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Garmin Vívosport

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  • Very Poor
    2 years ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    The watch itself is great with a lot of features. It keeps charging for just under a week but much less with the GPS turned on. The big problem is the BRACELET. Mine broke after 5 months of normal use. The bracelet is NOT REPLACABLE. The plastic seems to lack any reinforcement. Got a new watch on the warranty, but you can not hold on to that!

    Now I have used the replacement watch since April 2020 after 9 months, the bracelet has come loose from the watch itself. Quite useless that Garmin did not improve the product at all. IT SEEMS TO BE A LOW QUALITY PRODUCT!

    Here, Garmin has totally failed.
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    The functions are as expected .. but the screen e the disaster .. poor sharpness / low light o you do not already see razor sharp so you hardly see what is standing
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    A fantastic product in its genre: Small and discreet activity meter that measures heart rate and with GPS whenever you want. It does not work for interval training, you can only start / pause / end your race with the touch screen, but it's enough for me! It's incredibly nice to always bring your GPS watch. Fun that it measures calories consumed per day and rest when you sleep.
  • Acceptable
    2 years ago
    Updated: 2 years ago
    My first experience of activity bracelet that works ok, I think. Thin and barely visible on the arm. Is not a training fan and most looking for distance and step. Stairs and calories are allowed to bring a pinch of salt I suppose but seemed ok. Have just used it for outdoor activity yet so long, but I'm going to test the umpapass and see how it works. I probably prefer, after a time of use, "buttons" that give an increased sense of response when pushing. Has compared the pulse of the bracelet with chest strap and my older Garmin watch and it is difficult to decide which one gives the "right" response. Sometimes the same and sometimes different indications. Synchronization to the paddle works clockwise and takes about 10 seconds. Buy today a Garmin 235 watch for the wife and maybe it will be upgrading to me later on.
  • Terrible
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    Extremely limited activity bracelet with inaccurate pulse measurement (putting the bracelet on the table is considered stress) and a crazy GPS that cuts or adds 1 kilometer to 5 kilometers. Tested for 32 days 24/7 and can safely say that it's worth only 25% of the price because it's only pedals that also do not always work ....
  • Terrible
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    This bracelet is unfortunately almost worthless. After using it for a week, here are some of the issues I encountered

    - The heart rate monitor is incredibly poor and it shows cautiously for low heart rate. The problem with treadmill training is often around 50bmp. I have tried to adjust the tension in the bracelet and shaved my hair under the bracelet but nothing helps. I have very visible veins on my arms so the bracelet should have good prerequisites for measuring the pulse.
    - Navigation with the touchscreen is erratic. Many features require double-clicking on the screen. The bracelet is untrue to register duplicate prints, and it may be required from 3 attempts to reboot for it to work.
    - The mobile application is full of bugs. It starts frequently. When editing an activity (because the bracelet did not work), the activity is not updated with the new information.
    - Sync the bracelet with the mobile phone can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.
    - If you use Bluetooth headsets while exercising, the connection to the phone works even worse. No other bluetooth watches I own have similar problems.
    - The bracelet was under the initial guiding position at first start.

    In the end, this feels like an unfinished product and is not worth it near the price it costs. I have absolutely no confidence in the measurements it gives me, and to top it all, it's significantly louder than many other modern bracelets.

    Edit: After using the bracelet for a couple of days, I can now say that it does not do anything at all.

    If you use it to track a session strength training, try to count how many reps you drive. Sometimes this works helpful with about 10% errors, but very often the bracelet does not count on a single repetition. To mark a set start or end, press the screen. Once upon a time, the clock hangs with a constant vibration for 10+ seconds before regaining control over it.

    The pulse gauge is almost constantly wrong with 10-80 bpm. No other bracelet has been in the vicinity of equally bad results.

    - Different views in the accompanying application do not appear to be updated at the same time. At the time, I have reported three different figures for active calorie burn in three different views, even though I did all I could to update / sync with the clock. The following day, all views show the same results for yesterday, but information about the current day is never reliable.