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Garmin Vívosmart 4

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  • Barely acceptable
    3 months ago
    I am disappointed that the touch screen is not so responsive and the menu not so intuitive. I wish the app would be a little better, compared to other apps. Huawei has a better app, in my opinion.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Problems with the sync for a long time before the summer of 2020. Now everything seems to be fixed and the clock works excellently. Long battery life and a very good app with lots of information and training challenges. GPS with sync via phone works well and I use it on all rounds. You can "level" and earn points, which I think is fun.

    Now I am waiting for the next version which is a given purchase for me.

    I am very pleased
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Really nice acquaintance that gives good health control. Heart rate, sleep, stress, step, oxygen measurement. Has many features and a very well made app. However, the clock sometimes bugs out: synchronization refuses to work, weather display stops working, clock says you sleep even though you are awake and more. Despite the mistakes, still a good and smooth product. Often, solving the problems when you stop the clock in the battery charger.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    If you want to start exercising or that you are already running then this is a good activity band to keep a little track of the situation, so to speak. You take the stairs a little more often, you might go an extra lap, etc. If you join a few groups or add friends, you can put up some challenges and "compete" against each other which makes you drive a little extra.

    I think it registers steps well, has driven a few bike passes and walks outside and then it runs GPS via the mobile and then can see afterwards where you have gone etc, works fine I think.

    Good battery life clearly, I have charged it 2 times and it is 2v since I bought it :)

    It detects what activities you are doing and automatically starts that activity, for example, I ran the Crosstrainer and then it automatically recorded that activity and the time was so close to the second when I started and ended. Likewise walks!
    Bicycle it has not recognized. Nothing else I have tried.

    What is bad is:

    Sleep registration is not the best, I work shift so for me it does not work at all when you have to set it "when do you usually sleep and wake up", I who work night sometimes then it says that I did not sleep at all, ie it does not feel automatically that now you sleep and start raining it. Have you told it that you usually fall asleep at 23 then it starts automatically and think that now you sleep, you sit on the sofa and watch a movie then it starts to register that you sleep, then it may be that you sleep at 10 o'clock hour in the night but in fact you only slept 7 because you were up a little longer watching TV.

    Once when I was going to start the GPS for cycling it refused to start even though the weather was the top and I was standing in the middle of the road.

    The sync has hung and I did not get it started, I solved it by downloading Garmin Express to the PC, synced there 1 time thereafter the sync worked again on the mobile, however I have a difficult message left (Connect sync service) it says and I can't get rid of it even though the sinking is working.

    I am happy and like the clock, however, some things that do not get it 10/10
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Flexible and good for the purpose. I wanted data on heart rate, steps & sleep. On the purchase you get lots of other data and this around the clock with long battery life. Smooth that it vibrates and shows who is calling. Does not use the training functions in it but runs with dedicated heart rate clock for it. Uses this to measure all-round health and it works very well.