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Samsung RS68N8670S9 (Stainless Steel)

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  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    For years we've had a smaller fridge freezer and often struggled for space particularly in the freezer section which was surprising as we're only a two person household. When the RS8000 arrived I couldn't have been happier. The space is fantastic and the added benefit of two fridge compartments allows us to easily organise food in the fridge. Our preferred layout is to use the bottom fridge compartment for meat, fruit & veg, using the top fridge compartment for the remainder of our cooled items. The large freezer compartment provides ample space and the ice dispenser, although bulky, doesn’t get in the way when freezing items. Fruit & veg have lasted longer than I ever expected and all the extra space makes meal prepping easy especially now we’re getting into the colder months and I am bulk freezing soup portions something I’ve never had space to do before. The design looks fantastic in our kitchen and makes the room feel complete with the addition of a breakfast bar area. The handle free doors and brushed metal appearance make a real statement and all visitors have commented positively on the appliance. With all the space this fridge freezer provides I look forward to utilising it over the coming months when we have guests to stay and need to feed more mouths.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Having come from an integrated fridge freezer to this behemoth I'm happy to report that I'm as pleased as punch with the amount of space in this fridge freezer.
    It might sound odd but the cooling power of this unit far exceeded what I thought was possible, set to the same temperature as the old unit my fruit, veg and salad is lasting much longer than it used to and in many cases beyond the use by date, still fresh and usable. The thermostat is heaps more reliable and the twin cooling more powerful. This is only helped further by the flex zone, having a separate fridge that you can configure specifically for what you put in it is simply brilliant. I use mine for fruit and veg, and the upper area for frequently accessed stuff, this means that the bottom door is open much less and the contents kept at a very consistent temperature. Twin cooling has another benefit in that the fridge and freezer are cooled by completely separate loops so if there are odours in either side (And it does happen time to time, even to the best of us) it is impossible for it to spread through the cooling system.
    The design is another highlight, the brushed metal finish is beautiful and continues on the inside down the back, the handle free doors look sleek and are also practical as the doors will open further than they otherwise would.
    And the ice maker and water dispenser, amazing, I don’t think I could live without it anymore, no more jugs in the fridge, no more carrying ice cube trays across the room and spilling water everywhere, just fresh crisp filtered water with ice on tap. Perfect.
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Great fridge! Love the high quality and the design.