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Honor Band 5

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  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Nice screen and easy to use.

    You must register a Huawei account to use it, however.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Pros: confortablr, easy user interface, good battery life, accurate pulse measurement. Cons: spo2 not so accurate, sleep tracking also not so accurate
  • Decent
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    This is my first activity bracelet and I have had it for a month. Bought it a little for a fun thing and for me to get started and run a little and see some statistics. Even the sleep measurement I was a little curious about.

    + small and pretty
    + no buttons, touch that works well
    + good screen, visible ok even in daylight. However, it could be a little darker at night (even with the setting indicating that it should be darker at night)
    + waterproof
    + The sleep measurement works surprisingly well (as in minutes) when I fall asleep and get up in the morning. Even extra sleep during the day (toddler) captures it as "nap".
    + Can choose to ignore phone calls directly on the tape
    + shows phone number / name of caller

    - pretty slow. Takes time to move between "windows" which sometimes causes you to swip twice with the result of not getting where you want (specifically when to read and delete messages)
    - Limited setting options (eg how long the screen should be on, brightness at night, cannot be separated "turn on screen by turning arm" and "light up screen by raising arm", vibration strength, etc.)
    - does not work well enough to light the screen when turning it or raising the arm. With these settings light it up a bit when
    - Small plastic adapter as charger. Feels like it can break or you lose it. Would be much nicer with USB in, but then it may be difficult to waterproof
    - complicated to install (must have version of Huawei mobile services not available on Google play)
    - has not been able to turn off the step count on the phone, which means that the Huawei health app seems to include both measurements. It also seems to be a problem many people have with all activity bracelets
    - no built-in GPS
    - You can put it in "Do not disturb" based on the time, but it can not sync with the phone variant
    - You can set alarms from the app, but without a Huawei phone, it cannot notify at the phone's alarm and also not sync these
    - It can only be used as a trigger for the camera if you have a Huawei phone
    - Measurement of oxygenation in the blood is very sensitive to how well the band is located. It usually says "try again" when measuring manually
    - Does not sync read notes with the phone so you have to manually clean the tape.
    - Several notes from the same app (eg WhatsApp) are shown as separate notes, so if you get many it is quite difficult to read them on the tape.

    Battery of about 1 week for me (smart measurement of heart rate, sleep, manual ignition of the screen)

    Here a few months later, heart rate measurement, oxygen saturation, etc. is not that interesting. Uses it now to know how much I sleep and to quickly see notes / phone calls. Have honestly not run anything yet so I can comment on those features ...
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I have had the clock for a week and it is very good. It measures my workout (there are many choices), steps and sleep. It calculates calories by step, which is very useful. It measures both heart rate and oxygen (SpO2). It displays SMS and other notifications. It is light, stylish and the battery lasts a full week of exercise (every other day) and detailed measurement of sleep and heart rate (selected in the settings).

    What pulls the rating down is the app Huawei Health, which certainly shows exercise and sleep very well, but only drops to Apple Health (Healthkit) and does not collect data as weight (Apple banned by the developers).

    Despite these limitations with the app, it is clearly a very affordable alternative to the more famous competitors' more expensive trackers.