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Sony Xperia XZ Premium G8141

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  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This is a beast of a phone. I know it has bezels, but I actually DO know about technology, and am not distracted by shiny, flashy gimmicks - thus they're of no consequence.

    So far this phone has not stuttered on any game I've tried - and my previous phone (an XZ) did occasionally. The increased battery capacity REALLY makes a difference. For example, at a time at work when I KNEW my XZ would have been on its knees, my XZ Premium was still at 60%. Admittedly this may be down to the phone being brand new, but only to a degree - because it will always have a much better capacity than the weak 2900mAh in the XZ. You will routinely have seen these 'tech experts' in phone reviews, casually saying "oh yeah it shouldn't matter that the battery is 2700mAh with the new efficient Snapdragon 835 combined with Oreo's new efficiency features". In the real world, unless you only ever use WhatsApp and call people twice a day, this is simply WRONG. In general so far, with all the WhatsApp use, games, light browsing, etc, that I've done on this phone, I've generally needed to only charge it once a day. It's the difference between leaving home to get some food shopping with your phone on 26%, and knowing it will likely die while you're walking round the shop, and KNOWING your phone isn't going to die while you're out.

    The camera is pretty special, as you'd expect from Sony (after all, half of all Iphone users think Apple make their special camera - when actually Sony make Apple's camera as Apple lack any competence). In low light, on *manual* mode, the results so far have been incredible - picking up details in pitch black outdoor conditions (taken at 4am) that I couldn't actually pick out with the naked eye. For low light, I wouldn't bother with the IA as you'll get quite a lot of unsightly noise. For point and shoot stuff, when you only have literally a second of awkward aim, the camera delivers here too. I've not yet used the super-slow motion for videos - something which clearly was such a good idea that Samsung have now copied it for the Galaxy S9, but I have seen video shot at the usual quality and it's extremely detailed and crisp.

    The 4gb of RAM (at long last) also does seem to make everything on the phone much smoother than the XZ (which had 3) I've seen more than one online source claim this phone "isn't much of an upgrade to the XZ". It IS a significant upgrade to the XZ thanks, and in several ways. And when you see that the next flagships - the XZ2, has a smaller battery again, with all I've said about how that really does matter, despite the presumably paid-off fibs to the contrary, I would strongly advise going for THIS phone over an XZ2. It is quite big, but I'm already just about used to that. When you've gone from those little 4.7" screen phones to the Z-range of Sony phones, trust me the little extra heft really doesn't take as much getting used to. It also seems like only Asian territories are getting the XZ2 with 6gb of RAM - making it even less of the upgrade.

    Not forgetting the screen is a 4K HDR screen, which you may or may not appreciate the usefulness off on a little phone screen. But even if you never get to use that, what matters here for me at least is solid build quality and something that is genuinely likely to last a long time. Now that it's come down to £500, which yes is an investment, but it's less of one than the £650 this phone came out for, you'd definitely be getting a strong phone.