilities of my ‘aged’ iPad, however I was greatly impressed by the speed, quality and general media consumption; the 9.7 inch AMOLED screen was fantastic for watching films, gaming and reading which is fantastic for my downtime, it is also the perfect size so that I can see everything whist still being lightweight enough to hold for long periods of time. It rarely lagged; only doing so when I had multiple apps open and playing high quality graphics games. As a student I also needed a tablet to take with me to lectures for making notes - the pen was a useful tool for this but I also downloaded the entire Microsoft package which worked brilliantly and didn’t glitch even with multiple pages and apps open. As I have been completing an arts degree it is fantastic to be able to do a portion of my work on this device. There are some really fantastic artistic apps available and with the addition of the S-Pen I would say that this is one of the products greatest strengths. The adequate battery life and good quality picture made for a really enjoyable experience so I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with an arty flair - it also takes up far less space than a a pencil case and a sketchbook!

    The battery life is also a really great aspect of this tablet. I would however argue that it doesn’t quite reach the promised levels of battery life and charge time, but it certainly isn’t far off and is undoubtedly superior to my old device.

    From my experience very few cameras on tablets have a particularly high quality, and this device is no exception. It is a fun camera with some fantastic ‘selfie’ options, such as making your eyes bigger, slimming your face and improving your complexion, although the novelty soon wares off. That being said, it is adequate and not overly pixelated or blurry. Depending on what you are using the camera for it should be fine. Another key criticism is that this would be a perfect device if it also had a USB port; in this case it could replace the majority of laptops on the market with its speed, picture and sound quality and battery life. It does however have a USB C port which you can buy a cheap adaptor for.

    Picture Quality - Fantastic at both high and low brightness levels.
    Sound Quality - Far superior to the other products on the market, the quad speakers ensure you can hold the tablet anywhere without restricting the sound, it doesn't distort at high levels and there is consideration taken into using headphones to limit the sound (which you can override).
    Camera Quality - Relatively low (as typically expected with tablet cameras as high quality is rarely necessary) but with fun additions such as the selfie mode which you can alter your appearance with - although the novelty soon wares off.
    Speed - Generally it is perfect, only if you have loads of tabs and apps open are there any problems; but then it could be argued that for this price speed should not be a problem full stop.
    Battery life and Charging - The battery claims to work for 12 hours, I think this is exaggerated but really depends on usage and brightness, I would say that this is easily achieved at a lower brightness and if the tablet isn’t being used for gaming or watching videos. The charger is certainly fast working, you can practically watch it charge which isn’t something I can say for many of my other devices, again, I am not sure if it fully charges in the promised time, but it certainly doesn’t take much longer.
    A USB port would be appreciated but I have purchased an adaptor for the USB C port which works fine.
    The S-Pen is a fantastic addition but would be preferred if the design finish was as high quality as the tablet itself as the plastic finish doesn’t feel as sophisticated.
    It could replace the majority of laptops on the market with its speed, picture and sound quality and battery life.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab has been everything I expected it to be and more. With a large display, great screen resolution from the 9.7" AMOLED screen and quad speakers catching up on my favourite programmes or watching a movie is as near a cinematic experience as I could wish for from a tablet!

    The operating system is quick, responsive and easy to use, taking minutes to set up once out of the box. I do everything I would normally do on the laptop; online shopping, gaming, social media, blogging, emailing, writing notes, watching videos...

    Speaking of writing the S-Pen is a great addition to the tablet. Although I was dubious at first that I would use it, after trying it for the first time I now reach for the pen regularly to note down writing ideas, taking minutes or make shopping lists.

    The rear camera on the Tab 3 is really good, with exceptional picture quality at 13MP, so it's great if you're an avid photographer like me but don't always want to carry around a big digital camera for those one-off, impromptu shots. There is also a front facing camera for Skyping or video chat, but that is a feature I haven't really used.

    The tablet feels great. Very streamline and fairly light, yet is robust and of the highest quality. It also looks sleek and stylish. Charging time with the fast charger is quick and the battery life is good.

    Comparing it to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 I can say Samsung have really excelled themselves. I was already a fan of their tablets but this one has taken my experience to the next level. I rarely switch on my laptop these days because the tablet is so much easier and quicker to use, and it literally does everything I need day-to-day. The only con I can see is the high pricetag, which will price some of the market out.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    What a great tablet. I have used a lot of different tablets from other manufacturers ( some named after fruit and 1 from a company that sounds like a rain forest ! ), but the Galaxy Tab S3 beats them all. Its super fast, has an excellent scrteen and the sound is great for such a thin device. I have mainly been using it to watch movies and tv shows both on the netflix app and stored on a micro sd card. The quality is fantastic, the HDR content looks amazing. Along with movie streaming, i have been using the tablet for work, writing reports, sending emails and editing documents, It is so much faster than the older tablet supplied for my job, loading the documents takes seconds ( a fraction of the time of my other device).
    The styling of this tablet is good too, nice and comfortable to hold and use and looks and feels like a quality device with its glass back. The s-pen is handy too, makes its so much better for signing documents and a more realistic signature than using your finger. I would highly recommend this to others, its by far the best Tablet i have used to date.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    First Impressions:
    The box lets you know that you are holding a premium product straight away. Just looking at it puts that little smile on your face that children have on Christmas really it does.
    Opening the box and you are presented with the beautiful Tab S3, it looks gorgeous. Taking it out you realise how thin it is, yet how strong it is at the same time. The glass front and back as used on recent Galaxy smart phones from Samsung (S7 & S8) feels amazing and glossy. I know that makes them a finger print magnet but a micro fibre cloth soon sorts that.Turning it on is very quick adding your google account instantly gives you access to all your favorite apps and background. Which helps make you feel at home straight away. Then you notice the gorgeous sAMOLED screen and how beautiful pictures look on it. I have watched several films and read some magazines on it and it is a joy. The sound quality is excellent from the 4 speakers (yes 4!) its not going to fill a concert hall or anything but for such a thin tablet it is amazing.
    The latest Android installed along with the 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 4gb RAM and 32gb of internal storage make it fly along, and its easy to add extra memory with a micro SD card.
    The S-Pen is very easy to use, the only fault for me personally was the button location. I kept catching it and the pop up menu although great gets annoying after the 5th time. I used a bundled Staedtler stylus and actually preferred that for day to day note taking and sketching.
    The only real negative is the cost, you can buy a laptop for the same price after all. I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a new tablet as it is amazing.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Galaxy Tab S3 is a glossy high-end Android tablet. While laptops that do an impression of a tablet are reasonably common, this device is very definitely a tablet first and foremost but one that can be as productive as a laptop with input via touchscreen, special pen, or an optional keyboard attachment. As you’d expect from a device at this price you get a thin, light, portable number that’s easy to hold, and its glossy sheen is sure to attract some envious looks (and copious fingerprints).

    The screen comes in at 9.7 inches and the AMOLED technology powers some bright, sharp visuals with excellent colour resolution and support for HDR content. Whether streaming from iPlayer, watching movies or your own recordings, this device is just built for multimedia. Even the quad speakers are good with little evidence of distortion at high volume and however you tilt the device you’ll find the audio optimised for your listening pleasure. There’s also a headphone jack – which I value even if Apple don’t and memory is expandable with cards up to 256GB easily added allowing you to pack more multimedia onto the device.

    You might suspect that quality screen to drain the battery but it’s easy to power through a marathon movie session on a long train journey without troubling the cells. Charging too was reasonably swift. Elsewhere, cameras front and rear are decent.

    The touchscreen is responsive allowing easy navigation and typing via the on-screen keyboard. Where this device really comes into its own however is via the bundled S-Pen – it’s lightweight comfortable to use, writing is accurate and it doesn’t need batteries / charging / pairing with the device before use. Scrawl on the device, retain your scrawl or convert in a blink of an eye to editable text. How productive is that? And for artists? To be able to sketch with a real pen? Amazing.

    For those who want an amazing device for content consumption, that will handle productivity tasks with ease and introduce handwriting recognition into your workflow via the S Pen, this is a solid choice. A month in I’m pleasantly surprised how the device has coped with all I’ve thrown at it and I’ve finally been able to leave my bulky laptop at home!
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Brilliant Display:

    The screen is one of the best aspects of this tablet, Samsung make the most vivd visually beautiful screens of any manufacturer. Deep inky blacks and slightly oversaturated colours, which I personally am a fan of.

    I also like the 4:3 aspect ratio when using the tablet in portrait mode 4:3 is way better.

    Build Quality:

    The Build quality of this device is great however I am not a fan of having a glass back, it is a fingerprint magnet it adds weight and it makes your device twice as vulnerable as compared to metal or plastic and I prefer the S2 in this regard.

    However this is personal preference and it really does feel great and solidly built.

    OS (Android 7.0)

    The OS (Android 7.0) is one aspect that lets this device down through no fault of its own. You get the feeling that Tablets are a bit of an afterthought to Google, not many apps designed for tablets in the app store and not using the extra screen real estate to full use.

    The device is very responsive and fast I have no concerns in that regard.


    I have no complaints about the battery I am getting around 8-9 hours screen on time which includes a fair few hours of you tube videos.

    Other Features:

    You get the S pen included, which in all honesty is great. I use it to take notes and do artwork with and it is truly fantastic to use and somehow doesn’t feel like you are rubbing a plastic tip on a glass screen, which is great.

    You also have an SD card slot, which means you can expand the storage another thing to its credit as compared to its rivals.

    I really like this tablet I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to anyone, you wont be disappointed in buying it.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    First and foremost when you see the Tab 3 you are struck by just what a lovely piece of technology it is. Sleek on the back, lovely screen quality and when it buzzes to life you can't help but not notice just what a good job Samsung have done with building a lovely and good looking tablet.
    The screen is lovely to look at, it's bright, attractive and is something that clearly Samsung has put much time and effort into. It will give any other Tablet serious competition in the quality of its appearance.
    The S Pen is very easy to use. It fits well in the hand, is very quick and also compliments the screen very well. Writing is easy, taking notes a breeze and it generally has so many (easy) uses. If you haven't used an S Pen before you'll wonder why you only just discovered it.
    The battery life is another great feature. You will have hours and hours of use and will then wonder how you still have so much left.

    There is very little to dislike about the Tab S3. Once you've started using it you won't look back.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I've never had an Android device before so when I was given the opportunity to try Samsung's latest tablet offering, the Galaxy Tab S3. I was nervous about whether Android would be completely awful to me but I was mostly proved happily wrong.
    The hardware itself is superb - the screen is bright and colourful, the device feels solidly put together but is not too heavy to hold one handed. The glass back & front could get a but smudgy but I have the device in an inexpensive case which keeps it protected and finger print free mostly!

    I have used the S3 mainly whilst travelling for work. During the day it is superb meeting companion, with the S-Pen proving brilliant for note taking in meetings (having thought a pen would be useless!). My work and personal email sit happily in the background so I can stay in touch, and the on screen keyboard is just fine for a quick reply. I've also used a Bluetooth keyboard for longer writing and found it again excellent.

    When the working day is done I have used the S3 for watching video from Netflix, Amazon & Sky - all of which were great, detailed and vivid pictures for such a portable package. I've also used it for Facebook, surfing and the odd game or two. Its been lovely to use on the train or in a hotel to pass the hours, and it also kept my daughter entertained on a long car journey very well.

    Battery life is great - it can happily last 2 full days of use between charges, and the included charger fills the battery very quickly too.

    My only hangups with the S3 come from some quirks of Android and the fact that a number of apps aren't dedicated tablet versions but just scaled phone apps - things like the Nest Cam app which we use as a baby monitor don't fill the screen entirely which is annoying but not badly so.

    These are minor qualms however and for anyone looking for a travelling companion or as a device for sofa surfing I would have no qualms in recommending the S3, and for those looking for a productivity device then it would be an easy choice thanks to the included S-Pen.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a superb Android tablet that has a real premium feel to it.

    The hardware is incredible! It is so slim and light, yet cuts no corners anywhere. The screen is so vivid, bright and colourful. The speakers are loud, strong and clear; I've listened to plenty of music on it already! The all-glass body looks stunning, and the S Pen stylus works so damn well, I find myself showing it to people all day long (sad perhaps!)

    The software is what you would expect with it being Android. Samsung have integrated some of their own apps and services, but I prefer a vanilla Android experience. The pre-bundled apps are relatively unobtrusive, and can mostly be turned off with ease. However, for anyone invested in the Samsung ecosystem elsewhere (Samsung mobile phones), it may well be very useful and complimentary.

    The included S Pen stylus is perhaps the part that has excited me the most. That perhaps is down to the fact that I have not previously owned a tablet that had a stylus. Regardless, the S Pen is brilliantly accurate, responsive and truly feels like a pen, pencil, or whatever else you've selected to write or draw with. It is pressure sensitive and so produces an accurate representation of what using the real-life equivalents would give.

    Why only four stars? For me, it is the battery that lets it down slightly. At 6000mAh, it is impressive to find a battery this large in such a slim device. However, it seems insufficient, causing the battery to go flat after a couple of days, even when the screen is off and the tablet has been untouched. I hope a future software update fixes this.

    Overall, the Galaxy Tab S3 comes highly recommended by me!
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    On unboxing my Galaxy Tab S3 I was very impressed with the packaging and first impressions of the device. This is my first tablet and also my first Samsung product in the mobile device arena. The build quality and design appears to be top notch. It does look as though it would be very easy to scratch or damage so I'm a little surprised a case or at least a protection film isn't included.

    After initially charging the tablet it seems relatively straightforward to set up. I'm sure it would be a breeze for someone that already uses Samsung products but took a little more time and effort for me as I didn't have a Samsung account or any experience with Android.

    The screen is excellent, very vibrant and crystal sharp. The device is not too heavy but being so thin and all glass it feels a bit precarious at times, I'm sure a case would remedy this. The tablet is excellent for watching films or shows either with headphones or the built in speakers which are surprisingly powerful for such a slim device.

    The included pen is a useful feature especially for drawing and painting. Having said this I find myself missing a physical keyboard for web browsing and email. I'm not sure how much use the tablet will get as I find myself going back to my laptop and use my smartphone otherwise.

    I think the Galaxy Tab S3 is a brilliant tablet although I have no experience of others to compare it to. I would definitely recommend it for someone in the market for a tablet.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I've had my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for a few weeks now, and at first i was struggling to find something to do with it. But as I've spent more time with it, i now find it extremely useful.

    The screen is amazing, i find reading books, comics and watching videos on it a joy!

    The S-Pen is wonderful, and I've started using it to take notes at work.

    The battery life is impressive too, i can easily go a few days without charging it.

    Really nice tablet, if a bit pricey
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    There are many reviews out there, most focusing on the specific tech in this awesome device. So, I decided to look at it from a purely practical point of view.

    The first question I asked was whether I even need a tablet? Nowadays, phones are powerful (and big) enough to handle all that is needed. However, the tablet carved its own nieche in the following manner:

    1) The keyboard is AWESOME! The device become a whole different product with it, allowing you to use it as a travel laptop easily. Unlike other keyboards, it connects via the pins and not via bluetooth so its very responsive. It works so elegantly and doubles up as a case too. Plus, the Office suite on there is a perfect supplement

    2) The S-Pen - Ok this isnt for everyone, but for me its very useful. The biggest use has been with the Adobe Illustrator Sketch app, allowing you to draw in vectors - which is simply awesome! The pen works seemlessly across apps and is a useful way to make quick notes when needed.

    3) The screen & audio - my second primary use was for video. The tablet offers a bigger screen to watch stuff on, and if you get yourself some wireless headphones, you can use it comfortable on the treadmill at the gym. This has been a revelation!

    There's a lot more to say, but this is just my top 3. Genuinely love the product and glad to have tested it.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Absolutely brilliant tablet from Samsung. 9.7" AMOLED screen and I can watch HD 4k movies. Battery life is great. The quick charger charges the tablet within a couple if hrs. Speakers on 4 corners provide great audio. The design if the tablet us sleek and the glass finish makes it look posh. The camera quality is brilliant and pictures are great. Record videos is clean with sound captured is clear. The spen is a bonus and it makes life simple to record minutes when in a meeting. Love this tablet for the price and the features. Expandable storage up to 256gb with microSD which is excellent. Very impressed and in would definitely recommend. Light weight and its SAMSUNG... Leaders in innovation.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Absolutely love the tablet, feels and looks great, very fast and reliable no issues at all, perhaps could do with the S pen slotting into the tablet
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I rarely give anything 5 stars considering I have high expectations especially on electronic good, however this deserves it. I was very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 as soon as I removed it from the box, I actually waited until my case and screen protector arrived because I didn't want to risk damaging it. Charging takes very little time and the battery lasts much longer than expected from such a large tablet. The quality of the camera is good (just not as good as Ipad, just) it was easy enough to set a play store account up and download all the apps I usually require. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is a perfect size to fit in my bag, I take it to uni and my school placement instead of my laptop, which I could never do with my other tablet because the screen wasn't big enough. The picture quality is unbelievable and the colours really pop which helps when using the drawing apps. The S pen that comes with it is great although I would recommend purchasing the Staedtler pen simply for ease of use.
  • Decent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    After receiving the Tab S3 I was initially excited, however that soon started to disappear. You quickly realise this is a bigger Galaxy S7, it has a glass back, fingerprint sensor built into the home button and an AMOLED screen (more about that later) The thing with this tablet is I really do not get its purpose in life.

    As a productivity device, the screen is too small and it does not come bundled with a keyboard, as a multimedia device the screen is too small and the aspect ratio is odd, the most annoying thing about it though is the screen and in particular the over saturation of it. Everything looks far too warm and yellow.
    I pitted this against my two-year-old Z4 Tablet, which by the way is the best Android tablet you can buy, and found myself very disappointed. The xperia has a crisp, 16:9 screen and the colours like life like, it is waterproof and incredibly light. Also it does not feel like it would shatter into a thousand pieces if you drop it, which is what I am sure would happen with the back of this Samsung.
    The one triumph here is the S-Pen which is incredibly good, it is just a shame they did not make the rest of the package compliment it.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The one thing you’ll notice, as you take the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 out of its box is that it is a premium product. Build quality is fantastic (dare I say phenomenal) and the tablet feels great in the hands – fantastically thin (only 6mm thin) and with the glass back, really smooth and ‘silky’ to hold. The only negative aspect of the glass back, is that it is a fingerprint magnet.

    The Galaxy Tab S3 is comparable to an iPad-pro with respect to the power of the hardware and versatility software (one could argue that Android is more versatile than the limitations of iOS). With the S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a productivity powerhouse and has many powerful features. It’s worth watching the various videos available on the internet showing how to use the S Pen to its full capability. The S Pen has some great features – you can point at words and get instant translations into or from any language, copy and paste text and images from web pages and/or any app, as well as the typical artistic features, plus many more features.
    Staedtler make a digital pencil for exclusive use on Samsung tablets and it’s a handy really good accessory to own.

    The 9.7” AMOLED high resolution screen is HDR (high dynamic range) capable, although HDR content was initially limited. The good news is that you can now get HDR content via the Amazon Prime Video app, as well as Netflix (premium account required).

    The Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by a Snapdragon 820 chipset (quad-core) with 4GB RAM. The tablet has 32 GB internal storage, but as a user, 23.1 GB is only available. There is a micro SD slot, allowing you to expand the storage should it be required.
    The Galaxy Tab S3 has USB-C (3.1) is fast charge capable and has a 6000mAh battery. In my opinion, the Tab S3 lacks a little battery wise – I feel that as a previous iPad user, that iPads last longer per charge than the Galaxy Tab S3, but it does last a day with a lot of use.
    A keyboard is available for the tablet (for an extra £119!) but one would think that it could be included with the tablet, considering the premium price being commanded.

    In summary, it’s a great piece if kit – it is the best Android tablet on the market… however, at £600 it is a pricey tablet, but what a screen! Watch some HDR content and you’ll be converted, and with the S Pen, is a great tablet for business and your artistic requirements.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I was excited to try out the Galaxy tablet as the last Android tablet I bought and used was several years ago and cannot be considered current technology! My initial observations are very positive.
    The most striking aspect of this device is the screen. The display is sharp as a pin, colours are vibrant, the contrast is excellent… I cannot fault it! In combination with the onboard array of speakers (4 in total) we have a fantastic platform for media entertainment. I can quite comfortably watch a movie on this device and quite quickly forget that I am watching on a tablet.
    The other feature I was impressed with was the supplied pen which is surprisingly responsive and a pleasure to use. My gripe here is that there is no obvious place to store the pen. It would have been nice to be able to tuck it away as per the design of the Galaxy Note series. I can see myself losing this device at some point and then forgetting it ever existed as I revert to the old tried and tested fingers.
    So altogether a positive first impression, I look forward to trying out the Staedtler pencil which I should be receiving soon and unleashing my artistic side. It will interesting to see how the Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet fares as a drawing device. Over the next few days and weeks I will also be able to formulate an opinion on the responsiveness, speed and software interface – so far no problems with this either but I will reserve judgment!
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Every time a new tablet is released, the common recurring question is 'will it replace a laptop?'. The answer of course, depends on what you do with your laptop and what recreation and productivity tasks it needs to replicate.

    In my line of work, I am on the road both nationally and internationally every week and my hand luggage will regularly contain

    2 laptops (corporate & personal)
    1 tablet
    2 smart phones (corporate & personal)

    I have been crying out for a device to consolidate that list down. I may have found it.
    When the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was released, I dismissed it initially. It was in my opinion at the time overpriced. Having now spent 3 weeks with the Tablet, I think I was partially wrong. I do still think that it is overpriced, but only because it is a competitive marketplace & I think there will be others like me that overlook what is an outstanding bit of kit because of its price point.

    Now there is nothing like unboxing a new bit of tech and in many cases that tends to be the peak of excitement and the novelty soon wears off. With the S3, that is not the case, it is a device that continues to surprise as you uncover and experience its features.
    The first thing to strike you is the clean lines and sharp corners. Weighing in at 429g it is incredibly comfortable in the hand and I have spent many hours on a plane holding it whilst reading e-books. The next surprise is the clarity of the display. I expected it to be good but it surpassed those expectations. The usual device familiarisation was put to one side, I wanted to see what the display could do. I loaded some high res games, got Netflix installed and watched some HDR content on YouTube. Wow, simply wow, it blew me away and then came the next surprise..the sound.

    Tablet speakers always seem to be an oversight and end up tinny and lack depth, however, the 4x AKG speakers produce a sound that in many cases will relegate your headphones to the cupboard.

    The next surprise was the S-Pen. I have never felt the need to use one, but now, I do not know how I survived without it. The S3 has become a mobile white board and its accuracy, feedback and response times are flawless. As an Open University student, this will become my new note taking tool of choice when studies resume next month.

    So does it replace any of my laptops? Yes, it certainly does enough to convince me to leave my personal laptop at home, and as BYOD continues and apps improve, I could see it replacing my corporate laptop.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Impressively tactile, providing high-end performance wrapped up in a sleek, fashionable and reassuringly expensive looking package; the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has most bases covered for the image conscious Android user and even includes the S-Pen stylus in the box.
    Responsive performance courtesy of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
    Ultra High Definition AMOLED screen provides vibrant imagery (good for photography lovers)
    Sound quality for a tablet format device, courtesy of the four-speaker system
    Expandable memory (up to 256GB)
    Good battery life, lasting for a couple of days at medium usage
    9.7” size provides good screen space whilst remaining comfortable in the hand
    Samsung S-Pen provides accurate response to support creativity, and being passive, does not need charging
    Five replacement stylus tips in the box which due to the fine nib size (0.7mm), is easily damaged
    "Screen-off memo" via S-Pen allowing quick access to note taking, a boon for recording meeting notes
    Connectivity options complementing other Samsung products (TV, Phones etc.)
    All-glass design looks robust and attractive
    Modern USB-C connectivity for charging
    Standard 3.5mm headphone jack for those preferring a wired experience
    Magnetic grip of the S-Pen to the rear of the tablet for temporary storage
    Bundled MS Office application suite (including OneNote)
    RRP on the high side (Keyboard case at extra cost)
    Current OEM keyboard case has design fault in not having a rear camera slot
    Not a true laptop replacement
    Average camera front and rear (not a deal breaker for me as an SLR user)
    All-glass design is a magnet for grubby finger marks
    No permanent slot for the S-Pen (acceptable due to slim chassis)
    Lack of waterproofing seems an omission as a user of the Galaxy S7 Edge phone
    No wireless charging functionality
    Lack of NFC connectivity
    Summary and Rating
    An attractive proposition as an Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a good all-rounder with interesting appointments hampered by some surprising omissions.
    Whilst for many the provision of the keyboard case as an optional extra may not be an issue, I'm sure it will certainly factor into the perceived value of this tablet. This device sits firmly at the top of the market and at the time of writing, shelling out another £120 for the keyboard may be a deal breaker for those preferring keyboard based input.
    I would recommend a case/cover as fingerprints and marks become a problem on both front and rear.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    When I first heard about this tablet I was a bit sceptical as I've always been a user of one of a competitor brand.

    However while I own another tablet it's been lying in my cupboard for the last few months. The main problem being weight. This is where the Samsung Tablet stands out massively in comparison as it is ultra light and I've not even noticed carrying it around.

    Being a Blogger on top of having a full time job means to me that I must be able to quickly re-act to the ever evolving nature of the media world to write new content on the go that caters to what's happening. This however has always been a problem for me because my old tablet and laptop have proven to be too heavy or not easily accessible / usable for this task. How do you find the space on packed trains to quickly write something on a keyboard? Well the truth is you don't...

    This is another great key benefit of the Samsung tablet as it's small enough not to intrude on other peoples space but big enough to get the job done. Not to mention that the pen makes writing a story on the go so much easier than anything I've used before as it does feel like writing on a proper notepad without the need of transferring it to a laptop at home by retyping it all.

    Additionally photo editing is another main priority for my Blogging ventures and thanks to the sharp colours and easy to use interface of this tablet it's greatly improved the amount of time I've had to spent on this task.

    My over-all rating for the tablet is 5 stars as it's greatly exceeded my expectations, is lightweight, easy to use with innovative interface option thanks to the pen and not to mention from a price point stands out well against competitors.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This tablet has a fantastic screen, a real noticeable step up in quality and brightness from an older tablet I was using .

    The tablet feels really nice to hold and feels like a premium product. Battery life is excellent and is far better than any other tablet ive owned.

    The addition of a USB C charger is a bigger bonus than I was expecting and although before I never realised it, this has highlighted how annoying it was having to keep turning the previous Micro USB charger around to get it to go in the correct way.

    The Samsung software is much improved from earlier Samsung tablets with options to remove certain bloatware pre installed software.

    Overall easily the best tablet I've used and although expensive, I believe its worth every penny, highly recommended!
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I am new to Samsung and Android devices and I can truly say that I am being converted by this wonderful tablet. It is everything that I have missed with other tablet types and has so many top features and looks superb.
    The OLED display is perfect and bright, watching online videos using the HDR video has been great, coupled with the 4 corner speakers makes this a true multi media platform. It kept my boys entertained watching videos from London to Cornwall in the car for hours.
    I have taken this to work, and as a teacher i have used it planning and within teaching and it has been spot on. I was able to set up my diary, email and printers at school within minutes. I then was able to connect to the schools VPN, and servers to access my files anywhere which I have never been able to do with other makes. This alone has made the Galaxy Tab s3 perfect for me and work especially working over a split site or at home.
    The SPen is a good feature, myself I am not a great artist but I am enjoying practising my art and I have used it to annotate a few document s and maps at work which has been really handy and so quick.
    Overall a great little tablet. Design and manafactoring is mint. For me the Os lets it down as I can not get to like Android. If you are a fan of android I can’t see a better tablet out there.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Taking the Samsumg S3 tablet out of the box for the first time, my initial reaction was the impressive build quality, glossy glass surface, and it feels surprisingly lightweight for a tablet of this size. However, the most impressive feature is once you power on the tablet – the screen is amazing. Crisp colours in every shade of the rainbow, and unbelievable black, so dark. Contrast between colours is easily the best I have seen on a tablet or phone screen.

    In use the S3 is very responsive and video playback is superb. Having four speakers gives good sound from all directions, with a nice tone. The tablet runs for a long time on a single charge, and having a USB C port, the cable fits either way up when recharging.

    The supplied S-pen is a joy to use – it does not need charging and when held close to the screen, a small circle appears and also a menu allowing customisable selection of useful controls, including notetaking and screen magnification. Using the S-pen with the notetaking function, or a downloaded paint program, the pen really comes into its own, moving seamlessly from a paint brush to pencil, to ink. Applying different amounts of pressure generates different marks on the screen, just as with a real canvas. Im really looking forward to generating some art on this tablet.

    Overall, a very nice tablet with a best in class screen.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    In this review, we'll be taking a look what is - undoubtedly - the very best Android tablet out there today. From its bright and crisp HDR-packing display, to the included S-Pen, this tablet has a whole host of unique features that can't be found anywhere else.

    First off, let's focus on the feel in the hand. This tablet feels incredibly well made, with smooth glass surfaces on the front and back, and thin metal sides. From the slick feeling in the hand alone, it's obvious that Samsung is looking to compete with some of the best devices out there.

    Next, let's address that screen - one of the first things to really hook us. With HDR support and 264 pixels per inch, content consumption is a breeze. Characters appear lifelike, colours are rich and vibrant, and blacks are among the best we've ever seen. With Amazon, Netflix and YouTube beginning to add HDR support to their mobile apps, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more high dynamic range content in the future, and we're glad to see Samsung investing in the technology so early on.

    The tablet is also impressive performance-wise. Inside, a Snapdragon 820 and 4 GBs of RAM churn through even demanding games, whilst still remaining efficient enough to deliver well over 10 hours of screen time under normal conditions.

    The S-Pen is another stand out feature of the tablet. Being able to annotate documents with ease, as well as take notes and draw is a useful addition. It's clear that the inclusion is so much more than a regular stylus.

    The tablet also appears great for productivity. Samsung offer a keyboard cover attachment that requires neither pairing nor charging, as well as an LTE model for individuals who wish to remain connected on the move.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I've been lucky enough to get the chance to try out the Galaxy Tab S3 to review and have really enjoyed the experience, including the initial unboxing of the tablet from its sleek premium looking box.
    I've now been using the tablet for around 4 weeks and feel I've had a good chance to fully try out most of the features and enjoy looking at them all on the fantastic AMOLED screen. The last tablet I had was the Kindle Fire HD and that didn't come anywhere close to the Galaxy Tab S3 in terms of performance, design or available features.

    One of the features I really do love is the S-pen - it's been really useful for taking notes when in meetings at work, making writing up meeting minutes on the tablet so much quicker and easier. It's raised interest from other colleagues as a result too!

    It hasn't all been about work however, I love the crisp screen quality and great sounding speakers when watching the latest releases on Netflix in HD and when playing games on the tablet when relaxing at home.
    I've bought a new case to keep it from getting any scratches and also as a place to put the S-Pen as without a case it would be a bit of a pain to carry this around separately. In the case however, the Galaxy Tab S3 is very portable and therefore easy to take out and about in my handbag :-)

    I would certainly recommend this tablet to others looking for a top of the line product, but it does come at quite a high RRP.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    as soon as you turn on the tablet you can see the fantastic quality of the screen. the resolution is amazing. the sound quality is also fantastic running Spotify at it's higest quality is very very good.

    The pen is great, I will get the daughtrr to give it a good test this weekend, the pencil is the same and just feels different in the hand upon first use.

    I bought a cover and that's my only initial gripe, the tablet cover is an extra £100 ... for the price I think it would be included. The lack of standard mini USB connection is puzzling, why change something that works elsewhere?

    overall great so far!

  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Tab S3 is probably one of the best tablets produced by Samsung, it comes with an improved pen which is fantastic to use. its great for making directions instructions on Google Maps, drawing pictures and using it to help to browse the web. The Play Store has plenty of Games and Apps to use.

    I enjoy using the Tablet to watch Netflix and Youtube, as the screen quality is fantastic with good sounds from the speakers. so overall, my impressions with the tablet has so far been great.

    However, it is a little disappointing that you have to purchase a keyboard separately but it is not a major problem as the keyboard on the tablet is great and easy to use.

    Overall, It is a great tablet at a good value price for what you get. It is easy to use and to maintain.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    As an avid user of Android and Chrome OS devices I was excited about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and I haven't been disappointed. I keep a tablet for occasional browsing, video watching and casting. I was also interested in trying it so I could see if I could use it at my work - for note taking and remote access.

    First impressions were excellent, unwrapping the well thought out packaging to find a very slim, svelte and understated design - the only thing I wish they would drop is the Samsung logo from the front like they have on recent phones. The screen is a work of art - crisp, detailed with eye popping colour reproduction - this is a bit of kit you will be happy to stare at all day!

    Looking at the spec sheets this tablet boasts better CPU and RAM specifications than my fairly recent android phone - and the performance backs this up in spades - it absolutely blows the phone away on boot times and application opening. Not a flicker of hesitation and it is happy to multitask and let you flip between applications with them being held open - exactly where you left them - really impressive stuff.

    The sound from the AKG quad speakers is punchy and high quality, I don't tend to watch to much video on my tablets but these are kick ass for that task.

    As a fan of Samsung's Note series of phones - I was very happy to see the familiar S Pen included on this - and whilst I'm no artist if you were I'm sure you'd love the responsiveness and be able to turn out awesome work. The supplied pen doesn't fit into the tablet itself (probably because the tablet is too thin for it) but it has a useful clip on it so you can keep it safe.

    I also tried the Staedtler Pen with the tablet - a joy to use and everyone that saw it couldn't believe it wasn't actually a traditional pencil as it looks exactly like one! Very retro, very cool!

    However pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse you can really use this tablet for a whole lot more than just surfing the net and streaming your favourite shows - with no difficulty I used it to run VMWare Horizon and connect to a Windows 7 Virtual Machine and everything worked perfectly. So good I’m now thinking I don’t need a laptop!

    I was originally thinking that I would have to mark the device down for the price, but on reflection its surpassed absolutely all my expectations so I really can't. Instead I'd say that if you want a very well specced, handsome and genuinely useful tablet - then this has to be a strong contender!
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Tab S3 includes the improved S Pen in the box. This improved stylus looks like a longer, slightly fatter version of the pen with the Samsung Chromebook Pro, it features an all-rubber, .7mm tip and a singular side button, which also acts as a quick eraser, letting you switch more freely between pen input and eraser negation. The S Pen’s super thin tip can support up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity. The soft-touch, rubbery feel of the pen makes it easy to hold. Arguably the best thing about the S Pen is that it doesn't take any batteries, meaning you will never have to charge it.

    Inside are quad speakers tuned by AKG, which sense the orientation of the tablet to provide the best sound. The speaker software will adjust the way sound comes out of those speakers depending on how you're holding the tablet. There's an audible difference as soon as you switch from portrait to landscape mode while listening to music-based content, such as a music video: everything is slightly amplified when in landscape mode, with stronger vocals and pronounced background instruments that are normally nothing more than faint echoes. But when watching something more dialogue-based, like a Netflix show, the difference is less apparent.

    Either pressing the S Pen's side button or hovering over the tablet's display will bring up the stylus' menu. You can edit the shortcuts in this menu by changing the Air Command settings, and you can add a shortcut for most apps. One of the most impressive Air Command is Translate. If you want to translate a word from one language to another, just hover the tip of the S Pen over that word and Translate will show you the equivalent in another language. I imagine that this feature would be invaluable if you were doing a language class.

    This is a very high quality tablet however I feel the biggest disadvantage is that you have to purchase the keyboard case separately which will set you back a further £120 on top of what you have already paid for the tablet.
  • Good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    About the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
    This tablet is actually a lot like one of Samsung's phones, just bigger, much bigger. It has an OLED display, includes an S-Pen, and has a metal and glass body. There is only sells one version 32 GB of built-in storage with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, 9.7-inch Super AMOLED HDR display (2048 x 1536), WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C port for charging and data, Fingerprint reader and Android 7.0

    What I Liked
    The S-Pen in the box, expandable storage is standard and I gotta put this front and center: Samsung's Tab has Apple beaten in a couple ways. Not only is the Tab S3 the same price as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, it also includes Samsung's excellent S-Pen with the tablet for no extra cost.

    What’s better is that Samsung lets you add additional storage with a microSD card, which is something Apple's never offered. So, if that 32 GB starts feeling cramped, you won't need to throw your tablet out and buy a new one—you'll just need to add an inexpensive chip of flash storage to the Galaxy Tab S3's hidden card slot.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Amoled Display and Speakers
    The amazing AMOLED screen and quad speakers make the Tab S3 an awesome movie-watching device.

    Four speakers that pack a surprising punch it met my expectations for such a small tablet and really can fill a room well.

    What I Don't Like
    Samsung’s version of Android. If you are used to Samsung Galaxy series and have never used anything else then this will be fine for you, but if you have used any other version of Google’s Android OS you will see differences, BIG differences! Samsung really need to strip back they OS and stop bloating it with their flavour of the week apps and own versions of Apps currently offered in a better format and more streamlined by Google.

    The Verdict
    A great Android tablet. While Samsung has decked this tablet out with its latest features, I think that the Tab S3 struggles to compete with the likes of the iPad Pro and Surface devices. The problem still comes down to software, apps, and price. For you, it'll come down to what you plan on using the Tab S3 to do. If you just want a powerhouse Netflix and media machine for the airplane? It's awesome. But, when it comes to getting work done, Samsung hits a lot of the same walls as Apple.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This review is based on two weeks of daily use of the tablet.
    I have been very intrigued about the Tab S3, Samsung’s biggest foray into the premium end of the tablet market, with it’s obvious main competitor being the iPad Pro (same 9.7” screen) and to a lesser extent the aging Goole Pixel C.
    I was keen to see how this table compares with the others in my collection which includes an ‘ancient’ (but still well-functioning) Nexus 7, my Ipad Mini 4 (used mainly for note taking in Evernote at work), and couple of Lenovo Tab 3s, and at the very opposite end of the price spectrum, an Amazon Fire 7.
    In comparison to these others, the Samsung Tab S3 is the highest specification, largest screen device, and also to mention the most expensive (equivalent to 12 Amazon Fire 7s!), but is my first experience with a tablet using a pen. To say expectations were high would be fair statement indeed
    It is also the first Samsung device I’ve had intensive time with since briefly owing a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge for two weeks last year, before it was returned due to a hardware issue.

    The unboxing experience began with opening the well designed and high quality packaging, the likes of which are in line with what is to be expected from a premium device.
    When picking up the tablet for the first time you can’t helped but be impressed, with the initial standout feature (and by far the most impressive part of the device as a whole) being the screen.

    In all, the Tab S3 is a wonderfully designed and constructed tablet: starting with the large 9.7” super AMOLED screen, the front and back are all glass built into a smooth edge metal frame that’s being well constructed with no flex or give. Despite it’s large size, it weighed less than expected, with it’s mass evenly distributed, plus it was surprisingly thin at only 6mm. This makes it surprisingly easy and comfortable to hold with one hand whilst viewing content and interacting. The black version I received is of a modern classy design, similar to that of the Galaxy S7 (non-edge) phone, with acceptable sized bezels.
    When tuning on, it quickly becomes apparently that the AMOLED screen is the stand-out star of the device. True to Samsung’s usual form with their AMOLED panels, the panel offers very rich vibrant eye-popping colours, making the screen on the other AMOLED device I own (a google Pixel) look washed out and muted in comparison. The screen has superb viewing angles, and the ability to achieve very high brightness level, meaning I was able to easily read text even when viewing the device in direct sunshine out in my garden one afternoon, which I can’t do on any of my other devices.

    Much has been made of the HDR capabilities of the panel, although there seems little to make good use of it, and disappointedly, when Netflix announced HDR support for several Samsung devices recently, the Tab S3 was not included. Never the less, the panel makes watching any regular video content a joy, and it has become my go to device for media consumption. I’ve found myself watching TV shows and movie clips just to marvel at the vibrancy of the screen bringing footage to life.
    Another notable feature are the speakers, of which there are four placed around the chassis edge, which cleverly allows audio to be shifted around to the correct position when changing the orientation of the tablet – a neat and impressive feature. The speakers are impressively loud and bass rich, and superior to those on the other tablets and phones I own,
    Round the side we have a slot for a micro SD card to expand the on-board 32 gb, a huge advantage over the iPad and Google tablet lines, as well as an increasingly rare headphone socket (yeah!). There are front and rear mounted cameras, whose specifications are much higher than the lackluster ones found on most other tablets and although they are not a primary concern for myself, at least it was good to know they are available if required.
    On the spine side, are a series of pogo pins to allow to tablet to connect to the Tab S3’s optional keyboard case. At over £100 pounds, the official keyboard cases represents considerable outlay above the cost of the device, but is in line with the costs of the optional cases for the iPad Pro and other tablets. Whilst I may later invest in the stylish, but still very pricey (£50) official Samsung flip case, for the meantime I am using a cheap generic case bought whose magnets can wake the tablet when opening, and sleep when closing, saving a potentially awkward reach around to the top corner power button, functionality I didn’t know the tablet had, which was a nice and useful bonus.
    I would love for Samsung to make use of these pogo pins to allow for easier charging through the use of a docking station similar to what they did for the Tab S2 predecessor.

    Additionally there is an update to date USB-C, plus a front mounted fingerprint reader. Personally I found the finger print reader problematic often taking serval attempts to get a match, as is in stark contrast to the fingerprint sensor on my pixel which has 95% hit rate. Maybe this has to do with the sensor on the Tab S3 being a thin strip opposed to the large circular sensor on my Pixel phone, which can accompany my fat fingers more easily.
    Internally, the device packs a very generous 4 gb of ram, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, found in the majority of the 2016 flagship mobile phones. A more recent processor would have been nice, but I expect that the launch of the tablet before the availability of the latest generation of Qualcomm’s chips had something to do with this. Despite these healthy specs, I found performance to a perplexing mix. Interestingly, whilst the tablet usually breezed through intensive use such as switching between large number of apps open simultaneously, or using the side-by-side functionality, it would occasionally lag slightly at other times when just navigating when few apps in memory. I suspect this issue is more to do with some elements of Samsung’s software addition rather than limitations in the underlying technology, as my Google Pixel phone (which has similar yet inferior specs to this tablet) does not suffered from this issue. I am optimistic that this will be resolved by future software updates.
    Next we have the stylus pen: The Tab S3, has a special stylus-compatible screen that can sense and record input with great sensitivity allowing a user to draw and write on the screen with great fidelity, similar to the functionality of the Note phone series or the iPad Pro. The tablet comes bundled with a large ‘S-Pen’ basically a larger version of the pen supplied with the Samsung Note phone series, however this version is much thicker and consequently much ore comfortable to hold. Whist initially sceptical of the usefulness, the S-Pen turned out to be a standout feature for me, initially becoming the default way to tap and interact with the screen (so much easier and more precise than my fat fingers), but the accurate pressure sensitivity and responsiveness meant the pen becoming a the main tool for my note taking activities in either the in-built Samsung Notes app, or my usual application Evernote. The fact that the pen is battery free, and the selector button actually brings up a useful set of definable shortcuts made it very much appreciated and I now consider myself to be a convert, and more than just a gimmick. The only downside is that I wish there was an easy way to dock the pen with the tablet and I ended up buying a cheap generic case with a homemade loop on it for the duration of this review.

    The tablet comes with Android 7.0 pre-installed. With my Google Pixel phone already running the very latest Android 8.0 I was initially disheartened that the tablet was not at least running Android 7.1, however as Samsung seem to be on 7.0 for all their flagship devices I could forgive that. I was more disappointed to see that it does not have the very latest of the monthly Android security updates (tablet is sat with June 2017 release = 3 months behind) which I felt is less forgivable for a flagship device from a company who talk about taking Android security updates seriously. The tablet is expected to receive at least one major OS update to 8.0 if not another father along.
    Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the OS software. My previous experience of Samsung’s approach to Android has been lacklustre, witnessing an over duplication of apps, settings, add-ons etc. that have over complicated and drained the resources on friends older Samsung Galaxy S series phones. Here on the Tab S3, I was pleased to see that Samsung had been relatively conservative with the vast majority of the preloaded Samsung apps, and changes to the default configuration of Android 7 were actually useful and added to the experience. There is a suite of Microsoft apps bundled as well. In particular I liked the variety of effective battery saving options (common on the Galaxy Phone series) as well a one-click performance tuner. The inbuilt side-by-side multi-tasking was appreciated especially, and was actually useful enabling to take further advantage of the considerable real-estate when using the tablet for working, or when watching video when catching up on my usual websites.
    Battery life was good and matched the quoted 12 hours with standard browsing, and media consumption. Standby battery life was about as good (or bad) as most other devices draining a 4-6% overnight. Seemingly nothing can compete with the iPads for their amazingly low minimal standby drain. The supplied high output fast charger was able to restore the 6000m mAh battery surprisingly quickly, recharging the Tab S3 must faster than any of my other tablets are by their supplied chargers.

    Based on my past two weeks of using the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet, I have found it be a high spec’d well-made tablet, with a best in class screen and speaker experience, and a surprisingly useful Pen.
    In my opinion this is the best Android tablet available right now, especially for media consumption. It is expensive, but I believe for the exception screen and the speakers alone, the premium over tablets is justified.

    Awesome screen and speakers in a sturdy premium quality chassis.
    Bundled S-Pen opens up a whole new paradigm of interaction and productivity. More than just a gimmick.
    Expandable storage
    For media consumption, this is the one to beat.

    Occasionally lag and stutter.
    Cost of the device and the accessory keyboard cases.
    Unreliable fingerprint sensor.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I am not going to lie, when I first saw this tablet my initial thoughts were 'Here we go again another tablet'. To my surprise so far, this tablet has delivered beyond my expectations. Samsung S3 provides impeccable graphics, wide range of apps, the battery life is phenomenal and it charges really fast. I am so shocked at how great this is. Amazing sound quality which makes it great to watch my favourite video makers and stream kids movies for my 22 months old to watch in the car. The size of the screen is ideal to use in the car for the kids to facilitate long distance travels and also for reading. It's very easy to carry around, so there wouldn't be any problem if you want to use for work at the office, school or university. I shot some pictures on the tablet and the quality of these photographs were breathtaking, definitely beats our current tablet. I would highly recommended to anyone, office workers, teachers, students, parents etc....anyone would really benefit from using this tablet. For students, office workers and teachers I would highly recommend the S-pen. The S-pen makes it really easy to take notes and draw sketches on the tablet. In conclusion the overall performance of the Samsung S3 is just brilliant.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Samsung - high quality as standard

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 could not come soon enough. We wanted to see how Samsung stacked up against the competition.
    Unboxing did not disappoint. The sleek packaging revealed a light, slim and beautifully finished tablet.
    Waiting for it to charge seemed to take an age but it charges quickly and soon we were ready for the off.
    The set up itself was intuitive and simple, much like all the products in the Samsung range. We didn't need to read any manuals, everything worked like a dream.
    The screen is as good as any Samsung TV - colours are bright and images sharp. Sound is crisp and clear and ideal for watching films and TV.
    We did experience some minor issues with setting up apps as we linked a student GMail account and it must be a full account. Also some minor issues with Microsoft apps which required an update in order to run.
    The S Pen allows you to write notes quickly and easily and the handwriting recognition is spot on.
    The battery life is excellent and we are charging every couple of days as a top up only - we are struggling to reduce battery life despite browsing, watching TV, taking notes and playing games.
    It may not be long before this becomes an essential part of our household.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    I've had this tablet for a weeks now and I have to say I really do love it. It's so pretty and so powerful and has very quickly become my favourite thing and go-to device. I wrote a little review for it below which I hope is useful/interesting to you all. Cheers!

    I've spent the last few weeks getting to grips with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and, in short, I'm in love.

    The tablet is elegant, sleek and wonderfully slim. At a touch under 430g it is also remarkably lightweight, and with its all-glass body simply screams quality.

    The 9.7" HDR AMOLED screen is vibrant and crisp, offering excellent, life-like colour, definition and contrast. The screen brightness can be set very high, allowing for perfect viewing even on sunny days outdoors. The blue light filter is also a nice touch for nighttime viewing. I watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix and have found the quality of this tablet's screen, at 2048x1536 pixels, to be superior to my laptop and television. In fact, more often than not I find myself gravitating towards this tablet as it's such a joy to use. Having a 3.5mm headphone jack is also a nice touch in this day and age.

    The quad speakers are a key player here and are loud ancapable of filling a room quite nicely. The treble and mid are excellent with a surprisingly strong bass response for a tablet 6mm thick. A great feature here is the speaker output rotates with the orientation of the screen, ensuring immersive and dynamic sound at all times.

    The Galaxy Tab S3 is far more than a device for media consumption. It has a plethora of tools for content creation (including Microsoft Office) and I've found myself using this tablet in ways I'd never thought to with previous devices. This is in part due to the fantastic S Pen which I've had a great time with drawing and painting. Writing notes with my own handwriting has also proved handy for note taking and list writing. It's even proved oddly touching. The ability to send someone a handwritten note adds a much more personal element to what can sometimes be a rather sterile conversation online.

    The battery life is fantastic. Samsung advertise 12 hours of video playback from the 6000mAh battery and that's certainly achievable. During the brief periods where I put the tablrt down I found the battery level hardly dips at all on standby, even overnight. The USB-C charging is also very quick and a welcome addition, charging the battery in just 3 hours.

    The performance has been consistently quick and snappy, with no noticeable lag or stuttering. I've played a few resource-intensive games which the Tab S3 has handled flawlessly. I've also enjoyed having the fantastic 13MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera for video calling family and taking photos.

    In the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 I've found a tablet that can replace my laptop. Its looks, performance and portability are top-notch.

    I'm in love.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    On opening the box the first thing I noticed was that the screen was larger than I expected. The design of the tablet is very sleek, and is definitely visually pleasing. It feels extremely well built, and looks so nice that I immediately ordered a screen protector and case to protect it! The camera on the device is great. It takes good quality photos, and though it isn't something I would usually use on a tablet, this one is definitely worth using.

    The display on the tablet is absolutely stunning - I have grown to expect this from Samsung, and this tablet is definitely the most visually pleasing display I have seen from them yet. The screen automatically adjusts depending on the light you are in, which is excellent in keeping from disturbing what you are doing in order to adjust it. The amoled screen with hdr video technology is clearly evident while using the tablet - it's definitely a tablet you could use for a whole host of things. Even using it for mundane daily tasks is made more pleasant by the display on this tablet. The picture is just so crisp that it does everything justice.

    The audio on the s3 is notably great. It has quad speakers (one on each of the four corners) and they automatically follow the direction of the screen. So in practice this means when you're holding the tablet and moving it, the quality of the sound will not be affected. It works fantastically when watching videos.

    The S Pen which comes with the tablet is fantastic - it has different nibs depending on what you need the pen for, so there is room to personalise the pen to your taste further. Writing/drawing with the pen is so easy, I haven't noticed a noticeable delay from it and it has been very easy to use. It's much nicer to use than your finger, and I love that it is included in the price of the tablet, as opposed to having to buy it separately. The pen also doesn't require batteries which is of course a bonus!

    The internal space on the device is 32gb, however you can extend the memory to suit your own needs. The battery also lasts for a long time - with up to 12 hours video playback I think this would be more than enough for most people's needs without having to charge it!

    Overall I love this tablet. It is big enough to be able to use it for the multitude of features it has, but small enough to be perfectly portable. It looks great, feels great, and is really living up to, if not exceeding, my expectations.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 comes well packed in an attractive, compact box with charger, S-Pen and replacement nibs for the pen.

    The tablet is reassuringly weighty (not at all heavy, but not insubstantial) and has a very premium feel with a glass back.

    Set-up was quick and the apps from my previous tablet were automatically migrated.

    A large amount of my tablet use is for watching movies & tv. The detail and brightness of the sAMOLED HDR screen is absolutely outstanding and perfect for this purpose. HDR content from the two most popular streaming services is supported and looks beautiful. The 4 speakers deliver clear and punchy audio.

    The S-Pen is comfortable to use, although it is annoying that it doesn’t attach to the tablet. It works great with both Samsung's own apps and Google Keep – somehow my rather messy scrawl looks much neater when drawn on-screen than it does on paper! The Staedtler Pen somehow feels slightly more natural than the S-Pen for sketching and painting though. My 2-year-old daughter really enjoys drawing on this tablet – it’s so natural for her.

    Performance-wise the S3 is quicker than any other Android tablet I’ve used. I've tried a few games and all have played flawlessly, and web browsing is quick and responsive even with lots of tabs open – the 4GB of RAM really helps. The fingerprint reader is quick and accurate.

    The battery has easily lasted a 9-hour flight, playing movies and games, and charging time is very respectable.

    After around a month of use I can safely say that this is the best performing, attractive and feature-rich Android tablet I've ever used. it's certainly not cheap, but then premium devices never are. For media consumption and creation, it is simply the best available option.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Very excited to have been lucky enough to receive the package and have the opportunity to review it. The advertisement has obviously highlighted what a leading product to the market it is and the leading edge of technology that is included in the tablet.

    Review is also based on never having a tablet before… Very excited .. Here we go

    A few components. Charger and lead I can see, pen and a ‘Get Started’ pamphlet… Brill

    Underneath the booklet is a small package of metal grip and plastic needles. No idea what these are for and nothing states what is included in the package. With the booklet is metal needle and again no idea what this is used for and nothing highlights it.
    I found the ‘Get Started’ booklet very poor. No logical order to the instructions within it

    a) Plug in the charger with the usb cable (although end should have usb symbol to show correct way round)
    b) Charge tablet
    c) Switch on. The setup instructions were excellent and the process extremely easy.
    d) No it is setup you can follow the early booklet instruction to access the manuals
    (Note :- Grammatical error in booklet … ‘To transfer data of the previous device…’ Surely this should be ‘To transfer data off the previous device…’

    Now that is setup I can appreciate the fantastic look and feel of the tablet, the amazing screen and the colossal performance of it.

    Time to enjoy….
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    From the unboxing of this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 I knew I was in for a treat. The premium packaging gave it a superior feel before even turning it on. The glass finish is spectacular, it really is a thing of beauty. It feels sturdy and robust in your hands, but not too heavy to use in bed for example where you’d have to hold it for long periods. I like the modern look, not too many curves, it looks quite masculine.

    Powering on the tablet, the screen, just wow. The colours are amazing, vibrant and sharp. Speedy set-up and you're on your way, I already had a google account so it was easy to get all my contacts and saved photos synced onto the S3.

    Having never had an android tablet or phone it has been a learning curve for me to get used to the way it all works, but I have to say it is very user friendly, I managed to navigate around quite easily and was impressed with the packaged software. Microsoft Office pre-installed is certainly a bonus.

    The security options to protect you when using this are very well implemented. I opted to use my fingerprint to unlock the device and it has not failed me once. I haven't had a single occasion where it didn't recognise me.

    The camera takes pleasing photos for a tablet and the speakers give out great sound when watching videos or listening to music. The Google Play Store provides access to a variety of apps that all work exceptionally well on the device, some faster than I am used to! I have set it up to operate some of my connected home apps and it syncs perfectly between the tablet and my mobile.

    I love the S Pen and Staedtler Pencil that came with the tablet, they are fun to use and make it more natural to write and note down thoughts and ideas. The novelty of them has not worn off and I use them all the time. The fact they don’t need batteries is superb. No charging, no down time.

    I took the Galaxy Tab to work to use by tethering the data from my mobile and my colleagues were very impressed with both the design and functionality of it. It turned some heads that day. Multitasking is a breeze and it is super easy to switch between apps, I have had as many open as I needed at once and had no loss of performance.

    Overall, I am very impressed with the design and power of this device and look forward to discovering how else it can help me to work smarter.