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Jabra Elite 75t

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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Sleek design - unobtrusive and smart
    Comfy fit - doesn't hurt after prolonged wear, both for work and fitness
    Sound quality really good - nice range for different music and taking calls
    Microphone very sensitive - picked up voice well
    Battery life great too - plenty of use before needing to be recharged
    Very happy with this purchase!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The Elite 75T are stored in the black plastic case which doubles up as a charging case that is perfect for when you are out and about. The carry case was compact to fit in my handbag, pockets or jackets and the magnetic sections for each earbud slot were secure enough to not lose the earbuds especially whenever they required a charging boost. The initial setup was very self- explanatory and simple, firstly downloaded the ‘Sound+’ app, once installed it provided a quick and easy mini tutorial to pair the earbuds with the device, by selecting the headset, then take out the earbuds from the case to enable the Bluetooth pairing mode, turn on the Bluetooth and then ensure the headset was paired with your device. There were so many useful features which in the past I have found lacking from other similar products. • HearThrough- I found I was always utilising this feature when out in public, especially when I found myself in a busy, loud and bustling supermarket. Just by pressing the left earbud, it enabled the noise cancelling feature to be switched on or off. I literally could not hear any conversations or surroundings, once it was activated. • Mute microphone – If I was on a call, just by pressing the left button I was able to quickly mute myself which came in handy especially if I was paying or asking a question to a store assistant. • Restart Track – Triple pressing the left button would restart a song that I liked and if you triple pressed it again, it would go all the way back to the previous track. • Volume up/down – Press & holding the right button would turn the volume up on tracks or calls and doing the same on the left button would turn the volume down. The microphone quality was very clear when speaking to others, it did not produce any fuzziness, I enjoyed not having my use wired headphones and the luxury of being hands free. Also, the bass that came through when listening to music was fantastic, very powerful and strong which is what I look for in any headset devices. The earbuds once fully charged with continued use, would last on average around 4 hours which is not too bad to be honest considering you can fast charge in 15 minutes to get an hours’ worth of battery if you are on the go. One feature I wish it had was interchangeable button covers on the earbuds, so you could personalise your headset. If you’re looking for a premium wireless headset without the large price tag, then purchasing these would give you satisfaction.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    really pleased I purchased these Jabra elite 75t wireless earbuds , no problems connecting to Bluetooth on my Ipod and no connection problems with my phone either , sound quality is very impressive, there is an app which you can set them up to how you like ..
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Jabra Elite 75t in my opinion are absolutely great true wireless earbuds. My first impression was very positive. Slick design, compact size, latest specs – that what I expected from £170 Earbuds. No compromise with quality build, no cutting corners with sound quality. Initial sound signature was a little bit boomy, but Jabra Sound + app is very handy in that matter, and after adjusting the EQ you can easily achieve sound profile you like. Easy pairing with multiple devices, excellent range, good battery life and IP55 dust and water-resistant rating makes Elite 75t wonderful companion. For daily listening they are great. For sport/gym use even better in my opinion. They are very stable in ear canals, without any concerns of loosing them whatsoever. Running, jumping, exercising – no problem at all. Could I ask for anything more?? Hmmm Higher IP rating?? LDAC or APTx HD codec support? Wider soundstage and more detailed sound profile?? Better battery life? Maybe, but even without all this Jabra Elite 75t are absolutely great earbuds, and I can recommend them honestly to everyone. Well done Jabra.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I was given this product to review as part of the Jabra Reviewer program.

    I usually only use the standard earbuds that come with products so I jumped at the chance to try the Jabra Elite 75t bluetooth earphones. Now I see what I've been missing out on!

    Firstly, not having wires is a huge improvement! No more getting caught on things and pulling the buds out of my ears or getting up and dragging my laptop along with me!

    The earphones were very easy to set up and start using, they worked straight away after pairing with my phone. I had issues getting the Sound+ app working. I got in touch with Jabra support who were very easy to contact (refreshing these days) and responded. It turned out my smartwatch and the earphones seem to clash somehow and my phone doesn't recognise the earbuds in the Sound+ app while my watch is connected. This is a bit of an issue for me although the earphones are perfectly adequate without the app.

    Sound quality is exceptional, detailed, crisp sound with strong deep bass. Also being proper in-ear buds that fit right in the ear means the volume can be lower as outside noise is blocked out. This helps ensure you don't damage your ears as well as improving the listening experience. I have struggled to get a comfortable fit with this type of earphones in the past but I've used the Elite 75t's for extended periods without any issue.

    The HearThrough feature is really ingenious. Simply push the left earbud button and microphones play outside noise through the earbuds so you can hear what's going on around you without taking them out.

    Battery life has been plenty for my needs. I have listened to music while doing something and put them on charge in the case when I've finished. I'm not sure if they'd last long enough for someone who wanted to use them all day for calls while driving or such like.

    Overall I'm very impressed and a definite convert to wireless earphones! Highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    These earbuds are amazing. My husband bought the Jabra Elite Active 65t 6 months ago and he was supper happy with them, I didn’t really try them and wasn’t very impressed about them but I decided to get the Jabra Elite 75t because of his advice. I cannot express how happy I am with them! I used to wear another brand wireless headphones in my commute to work and after getting these ones, I’m not using the headphones anymore. The Jabra Elite 75t are very light, easy to use, battery last very long and the sound is much better than the Jabra Elite Active 65t ;) so my husband is a bit jealous right now. They are quite easy to link to your phone or other device and I really advice you to install the Jabra Sound app in your phone, it is really good! You have all the settings to choose sound mode, you have different settings depending on your preferences for the office, commute, sporting… very impressed with it. As I said, I cannot see myself using the old wireless headphones anymore, these are so much comfortable, smaller, so they don’t get all the space in your handbag!, they are the best, really really worth the price. I didn’t know about this brand before my husband bought theirs, but I can tell you we are so in love with our earbuds now, 100% recommended. I have uploaded a few photos comparing both earbuds and as you can see the 75t wins ;)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    First off, Unboxing and packaging for these is high quality and provides a satisfying unboxing considering the price of these it shows in the packaging.
    The charger case and headphones feel well built out of premium materials and the app is well built and gave me no issues with setup and it was very straight forward. I use a Bluetooth insulin pump and glucose monitor and was worried this would interfere with the pairing or operation but im happy to report zero issues and no Bluetooth problems so a sign of a well made app.

    These are amazingly powerful headphones for the size of them. As someone used to wearing overear full size headphones for bass I was blown away by the bass and sound quality of these. The audio is powerfull rich and deep and bass is punchy and clean. The sound isolation is very good and the earphones provides a comfortable fit straight out the box but came with many tips and fitments to be used for different ear sizes. The app and sound features within it are easy to use and customise such as the equaliser and if you want it to mute when you remove on ear phone.
    Overall im very happy with these and i now use these all the time when out and about or doing cleaning in the house
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I'm the type who uses over the ear studio wired headphones. But over the period using the Jabra Elite 75t, I was pleased with sound quality and passive isolation of the headphones. They easily hold up to 2 weeks of regular use charge and the case tops up every time they're popped in. The case is small enough for the coin pocket of my jeans which is handy. USB-C charging is a gift and one less cable to carry. I didn't have any connection issues with my phone, however, my Chromebook kept losing connection which I think is down to the laptop not the headphones. The app has good customizing options but not to the extent to make it essential. Not having it wouldn't make much difference in the usability and features of the headphones. The most useful section of the app for me was the user manual which isn't included in the box and makes using the complicated button combo configurations a bit difficult. Once the buttons are mastered they are actually pretty feature full. When actually using the app, control of the pass-through feature becomes available which I've loved using the headphones around the office, on the tube, and at home when I also need to hear what's happening around. The option of using just one of the earpieces is also very cool for calls and quick audio. My ear fit is pretty standard so I never need to change the default tips but the headphones do come with 3 sets in case. The headphones have already gotten 2 updates since I got them but can't really tell what was updated because that info wasn't provided.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I received this product as part of review program in return for an unbiased review.
    My first impression when I received this product was pretty good.I opened the box, inside it was 2 alien light ear buds with solid green light on makes a very beautiful look of packing and ear buds. I have charged them fully so that I can test the time without needed to charge the case again.
    Next, I download the Jabra Sound+ app which was pretty straight forward.
    Make sure your ear buds are close to your smartphone, and you'll see their light change to a rapid, blinking blue.
    In the app, you'll be able to track your ear buds if they're lost, through Find My Jabra, set sound quality for different environments, like a traveling, noisy environment, and most crucially adjust the different sound levels including bass and treble to
    create a sound more to your liking.
    When it comes to wireless ear buds, the fit is everything. The Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds felt really good in my ear and they stayed in very well. If I dropped something and bent to pick it up, they felt fine and stayed in place. I went to gym and used there without any issue. It comes with 3
    different-sized silicone ends that you can try to better fit your ear. And that definitely helped with
    the Jabra set. I found they were so comfortable I would forget that I was wearing them. I liked the smaller size, and that they almost disappeared in my ear when I wore them. That's because they seem to go more into the ear when you wear them, and unless you're looking right at the ears,
    you almost don't notice them. They also live in a carrying case; It's great the case can recharge them.
    On fully charge it last around 3 hours plus and with charging case it was around 22 hours which is pretty impressive.
    In terms of noise cancelling, the Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds were great. I even found them better at noise cancelling than most headphones I've tried. But when it came to music playback, the sound is not loud enough, they just sounded tinny. I played with the settings on the app, trying to find any settings where the sound came back more full and I couldn't find anything.
    The Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds just didn't produce great quality. I could hear the music, but it sounded more like the kind you get from inexpensive ear buds. And that was a disappointment.
    In terms of calls, the sound quality was not excellent .One of the draw back was either I can use right side ear bud or both I cannot use only left side ear bud that is something I was really disappointed.
    Overall rating I would say its average product not a very outstanding and value for money.

     Nice and slim
     Long charged time
     Easy to fit

     Sound is not high quality
     Price is high
     Cannot use only left hand ear bud
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Honestly these are the best headphones I've ever used! They fit perfectly in my ears and the sound is impressively clear. The noise cancellation aspect is brilliant for my commute and when I'm out and about. The battery seems to last forever, especially with the help of the charging case - I use these every day and barely have to charge them at all. The only real issue I have with these headphones is that they don't connect to my laptop, which is frustrating when it comes to having conference calls through my laptop for work. However, this is what really highlighted the difference in battery life - I had to use my old bluetooth headphones for these conference calls a couple of times a day and would have to charge them every other day. I use my Jabra headphones for much longer each day and barely have to charge them at all in comparison!
    I love the fact that they are so discrete and small. They barely take up any space in my handbag and you can do so much with such a small device - change the volume, change the song, use my voice assistant, answer calls and use the hear-through technology all at the touch of a button.
    These headphones are great to use in any aspect of life, whether it be for phone calls, mooching around listening to music, for commuting, for the gym - I think they're fantastic and would highly recommend.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Jabra have a great reputation when it comes to voice and audio for calls and I wasn't disappointed with these. These are solidly built with a case to match. The call quality is impeccable and people hearing me had no issues with clarity, no feedback and was able to filter background noise for my voice really well. I particularly liked the hear-through technology that allowed me to hear what was going on around me, it was easy to activate this at a press of a button on the left ear.
    I found that even on maximum volume using some video conference calling software the sound I was hearing was quieter than from other ear buds and headphones I've used in the past. However, the main downside for me was the fit. I couldn’t wear these for more than a couple hours before needing to take them out. These didn't come with the medium/middle sized ear buds so I was only left with the small ear buds to pick from. The lack of a middle/medium sized ear bud may have been a factor but I found that the fit of the small felt pretty snug anyway.
    As for sound quality, I loved the equaliser built into the app which allowed me to really customise the sound so that I enjoyed my music the way I wanted to listen to it and not how manufacturers want me to listen to it.
    I used these for working at home (making calls and using video conferencing software) and working out (where these held up well and didn’t fall out) and I would definitely recommend these earphones, they just weren’t a great fit for me.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    There headphones weren't for me. There are few things that I like - such as soundBlocking using the different sounds as waves, white noise etc. I believe I would be using this a lot during studying or when I want to be on my own in a busy place. I quite liked the hear through option. As well the sound quality is good and nice treble/base option.There were few things that I haven't been impressed with. The design of headphones is okay, but I think I have a small ears, so it doesn't sit in my ear comfortably. I have noticed that I can hear my steps echoing in my ear when I'm walking and listening to music, that is quite disturbing and distracting. As well while talking to people using the hands free option they were complaining that it sounds like I am speaking out of a barrel. So in overall I was disappointed with this product. I could use it only if I have to. 3/5
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    JABRA 75T
    I have tested these headphones as part of the insiders campaign. My initial impression of these were very positive. They look neat when you open them up, I like the case and the fact that you can keep them charged in there.

    I bought these from Amazon, they came fully charged and I wasn't sure initially whether to use them before the official start of the campaign so they were left in the charging case. They held their charge really well and are still going strong, haven't charged them yet and using daily for up to 2 hours.

    They fit nicely, I've always struggled with 'in ear' headphones as I've got small inner ears and they end up getting incredibly sore, sometimes after only a few minutes of use. I've not experienced any discomfort with these so far.

    My husband has used these as well when he's been out for runs and he found the fit and sound to be very good.

    I found the app to be very intuitive and easy to set up and overall have really enjoyed testing these and will be very tempted to keep them at the end!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I was excited to receive the Jabra Elite 75t for review. The box was kinda cool, a bit lairy in colour but packaged well none the less! Out of the box experience was for me good. The little box the buds come in for charging is neat and tidy, doesn't take up much room in bags at all. Is small enough to stick in a pocket while on the go. The sound quality and particularly the bass on these, is fantastic. I really love to have lots of bass in my music (love a dirty bass line) and these do not disappoint at all. Through the range of settings selectable and changeable through the app I found the sound to crystal clear and outstanding. The fir well to my ears, I used the hear through function at work so I could listen to music and still hear my colleagues around me. I did find that people thought it was weird when my hair was up that they could see the buds and they hesitated to speak to me though, no such issue when hair was down though! My husband also used them a number of times on his run, he was generally happy with them and the functionality. Being able to change the music on his run hands free and answer telephone calls if necessary. Fitted well without worry of them falling out. Battery life is great. Charging time is fast and convenient. Overall a very good product for what we used them for.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I had fair amount of in ear headphone from well know and respected brands as I was trying to find that perfect balance for when I go for a run or just listening to podcast on a walk or work. And so far I wasn't happy with any and would revert back to running with no music at all and using over head headphones on other occasions. Right until I have been sent Jabra Elite 75T and boy was I surprised! ⠀ The build quality is great and the case they charge in is really nice and small compared to other ones I have used. I am generally not a big fan of in-ear headphones (as you might noticed already) simply because I do not like the feeling that comes along with them sitting back in your ears as well as the fact that they block out the sound from around you. With these headphones, I found out that they even offer a feature called Hear Through, which pulls in background audio so you can hear your surroundings if you would like to. I was impressed to see this feature which can be turned on and off on these headphones. ⠀ When it comes to sound, these have great sound. The bass is really noticeable and overall I was happy with the quality. One really nice feature with these is the ability to customise the bass and other audio settings in the Jabra app that works with these.⠀ These headphones were very reliable throughout my testing and connectivity with my Google Pixel and Ipad worked very smoothly. Two devices connected at the same time was no problem at all for these bad boys! Probably my favourite feature as I switch between different devices fairly often. When taking them out of my ear, music would automatically stop which was also nice. Additionally, the setup and firmware upgrade process went very smoothly.⠀ Overall, these headphones work really well and exceeded my expectations. Connectivity was smooth and they seemed to be a very well-refined product. Additionally, they had some great features like the Hear Through capability, which I was not expecting, multiple device connection, usb-c, best quality sound and microphone for answering calls, great sound.... ⠀ Jabra Elite 75T gets highly recommended from me for sure :)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    These are great truly wireless headphones. They fit securely, not once have I worried they would come out, even during a hot sweaty run. The sound quality is great for music and videos both on my S9 and galaxy smartwatch, the app was useful to turn down the bass slightly, which can be overwhelming and to me the settings followed over when going from my phone to my smartwatch, which is a nice touch. Voice calls are clear in a quiet setting, however, in a busy town centre the person on the other end struggled to hear me over the noise of a bustling high street. The case is spot on, strong magnets hold the headphones in place in the case and the lid is held securely closed, the carrying case also clearly displays how much charge is left via the LED which is neat. The controls, at first are a little confusing, but almost a month in they are all second nature, you will get used to them, occasionally I pressed a button when fitting them, either starting playback or turning hear through on depending on which side was pressed. Hear through is a great feature, allowing me to safety hear vehicles approaching from behind me on my runs on a narrow country lane, which was the biggest draw for me to buy these and I'm glad to say that this has not disappointed. Overall I would highly recommend these headphones.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I have been using these for just over a month and have found them to be a godsend, even though I haven’t actually been able to use them for the purpose originally intended which was using them in the gym (thanks CoronaVirus!)
    Setup was simple enough and even running the firmware update was a doddle (its done in the charging case). Only real issue I encountered was trying to disconnect from my work phone (iOS) and back to my personal phone (Android) which was a bit of a faff but certainly not a deal breaker and an issue that wasn’t replicated when connected to either phone and my Windows laptop as it would connect to both laptop and a phone at the same time. This was the true life saver for me as having to work from home with a 4 year old under my feet was tough enough but luckily thank to these little beauties I was able to feed/entertain/teach her all while on calls for work which I could mute and unmute at the touch of a button. They also have a hear-through function which is brilliant as, even those these aren’t noise cancelling, they do block out a lot of background noise naturally due to them being in-ear so to keep an ear out for little one while simultaneously listening to what the boss was saying was just fantastic!
    Comfort wise they were good after I had eventually gotten used to them. Took me a while I will be honest; the first few times I wore them my ears did ache a bit as I am not used to the in-ear type but once I had adjusted to them, they were great and barely noticeable as being there.
    Sound quality was surprisingly good for such a small device, not quite on a par with my over-ear Marshalls but not far off and barely a fraction of the size too!
    Overall a great set of earphones and can highly recommend them!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    First impressions of the Jabra Elite 65t are very positive. From the build quality of the buds and the case right down to the presentation of the packaging. The accompanying Android app is also very polished, it’s intuitive and is very useful when setting up the buds. It will even locate the buds nearby if you lose them, emitting a loud tone and showing them on a map. The whole setup process was extremely easy and with in a minute or so the earbuds were connected and receiving the audio from my phone. They fit very comfortably in the ear and are very secure. The wireless connection is very stable and has a decent range.

    The case is very well designed, it has a USB Type-C port for charging, giving up to 3 full charges to the buds which happens automatically when you pop them in the case. The buds are held in place magnetically, so they won’t fall out easily. However, the rims are quite slippery so they are not the easiest to retrieve from the case. The lid also has a magnet which is equally secure. There is an LED to give information on battery/charging/firmware update status. I can’t verify how accurate the 7hr battery life claim is yet.

    What will take some getting used to however are the controls on the earbuds. Pressing the buttons on each side do a multitude of functions, from volume control, track skipping, pausing, muting, various call handling options, hear-through and voice assistant. These are operated by the length of the press and the amount of presses, with each earbud taking on different functions. It’s a little frustrating as you will need time to remember these combinations. Fortunately, there is an easy guide on the aforementioned app.

    Google or Alexa assistant is available and worked flawlessly (dependant on the phone you’re using)

    So how is the audio quality? This of course is down to many subjective and influencing factors. The source of the audio, your hearing, your environment, the type of music you play, your preferences. But I tested them out in many ways on my smartphone, from different genres of music, podcasts and video, along with various environments. With quiet music and surroundings, you may be distracted by hearing your heart beat or breathing. But generally, the music is clear, fairly rich and without distortion. The bass is a bit muddy however and needs to be lowered in the app. Call quality could also be improved, it was reported as being a bit patchy by my friend on the other end of the call. Overall though I was very impressed with the sound quality considering the price range. I was also happy to experience no sync issues with video.

    Finally, because my hearing is not as good as it used to be, I connected these to my smart TV to have better clarity when watching movies. They connected first time and again I had no sync issues. It really enhanced the speech and overall sound. My only issue was that due to dual connection with my phone, any notification would cut the audio from the TV and I would need to manually reconnect.

    To sum up, these are a very impressive set of wireless earphones, feature rich, great audio and build quality along with a very well made app. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Upon unboxing I was impressed by how compact the case and the earphones are. Having investigated buying the 65t’s last year, it was their bulkiness that put me off.
    Using them for the first few days, the battery life is so much better than you’d expect, giving the size constraints of each earphone. A couple of nice features are the ability to pair with 2 devices at the same time, and the HearThrough function, which lets you hear outside noise without having to remove the earbud.
    Fit in the ear is good, I’m using the ‘pre-installed’ tips, and had no need to change them.
    The companion app installed on the iPhone works very well, and this manages the equaliser, find my Jabra feature (useful if you misplace the charging case, at home at least) and firmware updates. It also has a useful quick start guide built in to get you used to the various taps and long presses.

    • Excellent audio quality
    • Excellent battery life
    • Good fit
    • Great performance for calls over Bluetooth (tested on mobile calls and Microsoft Teams audio and video calls)
    • Great build quality
    • Charging case is a good size, and charges over USB-C
    • Easy to setup
    • Pairs with 2 devices at the same time
    • Basic waterproofing to IP-55 standard and a 2 year warranty included
    • HearThrough feature is impressive
    • I miss the pairing ability that Apple/Beats products have when using iOS, but this isn’t a deal breaker by any means
    • Occasional audio drop out, but something I’ve experienced on most Bluetooth headphones I’ve used
    • The right earbud is the master, this always needs to be used to get them to work. So if you regularly just use one earbud, bear in mind that the right one will need charging more, and you won’t be able to balance this out.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    True wireless earbuds are the next big thing in portable audio technology. The nascent new tech is now a few years into it’s life and already there’s been great improvements upon the first emerging products. Bluetooth tech now at v5.0 means solid audio connections and better designs and battery tech is producing earbuds with much longer lives.

    Having owned a set of Samsung Galaxy Buds and RHA TrueConnect true wireless earbuds, I had some gripes with both earbuds that I was intrigued to see whether the Elite 75t’s would sort. The Galaxy Buds, whilst very comfortable and locked in my ear solidly, had fiddly touch pads as opposed to physical buttons which I found didn’t do what I wanted all the time, and sound quality wasn’t the greatest. The RHAs solved this with much more impressive sound and tactile physical buttons, however didn’t fit as nicely in my ears, and had a bit less battery life than I’d have liked (I sometimes ran them down over a morning of listening).

    On first impression, I was worried that the Elite 75ts weren’t going to stay in my ears like the Galaxy Buds, as they lacked the locking “fin” that the Galaxy Buds have. However they do still have a “twist” method of insertion in the ears, staying in place (as far as I gather) with just very good moulding of the body of the headphone into the concha. They stayed in much better than the RHAs anyway, which rely on the simple friction of the ear tip itself in your ear canal. I did find them to sometimes require a little “relocking” during gym sessions where the Galaxy Buds wouldn’t have moved an inch.

    The Jabras also sound superb. I was amazed that the tiny device could produce the soundscape that they do. They are a little bass heavy, but this can be adjusted in the Jabra Sound+ app, which allows you a decent equaliser to tinker to your preference of bass, mids and trebles. The app also allows you to listen to various soundscapes such as the sound of ocean waves, rain on a window or background crowd noise. This is a really cool little feature that I found myself putting on when commuting or wishing to block out distractions at work, but when I didn’t necessarily want music on.

    Another great feature of the Jabras not found on my previous earbuds, was the ability to pass through ambient sound into the earbuds over the top of whatever you are listening to, allowing you to hear more of your surroundings. I found myself doing this when crossing roads, or in the office when I should also listen for people calling my name, and can easily be activated with a touch of the left earbud - super convenient feature. The earbuds do not do active noise cancellation like the Sony WF1000XM3s, but the isolation from external noise has been great - tested on a noisy bus commute every day and even just with a podcast, I am not put off by the background noise.

    Battery life on the Jabras is also the best I’ve come across on any wireless buds so far - I think I’ve only charged the case once with a week of fairly heavy use. Jabra claims 7.5 hours with the buds themselves and another 28 hours in the case, and I believe that. I do wish that the case was wireless like the Galaxy Buds, but it’s a small inconvenience when requiring to charge so infrequently anyway. The case itself is very compact, easily popped into any pocket you own, even the little coin pocket on your jeans.

    Overall, the Jabra Elite 75t true wireless earbuds are excellent in their price point, and a very decent alternative to the others in the market, particularly Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds+. The pass-through audio, fantastic battery life and excellent sound quality are particular standouts, and continue Jabra’s reputation as a solid headphone choice.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    After a few weeks of using i can share my thoughts. First, box is a charger for a headphones. They are pleasant to use. Very light and my ears aren't sore after longer time of using. Stay in ear all the time. Been using them in a gym and everyday commuting. Great design as well. Good quality materials been used to produce it. There is a few bad points as well. Bit to complicated controls. Microphone is very sensitive, some of my friends complained about outside noise being heard too loud. Apart from that great piece of equipment. Will recommend to everyone.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I wanted to give these beauties a good week before I put pen to paper sort of speak and write this review. I’ve heard of Jabra before but have never had the pleasure of using any of their products, so this was a first for me.

    First impressions, look and feel
    First things first taking the wraps of the Elite 75t’s it’s a premium affair from the unboxing. When I got to the earphones and case, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to how the earphones felt in in the ear, they’re comfortable and a lot more secure in ear compared other brands that I have owned. They are also compact and don’t look or feel too big
    in the ear.

    Sound quality
    On first set up with the Jabra sound plus app (I recommend you download this and have a play around, lots of features)the sounds are extremely bass heavy, after some tweaking on the EQ I got these to sound just the way I like them. The sounds are lively clear and an overall pleasant experience where you want to continue listening and finding tracks that you’ve not listened to in a while.

    Sound quality in calls is excellent with no cut outs or interruptions and no complaints from friends and family on being able to hear me.

    I have to say that I’m extremely impressed with the elite 75t’s to the point that these have now become my daily drivers for commuting to and from the office and anything in between. I do think Jabra missed a couple of tricks, the first being there’s no active noise cancellation. But the passive noise cancellation is extremely good, and you don’t
    hear anything around you when there’s music playing, or you turn on the audio pass through. The 2nd being there’s no wireless charging built into the case which would have been a nice to have. These are by no means deal breakers and imagine these features will be available on future iterations until then I wholeheartedly recommend the elite 75t’s