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Samsung C34J791

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  • Very good
    2 years ago
    The Skinny - Impressive physical build, excellent picture, great connectivity, makes users very smug, pricey

    From unboxing this, your know it's special. It's surprisingly lightweight given the size of the screen and the arm is reassuringly sturdy. Connectivity options are impressive and good to see they have tried to hide cables behind a flip out panel - adding to the nice simplistic design and lines. The power brick is huge though - literally the size of a brick. Picture quality is bright, vibrant and sharp - this is dependant on your inputs. The screen doesn't seem that big - aided by the curve and is very pleasing to use. I've had mutiple spreadsheets and browsers option and couldn't help but feel smug with the screen real estate. The in-built speakers are punchy but lacks solid bass. They're good and very usable, reaching very high volumes. Firing up PBP options is where the limitations of this ultra wide format start to show. You will end up with some black bars on each side because the ultra wide format means that standard resolutions don't make use of the full horizontal width. I found this quite a lot with playing movies as you need content in the right resolution to make full use of the width, else you end up stretching to fit. The monitor lifts and rises effortlessly and tilt adjusts well - it doesn't swivel, however I'm just nick picking now. The power button placement on the back is simple, but annoying to use after a while. They could have opted to put this on the side or bottom to make it more accessible.

    I've loved every second of using this, and it makes you smug to show off to your friends. The thing that lingers is whether or not the price tag is worth it. It's a very expensive purchase if you are simply looking for a bigger monitor to do some multi-tasking. For gaming, it's a very nice setup but you can't help but feel asking if the price justifies this - could you simply buy a LED TV instead and save some money. This needs to be at a price point of £400 to make it a competitive purchase - otherwise it's a very lavish purchase.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    I’ve been using this for 4 weeks now as my main monitor at home, using it for 3 primary reasons: gaming, work and photo editing. It replaces 2 1080p monitors. I now have one of those as my second monitor with this Samsung as my main monitor. Gaming: wow, what a difference! With the monitor sitting a short distance from me, games feel like they are wrapping around me. Due to my slightly ageing PC, I can only run the latest games at 2K rather than the close to 4K the monitor is designed for but this is still a substantial upgrade from my old 1080P monitors. So much more detail and the colours are vivid. No visible blurring or slow down either and response time seems to be excellent. Work: so using apps like PowerPoint, I can place two apps side by side, essentially giving me 3 monitors with my existing second monitor. Some handy included software allows you to split the screen in two (or more if required) and ‘snap’ apps into various configurations. Working on multiple documents is a breeze on this monitor! The PBP (Picture-by-Picture) mode of the monitor gives you the ability to connect two sources to the monitor which appear side-by-side which is great for plugging in my work laptop along with my home PC. I assume this would also work for game consoles, but I’ve not yet tried this. Some apps don’t play nicely with the massive wide nature of the monitor and seem a little lost when not splitting the screen, but I guess apps will get updated over time to use the increased resolution and screen real-estate. Photo editing: Increased detail and accurate colours really help when editing my photos! The difference in colour reproduction is night and day compared to my old monitors. Other points to note are that the built in speakers function OK, but aren’t as good as my £90 desk speakers so don’t expect amazing quality/loudness for gaming or music playing. The monitor looks stunning. Nice simple sleek design with a beautiful curved screen. Cable management is good with enough ports to connect anything you can think of. Setup was very easy and I had no issues getting it setup. Would I recommend it? Yes, if price is no issue. But, its an expensive beast and I think if I were to do buy again, I’d have gone for the larger version, especially if you are trying to replace 2-3 monitors for work apps. The 34” size split into two is just OK but two large single monitors may be better. But, for me as a single app/gaming monitor, I love it!
  • Decent
    2 years ago
    I really wanted to love this monitor. I was so excited for the fact its thunderbolt and would work with my mac; I was so excited by the 34” wide screen allowing two sources side by side. It is one of the few monitors that actually also works with the new iPad Pro as an external display.

    My problem with it is that the black levels and contrast and brightness are average at best - for a quantum dot monitor - this is not what I expected.

    I can’t see any detail when its a dark video or scene on any source. It is just a blur of greyness and to make it worse the brightness levels seem to be very bright and bright - but it doesn’t get bright enough to resolve any contrast in those black videos and I can’t turn down the brightness enough to make it useable at night. I honestly cannot use this monitor at night as its just too bright. The manual brightness settings are useless. The calibration of colours is terrible. And the way it upscales or changes the aspect rations of different sources stretches everything out so it is unwatchable. Considering how good Samsung TVs are it seems like they haven’t taken any of the features of the TV’s and used them on this monitor.

    So I give this 3 stars - average - it is better than cheap basic monitors and its connectivity options are fantastic. It looks good too with the design. And if your not used to better displays then you will probably think it looks great, but it doesn’t.

    It’s good value for money; but a huge disappointment for me. If you set your expectations low then you will love it. If you expect Samsung to deliver a monitor that is as good at the TV’s then you will hate it.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    he Samsung CJ791 is an amazing monitor with a stunning display. I have used it for over a week now and I am super impressed with it so far. Its an ultrawide display which feels a bit awkward at the start but you get used to it pretty quickly. The curved screen with vibrant colours gives a highly immersive experience with watching videos or carrying out graphics or design activities. I have used dual screens along with my laptop screen for many years but ever since I have started using Samsung CJ971, this is the only screen I use now for my work. Some further thoughts

    The monitor has a thin brushed aluminium bezel and base with glossy white body at the back. The monitor looks quite elegant in the room.

    The setup of the monitor was quite straight forward. There are multiple connectivity options including HDMI ports, mini Display Port or Thunderbolt 3.0 / USB C. The Thunderbolt 3.0 provides the added benefit of charging the MacBook Pro through the single cable thus reducing the desk clutter. The screen height is adjustable and it comes with a wall mountable bracket as well.

    -Colors & Features
    This is where the monitor stand out. The screen produces very sharp and bright images. I was hardly able to see any difference in the color tones, image sharpness and quality between Samsung CJ971 and my 2018 MacBook Pro. The PBP (Picture-by-Picture) mode of the monitor gives you the ability to connect two sources to the monitor which appear side-by-side. This allows you to have the same traditional “dual screen experience” through a single monitor. I have tried using the Applications/Videos in full screen mode but the sheer size of the screen doesn’t give a great experience. Also in full screen video mode, you see “black bars” on the sides and bottom due to 21:9 unusual aspect ratio. It’s a great monitor for gaming and multi-tasking but not a substitute for a TV (in my opinion). The 7W built-in speakers in the monitor are of decent quality but don’t expect a Sonos / Bose quality sound. With all these great features, the only downside I feel is the need to upgrade my desk which was presiously OK for a 21” screen but cannot accomdate this beast. Overall, it’s a fantastic monitor with great picture quality and value for money. I highly recommend it for all gamers and multi-taskers out there.
  • Very good
    2 years ago

    From the moment the box arrived, you knew you were about to receive an impressive piece of kit. The set-up of the screen was simple and pain free.

    First impressions
    Having first turned on the ultra-wide screen on, I was instantly struck by the sleek curved design which sunk perfectly into the shape of my desk, creating an impressive and immersive user experience. One concern I had was that the screen would be ‘OTT’ and that it’d take a fair bit of getting used to, however, this proved not be a problem…


    One of the biggest selling features for me is the ability to input through Thunderbolt. This gives you the versatility to switch between applications and portability to transfer hardware (i.e. my MacBook) from place to place.

    Moving onto the screen quality, I can’t say I experienced issues that other Insiders have with regards to fading etc. Rather, I found the QLED quality to be up to scratch with colours holding depth and crisp, clear clarity. As you can see from my pictures, it had no issues oozing the details displayed in the 4K illustrative video.

    In terms of split screening, I think this will be a point of curiosity for those who are thinking of purchasing this kind of screen for the first time. However, the ultra-wide screen and immersive curved experience really eased and simplified how I work with different tabs and made me fall in love in having one single display!

    Lastly, the speakers are not something I use frequently. However, these were of a good standard, but I do concur that they lack bass. However, I think for a user who requires a lot from speakers that they would buy standalone speakers over inbuilt in any case.

    Overall, I think it’s an excellent piece of kit which really up’s the game in the tech world. However, I would suggest a few ‘light’ improvements to make the experience even greater:
    - The ability to move the bezel would be very useful, particularly if you are showing the display to an audience or clients.
    - For a monitor of this spec and detail, I would expect a non-plastic bezel for not only effect but also rigour.
    - Quality of speakers are good, but can be made great! Think of going into a restaurant, having a great main course but the dessert letting you down slightly. That’s what happened here.
    - There is a slight bend on HDMI wiring –more give would be helpful in preserving the life span of the lead.
    - The power supply is quite hefty which might not be ideal if you have a small / limited working area
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    Well I can truly say this monitor is amazing. I have used this mainly for work as I love having one screen that splits into two to display two large screens or split further into 4 quarter displays. I have also used it for gaming. The screen is colour rich and sharp. This makes watching videos a pleasure to watch and online gaming experience far better than on a large LED TV. The response time of the screen is also very impressive. The curved screen is great as you feel closer to the screen. The built-in speaks produce a high-quality sound. This reducing the need for additional speakers and frees up plug sockets. I have certainly enjoyed using this Samsung CJ79 curved monitor. This has drawn plenty of attention from my colleagues at work.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    The 3440 x 1440 resolution on the Samsung CJ791 monitor is really a sight to behold! This is the first time I've used a curved monitor and it definitely provides a more immersive experience. The 34 inch screen is a major step up from the 24 inch monitor I've used until now and I've made good use of it for both personal and work stuff. My work involves a lot of multitasking. I usually have an external monitor connected to my work laptop and use both screens, but the CJ791 is so big that I can work purely on the monitor and have my laptop tucked away now. I did install Samung's Easy Settings Box software which allows you to configure the monitor to have multiple windows setup side by side - much more than what Windows 10 allows natively. However, I found the software to really slow down the laptop and introduced some very noticeable lag, so I had to uninstall it. Maybe there was some conflict with other software my company had installed, I just don't know. But the default Windows 10 options have suited me fine since then, so I don't miss it. From a personal use perspective, I really wanted this monitor to be crisp and clear when photo editing. I use Lightroom and Photoshop a lot for my blog and again, having the large screen real estate with the crisp Quantum Dot technology and QLED panel has massively increased my productivity on that front. I would normally edit my photos on my 13 inch 1080p laptop screen, but there's certainly no going back now! I can get a lot more done and quicker than I ever could. The ports on the CJ791 are certainly enough for my needs. On the back you have a 3.5mm headphone jack and 2x USB 3.0 ports out in the open. Behind a rectangular panel you have a 15W USB-C port, HDMI and DisplayPort in ports, power port and finally an 85W USB-C port which is the one you'd use to connect to the monitor. The added benefit of this port is that is seems to charge some laptops without needing an additional AC charger. My Dell XPS 13 9360R seems to charge fine, but my Fujitsu work laptop doesn't, so I guess your mileage may vary. If it does charge then it is just one less cable to have on your desk. The in-built speakers are also surprisingly good! Speaking of cables, the CJ791 has a great cable management system in built. There is a little cut out in the rectangular cover to allow the attached cables to snake out and down the arm that attaches the screen to the stand. This has a cover too and really serves to keep all the cables tidy.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    The most noticeable feature is the 1500R screen curvature. When looking at the monitor center on, the bottom edges have a warped effect to it which I am still getting used to.

    Colour reproduction out of the box was nice. I had high expectations due to the QLED and Quantum dot technology, but coming off an IPS display the colours seem a bit flat. Luckily backlight bleeding wasn’t an issue for me. Annoyingly there are no manuals and the website links to an incorrect one. However, the options are mostly self explanatory and after tweaking with a few modes I found myself keeping to the factory defaults.

    For productivity the sheer amount of screen real estate make using it an absolute pleasure. My typical tasks included web browsing, word processing and software development. Having split screens is pretty much the norm now which is nice as I felt my previous 27in,16:9 monitor was always too narrow for this.

    The convenience of the Thunderbolt is a major selling point. I have a thunderbolt laptop which I take to and from work everyday. This monitor would be the perfect companion in this scenario as it saves the hassle of an expensive thunderbolt dock.

    I spent a number of hours gaming and this is where the CJ791 really excelled. The extra field of vision and the curvature of the screen really improved the level of immersion, especially in games that offered a first person perspective such as driving games and FPSs. Although this is not meant to be a gaming monitor, I found the colour and refresh rate perfectly fine for my gaming experience. I did not notice any ghosting or input lag. The native 3440 X 1440 resolution was perfect for my GTX 1080 graphics card. It handled most games at 60FPS well, allowing me to see plenty of details, however you can tell this was starting to strain my graphics card and I had to turn the graphics just a notch down on some triple A titles. Needless to say, since I did not have an AMD card, I could not test out freesync which is a real shame.

    The speakers are loud. The mid range is not bad but lacks bass and high end clarity. I think it is typical of monitor speakers which is why I prefer to use dedicated speakers.

    Overall I love gaming on it and it would be really hard to revert back to a 16:9 screen.
    In my view the Samsung CJ791 is mainly a productivity monitor designed to accompany a thunderbolt laptop. If thunderbolt is not a requirement then I would recommend the CF model which is pretty much the same but cheaper.
  • Perfect
    2 years ago
    I’m the creative type, and my various lines of work present somewhat of a challenge when choosing a computer monitor that suits the types of work I do. 30 years as a software developer, graphics designer, a professional photographer and web developer I find myself having to always reorganise my desktop workspace or move between various devices. I do most of my work using Mac, then Windows 10 and from time to time I have to tinker around with Linux. Using the Samsung CJ791 monitor I can now enjoy the pleasure of never having to move to another machine and various applications organised with ease on my workspace accessible at a glance.

    I have the CJ791 configured as my main monitor with my 21.5-inch iMac utilised as an extended portion to the right of the main monitor and connected using the DisplayPort “Thunderbolt 2” as my current iMac is not USB-C “Thunderbolt 3”. I also have my Windows 10 PC connected to the monitor using the supplied HDMI cable. Both cables fit easily into the CJ791 cable tidy system along the stem of the monitor stand, a very nice feature that is not apparent without reading the manual.

    The specs of this monitor are very impressive, with an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21:9 and a generous 34” of screen real estate that is all encompassing. I actually find I have to slightly move my head to look from one end of the screen to the other as moving only the eyes can be a little strenuous.

    Out of the box the monitor is well calibrated however you will need to create a professional colour profile using a profiling device if you want realistic colours. This however is not fault of this monitor as any photographer or graphics designer will have to perform this task on any monitor. After profiling the colours and Gamma are greatly improved. Gamma is reduced and colours become deeper. I used the ColorMunki Photo and created two profiles, one for the Windows 10 machine and one for the iMac. If you are doing PIP/PBP this is very important.

    The only issue I have with the monitor, “if I can even call it an issue” is a very faint dulling around the edges of the screen, there seems to be two slim bands approx. 1/2 an inch in width and approx. ¼ a stop of light less than the display, down both sides of the screen. This is barely noticeable and has no impact on the use of the display at all, you basically have to have a good look to even notice this.

    As a software developer I’m always having to use multiple applications, terminals, IDE’s, API reference materials etc. With the ultra-wide 21:9 screen I easily fit all my applications and terminals on the main display with room to spare. I even utilise the iMac extended screen as the main screen for my Linux distro running in VirtualBox. I choose not to use PIP/PBP for Windows and Mac, rather I preferer to utilise the full desktop for the one OS and switch between the two using the menu source selection when required. This is simple as you can have up to three input signals, DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-C and they can be all connected at the same time.

    Now that I’ve had time to experience the wonder of this ultra-wide 21:9 display, I have no idea how I could ever go back to using a regular 16:9 widescreen display. Even my 27” iMac seems too little. It’s simply a wonderful experience. It makes your workflow a lot smoother and that alone is a winner for me!

    This is a very impressive monitor, I’d recommend to almost anybody, especially for media production such as video and graphics editing.
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    The monitor itself looks very nice. Setting up was very straightforward (it comes assembled with the stand on). So it's just a matter of taking it out of the box and putting it on a desk. I felt the stand was a little short, and I started to get back pain as I was leaning forward quite a lot to look down on the monitor. I put several thick books under it and it was much better. I'd therefore recommend getting a wall/desk mount so you can have the monitor slightly higher. Moving on to the functionality: The picture quality is great. The colours looked very rich and deep, and text was very sharp. This monitor really excels itself playing games. It was incredibly immersive with such a large screen! The fact it comes with build in speakers was really nice too. The downside for me is using it as a day to day monitor. It is too wide for a single screen, but not wide enough to replace dual monitors. Because the screen is so wide, a comfortable sized window takes up between 2/3 and 3/4 of the screen. This leaves very thin sections at the side of the main window (maximum 1/6th of the screen in width), which isn't really very useful for anything. With two screens it is very easy to have two applications taking up a screen each side by side. But two applications side by side on this screen feels like they are squashed, as it's not quite as wide as two monitors. Another downside to this is watching videos. With two monitors you can have a video in full screen on one, with no black bars, and use the other monitor as your main screen. With this monitor if you want the video to be full height, it takes up about 2/3 of the screen, which leaves 1/3 of the screen as your working area. Which again isn't very useful. If you don't have the video full screen and want it to take up half the screen width, the video will end up being about 2/3 the height of the screen. Which then leaves space above/below the video which isn't really big enough to be useful.