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Sage Appliances Bambino Plus

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  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Have had a Sage Bambino Plus for six months now and can only say that I am very happy with it. Have previously brewed my coffee in an AeroPress and ground by hand. Became a bit cumbersome over time and decided to buy a standalone espresso machine. What decided that it became a Sage Bambino Plus was for the automatic milk frothing and that it is ready for brewing after just a few seconds. Complemented after a few weeks with an electric grinder as the grinding of the beans by hand felt a bit outdated. After an initial phase of learning to make an acceptable shot with the included double-wall (pressurized) filter, I started looking for single wall filters to get a little more control over the brewing. These are delivered with all Sawing Machines, except Bambino Plus, as standard. Judge my surprise when I received word from Swedish distributors and even from the Scandinavian general agent in Denmark that they could not help me get hold of such. Available for purchase from Sage in England and from a distributor in Denmark but who did not deliver to Sweden. Thank goodness a friend in Denmark helped and I finally got hold of them. So after getting hold of single-wall filters, my brewing is focused on finding the right degree of grinding and beans to my liking to get an espresso shot that I can make an enjoyable cappucino on. Thanks to the automatic milk frothing (can be done manually if you want) which can be fine-tuned for temperature and degree of foam, it is easy to focus on the important; to get as good an espresso shot as possible.

    The only downside for me is that Bambino Plus does not come with single wall filters as standard.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Extremely satisfied after 4 months and a few hundred cappuccinos. The automatic foaming works far better than anyone else I have encountered as long as the right milk is used (Arla's country milk gives much better results than their barista milk for me.). Also very smart / easy to keep clean with good prompts. A little minus that you had to buy the single-wall filters yourself.