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Fitbit Alta HR

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  • Barely acceptable
    10 months ago
    Fitbit seems to constantly have problems with the quality of the bracelets. Since day one I started using this it has been stretched out as well. Now I have to wear the last hole, and when I started, I could have it on the third hole.
    Today, the bracelet came loose completely and I lost my fitbit without noticing.
    Fortunately, I found it two hours later, lying in the grass outdoors where I went.

    This problem with the quality of the bracelets is, as I said, something that has come back for at least the last 5 years regarding Fitbit.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The most important functions I am looking for are pedometer and vibration as a notification when I receive SMS or phone calls. One bonus is that it is possible to read the SMS on the band and also see who is calling. From this it has worked excellently. My wife appreciated the possibility of canceling the alarm with vibration, as I no longer needed to wake her up in the mornings when I was going up early. Otherwise, the bracelet is pretty and doesn't feel much on the wrist.

    Unfortunately, I do not think that the band can withstand a bit tougher. In the runner track, it becomes sweaty, exposing the band to moisture and salt. May have been that after about 1 year the heart rate measurement was hanging. The green sensors began to shine constantly with full force, with the battery time going down to about 12 hours. After a few tackles on floorball matches, the bracelet broke so that it began to loosen very easily. After two years, almost the day, the band died completely.

    With a little longer life, it would have been 5 stars.
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    I was most interested in the sleep measurement, and was very impressed by how well it works. You get a diagram of REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep and alertness. It is, of course, difficult to know how precise it is, but it seems to be reasonable with your own experiences of alertness and dreams. Sometimes, however, the sleep is missed by 30 or 60 minutes, so that reported sleep time is thus too short.

    The heart rate measurement works like this. Very good with heart rate monitor with chest strap at low to medium pulse, but at high pulse Fitbiten consistently shows 10 too much.

    Synchronization and charging work well for the most part. Battery life quite ok.

    The worst thing is the bracelet. It slowly slows, now after 5 months with 1-2 holes. And now the bracket on the watch begins to give up. Must already buy a new bracelet.
  • Barely acceptable
    2 years ago
    Alright. Very sluggish when interacting with it. Although I find myself learning where and how often you can print it does not always react. Nor is it always lit when you lift your wrist, which is extremely disturbing in combination with the previous one. Otherwise, I experienced it exactly with the step count and other functions.

    Now to the sum of my whole experience with fitbit as a company:
    I managed to fight it against a wall when I, just that, had an activity (!). The glass broke and fell off.
    Be absolutely sure you could get a new glass sent home. But not!
    There is no way to repair it, nor is it extra glass to obtain (according to fitbit itself). Do not understand how a technical gadget used in activities, training etc. DO NOT offer repair. So it went right in the bin after about 10 days of use.
  • Terrible
    2 years ago
    The clock is smooth and nice and a nice interface.

    But the functions themselves are malfunctioning.
    The step counter constantly counts errors (giving me a step in computer work and toothbrushing).
    The sync takes 5-8 tries before getting over the pulse curve.
    The bracelet is growing and soon it's too big for me.

    Anything that mainly gives the bad grade is the heart rate measurement which was the reason I bought this. It measures consistent errors regardless of location on the arm, both right and left. Sometimes it can be guessed close to a conventional heart rate monitor (chest strap) but it misses too much to be reliable.
    For example, it can show + 10-> 20 stroke resting pulse, + 20-> 60 stroke during training.
    It's not a heart rate monitor, it's a pulse pointer
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Have had my alta hr now for a couple of months and am very pleased. Has moved me around among different products in the category over the last four years and this is undoubtedly the best I've had so far. It's easy and easy, so you do not think it's on your arm, battery life varies, depending on how active it is, but mine is between the 5-7 promised days.

    + Reasonable battery life
    + Best app on the activity bracelet market
    + Synchronizes well with the phone
    + 24/7 pulse reading
    + Good sleep waking

    - Raise to wake works 1 of 5 times for me, actually completely worthless.
    - Special loader, if you want two, you can buy from fitbit

    Highly recommend this product.
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    had the old alta (without HR) but dropped it because of pajat bracelet.
    unexpectedly, I missed it, and provided this new model.
    The bracelet is improved!
    but sync "little glasses", sometimes it takes 12h before sync.
    and the charging cable has the same feel, stops it, it says "charging", but a little later so: has it not loaded :(
    fixed, 7d battery life, small, light, discreet is perfect.
    bad is that: it requires the internet to sync to my phone so when traveling, you must have data roaming to correct the time zone.
    and bad is that: you can not put it in flight mode, so not all European companies accept it.
    uses most: alarm for sedentary, 10k steps, and ... clock!
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    My first activity band and I have had it for almost 14 days, my impression so far is that it is made of good quality and comfortable wearing wearing the fitbit application, which is amazingly simple and easy to use. I paid 1200kr and it's a 2 year warranty so I can only take my hat off for this health-promoting technology.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Good battery time waterproof has showered several times no problem and good looking I think ...
  • Good
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Positive: it's a Fitbit. Fitbit is fun and good, it's just.
    Disadvantage: there is no way to start the training mode, neither the bracelet or on the phone. Without the bracelet reggar an activity if it has lasted longer than ten minutes. Some half a lousy and backward. One more thing that is backward with Fitbit in general, is that they only count the total calories, instead of active calories. Can not they just make and send out an update. How hard can it be?