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Huawei Freebuds 3

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  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I have been absolutely delighted with my Freebuds 3 experience, they really are a premium product and worth the price tag in every way. After a disastrous experience with an unbranded Bluetooth earbud set, I was left a little disillusioned about how well these pieces of tech can really work and was considering just buying some over-ear wireless headphones. I am so glad I was able to try these and change my mind. 1. Sound: Crisp and clear with a punchy bass with songs sounding true and accurate. I do not have to listen at full volume (even in noisy areas) to hear adequately all the tones and pitches of the song. 2. Bluetooth connectivity: Easy to pair and set up, a handy light on the case lets you know when they are ready to pair. Has never failed or connected to the wrong device. 3. Style and comfort: Sleek and not too large, these sit comfortably and securely in my ears, even with a Tragus piercing. I do not worry about them falling out. 4. Design: Elegant and simple, the charging case feels sturdy and secure, the buds feel luxury and slip nicely into the charging pod. Sensitivity on the bud itself recognises when they are in-ear. Tapping to pause and skip sounds means no extra buttons need to be added and keep the design minimalist. 5. Battery: A very long-lasting battery, I have listened to these on fairly high volume for two hours without the need for charging in case. Similarly, I have no yet had to charge the case again since opening. The buds automatically charge when placed back in the carry case. 6. Dynamic Noise cancellation: Works well! I only find it necessary for very noisy areas as, as I mentioned before, the buds sit well in-ear and so noise delivery is top-notch anyway. I find it's not even necessary to use on the bus or when walking in public. Does reduce ambient sounds and makes sound delivery even clearer and crisp. My one complaint would be that as yet I have not figured out how to track battery life of the buds or charging case and so have been caught short by the case not having adequate battery left to charge my buds on a commute. I tried installing the Huawei app but it didn't seem to work on my iPhone 11 Pro Max!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    The Huawei FreeBuds 3 are a great competitor to Apple Airpods. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but the sound quality is a treat. The noise cancellation is a fantastic feature which works well when making Phone calls. The microphone in the FreeBuds sadly only works for phone calls, but it does make your voice a lot clearer than speaking on loudspeaker or with a standard pair of earphones.

    As an iPhone user, they are easy to set up, but the app for them doesn’t work for me at all. They are more targeted towards Hawaii smartphone uses. I had no problems connecting them through Bluetooth settings. Music and podcasts sound good on them. I am partial to a bit of rock, so if that’s your thing then I think you will be pleased. I would prefer to be able to adjust the treble and bass.

    The charging case is round, smooth and charges via wireless charging pad or with the Type-C USB cable included. They last for 4 hours when fully charged. The case has magnetic details which make it a breeze to fit them in and prevent losing them. They are a one size fits all which concerned me as my ears are relatively small. However, they fit nicely in my ears, are lightweight and do not cause any discomfort.

    It’s pretty cool that you can double-tap the left one to turn on and off noise cancellation and the right one to skip a song (whilst listening) or to play music if it’s paused. It is a shame that there is no option to turn off the music or pick up calls. Some other features include water resistance which means they are suitable for wearing in rainy weather conditions and for working out. I'm not sure that I would wear them in the shower though!

    I think they are a good set of earbuds available in either black or white. However, they need a few improvements.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Both the case and buds are made from a hard glossy plastic in either black or white, the bottom tip is stainless steel and cleverly acts as a conductor for the charging case. The case is a round and smooth puck with a metal logo and hinge, it opens and snaps shut very satisfyingly, at the bottom a USB C port and a small LED. The case also supports Qi wireless charging, a nice touch as it’s becoming more available in cars, public places and even on the back of some phones. Inside two perfect ports for the ear buds to slot in and another small Status LED. As soon as the lid is opened everything will begin connecting and by the time you have put a bud in everything is ready and if you have it set, your music will begin playing.

    In terms of fit, for me personally it takes a little bit of adjustment to find the sweet spot where I get a good seal and comfort, you can definitely tell if you've got it wrong as I feel a little fatigue that goes away with a tweak, once it's in that good spot it doesn't move and it's been comfortable for 2 hours so far, sat on the train to London I enjoyed not being tethered, the light weight, comfort and sound quality.

    Sound quality was another surprise for me, usually preferring silicone tips, I'm no stranger to good isolation and bass but to my amazement these plastic type buds actually sound very good, they're by no means audiophile quality but given what they are I'm sure that the majority of people will enjoy them. With the noise cancelling these fall in a good place for people that don't like silicone tips but want the isolation they offer. Mic quality is better than expected with good isolation from bone conduction.

    For the more techy folk these use the AAC codec at 44.1Khz and 16 bits which is better than most cheaper SBC earphones, the app allows you to configure double taps on either bud and tweak the noise cancelling, it's a bit of voodoo magic and it's best to tune with music playing, it definitely worked quite well on the train and in cafes but again don't expect it to perform better than over ears or silicone tips as they have a mechanical advantage of the seal they make.

    All in all with the convenience of their size and mobility together with better than expected comfort and sound quality these will be a permanent addition to my everyday carry bag, they're so easy to pop in and enjoy music or podcasts. These could overall be the best truly wireless hard tip earbuds for Android phones at a good value for money point.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I recently purchased these Huawei Freebuds3. They mainly get used when I'm walking and at the gym.

    The packaging & box gives the Freebuds a premium look & feel. I use a Pixel 4XL phone, and I heard that these buds work and pair easiest with Huawei phones, but I had no problem setting these up at all. I was up and running immediately. After I installed the AI Life app from the Google Play app store, a firmware update was available which I installed.

    The buds fit my ears securely and haven't came out during my walks or moderate exercise. During more vigorous they have come close to coming out but I felt them 'move' and I re-seated them.

    Sound quality - these are my first buds so I can't really compare. I also have a pair of low cost bluetooth earphones, plus a set of premium noise cancelling over ear headphones. The sound quality is between the cheap the two other sets, which is fair when you consider that the earbuds are priced between the two as well. I've listened to pop, dance & rock music, plus audiobooks. Volume control is via the phone only

    The noise cancelling functionality doesn't seem that effective when compared to the over ear headphones, which is understandable. I wouldn't buy these if the noise cancelling aspect is high on your list of priorities. The AI Life app can adjust the scope of the noise cancelling, and I can detect some differences, however in the end the noise cancelling just isn't that effective.

    The earbuds charge by putting them back into the case, and the case charges via a standard USB-C cable. I found that the case needs recharging after about 8-10 45 minute gym sessions. The power levels are shown via the AI Life app.
  • 1 year ago
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  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Setting up for an iPhone was easy, it is tailored towards android though. To get the best experience, I would recommend you download the AI Life app on Android phone, pair the headphones and update your software. This will ensure that if there are any bugs or fixes included within the headphones, you can get them right away. I’ve got an iPhone, so after that initial hurdle, I didn’t have to use my Android phone again. Having the ability to changing the functions of the double tapping is excellent to be controlled and managed, but honestly, apart from changing it from going to the next song and Play/Pause, there was no need for that app for myself.
    As the case is also a charger, you can get extend the time you need to plug in quite a bit as well.
    There is only one button on the outside shell, which is how you pair the headphones. The light initially to look for was a little tricky, but I found it near the bottom side of the charging port. When you are charging as well, the light stays on and changes colour between Red -> Yellow -> Green, showing that Green is where you want to be once fully charged. I like that are two lights shown, one for the outside(for the case) and one for the inside of the actual headphone themselves.
    The ANC(Active Noise Cancellation) is catered primarily towards Huawei phones, and not just any ones, instead it is targeted for the upper end of smartphones, so it did not yield any positive results on my Huawei Y7 2018. There are small microphones that are listening for the outside noise so they can block out specific frequencies(such as A/C noises, Plane noises, Underground noises).

    Let’s not beat around the bush; it’s similar to a pair of Apple AirPods. As I’ve selected the black ones though it does stand out and makes a bold statement, so looks less like the Apple ones. Generally speaking, though, the design really lends itself well to my pocket, and I can always be sure to pull them out quickly without having to struggle on finding them.
    What I liked is that it doesn’t capture any dust inside which is what I was worried about, so it does prove that it’s built with being long-lasting as possible.
    The flip-open magnetic latch is excellent and gives a satisfying noise when you open and close it, something which makes the overall experience that little bit more unique.
    Another feature which I liked was that I could use my iPhone to tell me how much charge was left, which was great and saved me trying to guess how much battery was left on the headphones. I just had to swipe to the left from my home screen, and it showed me the battery percentage there!

    Using USB-C for charging means that I can use the same charging cable as my MacBook, so thankfully I won’t have to get another special adaptor which is what I need. Plus, as it does have wireless charging, I can use it in the comfort of my bed knowing that when I wake up in the morning, I don’t have to pull it out of some cord and worry about breaking anything in terms of connectivity.
    When watching Netflix/Youtube, it works well, and unlike other headphones, it is just as good for podcasts as it is for videos. Where it does struggle and a lot of headphones struggle is live-streaming apps like Twitch or TikTok where there is a significant delay between the noise heard on the headphones.
    The headphones work with rain, but it certainly cannot be used for swimming, so that’s a big plus if you are on the back on your commute home from work, for example.

    From an audiophile perspective:
    It’s great for the highs and mids but not so great for the lows. This is to say that it would not be as bass-heavy as you’d like which is one thing to be mindful.

    I live in a flat, and knowing how well Bluetooth 5.0 is, I knew it would fair pretty well with the other interferences that would be going around. I even managed to get it working from my 3rd floor flat to the ground floor when I had gone out to get something from the car. That was a pleasant surprise there.

    You can pretty much forget that sometimes you are wearing them at times and they are light, so they lend themselves to just being on your ear the whole time. The only downside which my wife noticed that it warmed her ears up, but she has had this issue with other wireless headphones as well.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I haven't used this type of ear phone before and I was very impressed. They look stylish in the compact chargable case. They are comfortable to wear, fit nicely into the ear and look good. The sound quality is good and the noise cancelling is another great feature. I am wearing them daily on the train and they have been perfect for cancelling out fellow commuters. The only negative would be that Huawei could have created a unique design rather than follow other leading brands. I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbaised review
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    I've been looking to purchase a pair of these for a long time now but wasn't sure which ones to get as the market is awash with them. O came across these by accident and know Huawei are known for their quality products so I purchased them and I'm not disappointed they are brilliant the sound is amazing battery life is fantastic can't ask for much more really I'm very happy.