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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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  • Very good
    27 days ago
    Updated: 27 days ago
    Run this for over a year.

    For that price, this is an incredibly good gadget. Uses it mostly for heart rate, steps and time. Then it has a lot of other advertised features that I am partly not so interested in and partly it worked well like that (sleep for example)

    That it is also waterproof and has a fantastic battery life (~ 2-3 weeks) is magical.

    The app is substandard in an incredible number of ways, but if you weigh in the above parts and weight the price, it would be naive and unrealistic to expect a premium experience at a budget price.

    All in all, I am very happy without a doubt! So much so that now, after a year, I ordered a Miband 5.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    For the incredibly cheap price, you get a bracelet that counts steps, sleep and heart rate. To demand that it perform like a smartwatch like the Apple Watch is absurd.

    What I liked about this band is that the battery life lasted more than a week and that you do not notice that you have it on your wrist.

    I thought it counted correctly and it was fun to get the collected information in the app. Also nice with some short notes from the phone when you are at work so you do not have to pick up the phone all the time.
  • Poor
    1 month ago
    + good battery life
    - not so much about calculating distance on your own
    - unable to locate walk / workout on map
    - loses Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone

    No good smartwatch as it requires connection to the mobile and then there is no point in having it as the mobile has gps and can do everything on its own
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Incredibly stupid construction that you have to peel off the watch from the bracelet to charge.
    Check bracelet lock. Did not find setting for swimming. Do not buy!
    It goes in the trash today. Waste of money!
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    In addition to all the shortcomings in functionality, it sends large amounts of data to a server in Germany.
    Chinese spyware?
  • Barely acceptable
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Mi band 4 activity bracelet is not able to register sleep correctly and in addition, the text in the app is very difficult to interpret as it has been poorly translated. Menus and layouts in the app are ill-considered and cluttered.

    The pedometer seems correlated
    The heart rate is also measured in an unreliable way (tested competitors).
    The sleep meter does not register if you get up from bed and it sometimes registers the wrong time when you really fall asleep. In the app (mi fit) you can read about deep sleep, etc., but I do not really trust this as it does not register when you fall asleep (or wake up).

    The only plus is the battery life which lasts for one month.
    I understand why this one costs as it does :) Do yourself a favor and invest in something more expensive that gives you what you require from an activity bracelet.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    After having Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for a year, the bracelet broke, which is why I bought Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The bracelet is a weak point even on this one, which is why I bought a metal link called Steel strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 3/4 - Universal Black which fits Xiaomi Mi Band 4. CDON sells such. This newer version has a very good improvement: It has a stronger display that is visible even in strong sunshine. Otherwise, I think they are similar. Then I use two apps for the watch. Partly Mi Fit which I think is too simple, but you have to have it when you like me use another app called: Notify & Fitnes for Mi. It is significantly better with a lot of parameters. Clearer and easier to see success even a year back. The watch itself is an excellent product and very affordable.
  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Terribly affordable, has the same features as those that cost 1000 SEK.

    + Affordable

    - has no HRV meter
  • Decent
    10 months ago
    Used this for nine days and can sum up that it costs very little and it is noticeable on the quality. The screen went off completely after 9 days during the first swim, but the bracelet still works and can sync with the phone, even though the screen is black.

    It does its job in an easy way, but some things have made me doubt how well it measures, I walk about 4 km at lunch every day with this one on. Uses a total of 7000 steps after lunch walk around 1pm. Somehow I still got up in 12000-14000 steps in the evening with this, and no, I do not go any more walks or run like a fool, have not really sneaked out where these extra steps come from, maybe it mixes together cycling which is a evening activity with steps, but then the bracelet is still set to a cycle program so it should not count steps then.

    Heart rate works, a little slow to get if you read through the bracelet, it takes 20 seconds to get a pulse.

    It seems to be a fairly simple calorie calculation algorithm where heart rate seems to be the (only?) Parameter that weighs heavily combined with distance. I have tried to study how calorie calculation is affected by using an electric bicycle with no / medium / full power on one distance and walking on a weight vest (hard) / without a weight vest on the same distance and study how calorie calculations differ. Nothing wrong with using heart rate heavily but it can give a more inaccurate picture of calorie consumption. But hey, it costs 300 SEK, it may not have to be so advanced for this price.

    It is a lot of bracelet for the money and I would have continued to use it unless the screen had gone out after the first swim.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Very happy!
    You get a lot for the money. Run it with iPhone 12 pro and works great together.
    Previously owned an Apple Watch for just training and controlling the music. This little racker delivers the features I want but far cheaper than the Apple Watch. Have owned it for almost 3 weeks and only loaded it once.

    The only minus with the tape is how it should be charged. Fortunately, it is very rare to charge.

    Highly recommended considering what competitors are offering.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Simply the!
    Got home my Mi Band 4 on the 14th of February and fully loaded it when I unpacked it for the evening. Have since had it on the arm all the time and had all the settings / sensors running. Now at 22 o'clock on March 4th, the battery is at 10% and now warns me to charge it. Full 15 days! Awesome. Is not available for up to 20 days on the specs, but it is probably with the majority of functions that automatic screen when lifting the arm, off. Besides, I have been pillaging with a lot of it in the meantime, so probably could have squeezed out a few more days ..
    Will be able to do it for another day, but now I probably put it on charge. You load it once and then forget about it (type). No need to recharge it every other day, but will last just over 2 weeks.
    I shower, exercise, work and sleep with it.
    Have it linked in the Mi App that I chose to sync with Google Fitness. Works well!
    Sleep data, steps and "continuous" heart rate are synchronized without problems.

    The only thing that lowers the grade is;
    The interface in the band itself does not currently appear to be in Swedish. (Is in English)
    Swedish letters (åäö) do not work in messages so they appear with different symbols instead.
    To load the tape you need to remove it from the rubber band itself, so no easy docking. (No major worries, as you do not need to charge as often)

    But otherwise a solid purchase for SEK 299 (my colleague bought one the same day as me and am also satisfied)
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Great price for a very good product. After 28 days of use, it's time to recharge! The only downside is that it gets "play" in the shower as the touch responds to the water drops ...
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Superb and affordable. Contains the features I expect and some more. Really good battery life!
  • Excellent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Works great and costs nothing: D

    I am now in day 16 with 50% battery left, however I do not use it for so much more than step count, sleep and clock.
    I've also managed to get Swedish characters ÅÄÖ and emojis in the notifications waiting for it to come officially, but it requires either a modified Mi Fit or the Notify & Fitness app and updating the clock with a Custom Font file. See links below.

    Moddad Mi Fit

    Custom Font
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Great battery life! It keeps what it promises! Highly recommend this activity watch!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Clearly the best activity bracelet for the money. Have used for over 1 month now so here is a little plus and minus. If you want to test if you would like to have an activity bracelet, get this one. If you want to invest in the direct, buy a Fitbit.

    + Price
    + Small and smooth
    + Battery life between 7-14 days depending on settings
    + Track sleep, footsteps
    + Can pause music
    + Can be customized to look

    - Not great at tracking footsteps, many happen when you just shake your hand.
    - Poor translations, type Google translate firmly worse.
    - Battery life quickly gets worse. For the first time it lasted over 14 days, then only 10. The girl lost over half her charge in 5 days. But a lot depends on how you set it.
    - Tracking your sleep is very unreliable, it has poor control of whether you are awake during the night.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Got this in Christmas present.
    I use it to track my sleep, steps and to use as a clock and for mobile notifications and morning alarms.
    The most affordable smart band on the market. Good battery life and super nice display. The only negative is that the software does not support river and island.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Nothing to complain about the price. Always wear it, in the shower, when I swim, sleep, etc. Fast, perfectly ok pulse precision
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    For this price the product is a bargain! Have had the previous models and can really recommend the 4th. Awesome battery life!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Nice little watch that is affordable.
    Bought for the wife and she is satisfied.
    Good battery life
    Good features
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Have had this since Oct 1, 2019 and it has been working flawlessly since day one. Has everything you need and the battery life is really right, charges type every 3 weeks.
    Think sleep reading works well, not tested the swimming function on the other. When I work out, it logs the calories pretty well.

    Just buy for this price.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Bought for SEK 249 on the inet.

    Very affordable and feature-rich watch in relation to the price.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Extremely good for the price
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Can only recommend!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Perfectly watchable product.
    Given what it costs, it far exceeds my expectations!
    After 23 days, I still have 47% battery left.

    Is it currently mostly used to keep track of my sleep rhythm and to measure heart rate and steps during the days.

    Then it is wonderful to be able to see directly who is calling and have the opportunity to refrain / press the busy without panicking the phone with the risk of dropping it ...

    Not tested so much else but for what I need I'm sick satisfied!

    The step counter works completely clockwise, has double-checked it against other counters, etc.
    It does not always update the steps completely in real time but seems to sync with the mobile.

    Has a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Overall a good bracelet!

    The negative sides:
    I think sleep measurement is a little too easy. It measures how long you sleep and light and deep sleep in a simple graph. This can certainly be measured 10 times more detailed with a simple mobile app if it is very important. The Mi home app has many advanced good features, but is a bit heavy to navigate, the app is also not completely stable and occasionally crashes.
    The band cannot multitask either, ie when I start measuring a training program, other useful functions such as music control or manual heart rate measurement will not work until the training has ended.

    Saw the positive:
    Great value, bright and colorful oled display, waterproof, clear menu where you can edit menu items in Mi app. The tape works well in a slightly spartan way, but if you just need the most important features and like to keep it simple then this one is in the blink of an eye. It only has 6 training settings, other meters may have up to 60, but it still works fine for me. Unless you set it to constantly monitor your heart rate, it will last a long time on a charge. Have had it on for over 2 weeks and the battery still has 52 percent after everyday use and 9 hours of exercise. Makes it mostly easy and good in my opinion, also syncs to google fit.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Very good product especially for the price. High resolution screen which you can insert your own pictures very easily. Huge battery life up to 25 days for me. If you buy premium service for the app, you can control bt speakers. Volume and change tracks and see what's playing! (Mi band Notify) My watch shows the correct number of steps. Very happy with this one.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago

    The band does NOT work to measure the number of steps or to measure sleep quality, at least not if you want accurate numbers. It shows a number of steps, but when you watch live how it counts as you walk, it is obvious that it works extremely poorly. Typically measuring 2-3 steps per step for me, while the other stretches completely missed counting the steps.

    The band has received a very good review because for under 400 SEK it offers a very good OLED screen, fantastic battery life, integrates music control, see sms / mail / messenger / whatsapp messages. But it does NOT work as an activity bracelet. Obviously in the other reviews is that no one seems to have tested if the band is working properly! If you want to get steps counted, you might as well hit a dice. Or rely on the mobile (for example, iPhones) step count that is many times more accurate.

    - Step count sometimes exaggerates by factor 2-3 certain distances, sometimes underestimates by the same factor.
    - Sleep quality measurement does not work, just as the others point out.
    - Your phone does the job better as an activity meter

    - Good screen
    - Good battery life
    - Good for notifications from sms, mail etc
    - Super cheap, but the quality as an activity bracelet then
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Integrity Infringement .. In order to use Mi bands, you must allow Xiaomi to store all the data the app gets access to. To me, it doesn't feel safe at all to map me, my everyday life and other private information. No thanks, I don't want to be on any servers away in China / Singapore.

    If you ignore the above, it is almost a belligerent product and gets 7 out of 10 stars.

    Deduct a star due to non-built-in GPS, increasingly want to be without a phone and be able to use the activity bracelet as a navigator in terrain.

    Which brings me to the next deduction, the lack of small maps. Open street maps would have been nice to be able to get up.

    Last deduction because they did not use the entire front and filled the display all the way to the edges.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Extremely affordable band!

    For SEK 499 which I gave for the band there is probably no other alternative. You have to double up to find similar features in other brands.
    I bought the band instead of a wrist watch because I then felt that I got the activity features "on the purchase" even though I do not use them to a greater extent.

    The battery life of this tape is ridiculously good. I fully charged the band (about 2 hours charging) and turned on ALL the functions that were available including the brightness of the MAX (then it is bright!). Heart rate measurement once a minute, sleep tracking etc ... 11 days later it started to come down under 10% battery left but then I peeled quite a lot with it too as it was new.
    Now I have turned off all wool wool and basically use it only as a "clock with built-in pedometer" (still with the brightness at max) and at the time of writing I am in my 9th day with 75% left!

    It may be a little gentle on the steps, but most bands seem to be. The sleep tracking is the only thing that is total crap. Although I know that I have slept poorly on some nights and know that I have been awake at times and turned on me, it always shows "EXCELLENT" sleep.

    A plus that very few (none?) Of the other cheap bands seem to have is that you can control the basic settings in Spotify (play / pause and change song) from the band so you do not have to dig the phone every time.

    + Price / performance
    + Color screen (OLED) that can be changed
    + Brightness of the screen
    + Battery life
    + Spotify control

    +/- Maybe not SUPERexact step count

    - Sleep tracking is a joke
    -That you have to remove the watch itself from the tape when it is charged (you can live with it as it is only one or two times a month)

    Buy! (if you're not looking for a sleep tracker)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Sickly impressive that you can get so many functions for so few crowns. Extremely affordable product. Battery life is superior to competitors and I went from an Apple watch to this one, a different step but this one fits me better.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    There is no reason at all to buy something more expensive, or cheaper. This tape has what you need, the screen is canon. Sleep measurement very good. The battery is superb. Nothing to doubt.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Nice screen, good battery life and smooth touch.
    The negative is the lack of Swedish characters (åäö) and emojis. Can only hope it comes in a future update but it seems to be slow on that front.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Went from a Samsung fit e to this one.
    When I thought the battery life at Samsungen was too bad for my taste.
    Do not regret for a second that I changed much finer display on this and what about you can please in battery time when the battery is down to 80% after 6 days of use .... Did not think it would be so good.
    I like this band more than one watch as I think it gets too clumsy this is at least as good.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    There is no better smart watch for this price. Good bright screen. Good battery life (20+ days). Notes from most apps!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Affordable and above expected. Looks to measure fairly accurately. Nothing to think about just buying.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Really good for the price and works clockwise!

    The battery lasts about 25 days for me and then I use it quite a lot. Charges fully in about an hour!
    Sits well on the wrist. Personally, I think it is nice as it is a bit elongated on the screen and does not stand out like a traditional watch.
    Good for showering and bathing. Available training programs for swimming.
    The heart rate measurement works flawlessly with a small margin of error when compared to manual heart rate measurement.
    Can't think of anything to complain about. What training programs are available and if they suit you yourself is something you look up before buying the product and nothing you complain about afterwards. Especially not when it costs under SEK 500. Do not agree that the back protrudes and pinches if you do not strain it all you can, but then I would probably be worried about the blood flow. It fits well even if you tighten it a little loosely as the strap is made of rubber.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Used for a week and is completely satisfied. Peeled off, with very long battery life as a result. And an incredibly good price! I don't like watches, but I can even sleep in this. Bathed and showered with it without any problems.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    After using the band for almost a week, I know it's not for me! The back stands out and "pinches". Then there are only 6 training programs, for example Samsung Fit has more programs that you can use, and I who mostly run exercise bike had no use of Mi band 4.

    But for the price and what it works for is still a good product! Gave it to a person who now uses it regularly and is really happy.