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Apple AirPods Pro

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  • Very good
    3 days ago
    High quality and good sound. Almost in class with my Bose over ear QC35II. The only thing is the control where you have to grip it to activate Siri or change songs, etc. On the previous models, it was enough to tap the handset.
  • Very Poor
    8 days ago
    Updated: 8 days ago
    They are bad and expensive! I usually say that Airpods pro is like a beautiful woman with incredibly beautiful skin and body, but she is neither good at sex nor good at cooking. When she opens her mouth and starts talking, she gets ugly in my eyes. She has a male voice that turns me off.
  • Very good
    8 days ago
    I have had my AirPod Pro for about 1 month and so far do not have much to complain about except (and it can certainly be a pretty important point) that it is not possible to talk on the headphones when you are out and about for the man have a phone call with barely hear what you are saying. I'm not alone in this problem (see, it seems like the problem has been around for quite some time if you look at the dates of the comments in the link but nothing Apple has given anything commented on ..

    Before that problem, the headphones fit very well, I personally think. I can train (run, etc.) without it feeling like they are going to fall out of my ears.
  • Perfect
    10 days ago
    Updated: 10 days ago
    Negative first (few things)
    - the sound quality (mainly the bass) could have been better considering the price. But all the positive points outweigh this for me and have made me use my QC35 significantly less
    - not to be able to lower the volume with physical buttons

    The positive
    + format, sickly flexible. Small case!
    + works very smoothly with iPhone
    + good noise reduction. Not on par with QC35 but actually enough
    + really good microphone. Unlike the QC35, these do not pick up EVERYTHING in the background and the receiver hears you well
    + good battery life. Satisfied with how it works with charging (smooth with wireless charging of the shell). Uses them all morning, they charge at lunch and then use them again
  • Decent
    15 days ago
    I have Macbook, iMac, iPhone, Airport with several Apple products that all excel - but Airpods Pro is not a finished product.

    - Worst of all is the microphone, calls are barely heard by the receiver as the Airpods picks up sound around the room / outdoors with far too little voice.
    - The headphones are therefore mostly for podcasts and music.
    - Having to talk to Siri to raise / lower the volume and the time delay is just weird.
    - The transparent mode enhances the environment more than natural. For example. footsteps and chewing food megaphones into your ears.
    - Uncomfortable pillows that make one "tired in the ears" after about 1 hour.
    - Sterile sound with a little bass

    + The noise reduction is good for being so small lures
    + Quickly switch from iPhone and Apple TV
    + Quick installation on all possible devices
  • Decent
    12 months ago
    Updated: 15 days ago
    Slips out of my ears no matter what I do, and whatever plugs I use. Incredible pity, because the headphones themselves are otherwise a technical marvel. Good sound and perfectly ok noise reduction for small wireless in-ear.

    Advise everyone to try someone's tricks for an hour or so before buying. I know that many people have problems with these particular lures going out, even if old AirPods sat well in their ears.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Updated: 19 days ago
    Feel free to read this:

    "Headphones for SEK 3,200! Is Apple joking!?!"

    I have gone through probably 40 pairs of different headphones in my days. On the stereo front, I am not content with "what is on the Elgiganten" but you have to go up in the Hi-Fi range to feel both the bass pressure in the chest and the cutting treble straight into the brain.

    What does Apple deliver with Airpods Pro?

    First of all, it can be said that the "Pro stamp" is undeservedly outrageous. Nothing with these headphones is "Pro" ie "created for professional use". However, this does not mean that they are not worth a stamp for being a "better" product than regular Airpods, which they are.

    The technology in Airpods Pro is downright fascinating at first glance. You open the package, which already there gives you a sense of detail and premium. The lid comes off by simply placing the package on the table and lifting, something few other manufacturers succeed with. You unpack the headphones and immediately notice that the charging case they are in is not much bigger than the previous generation, but the lid is on the "long side". The size of the case is slightly larger, but not disturbingly larger compared to its predecessor. It simply fits in a normal jeans pocket without you feeling it or thinking it is lying there.
    The package also includes a USB-C to Lightning connector, which I personally think is a bit "meh", considering that I do not have a single USB-C connector in the home to connect them to, and the charging socket itself is not included. If you have a Macbook Pro or newer Apple computer, however, this is not a problem, but nibbling disturbing for a person who lacks a USB-C adapter. One could wish that Apple also sent the power adapter.

    When you open the headphone cover, it is noted that the "lid" is a little lighter than before, at first feeling it does not feel as "stable" as for the predecessor and also a little more plastic, but how far it lasts will determine the future. (Someone is missing laterally, DOA? More who have the same problem)
    The headphones themselves work just like the predecessor when it comes to how they connect to the phone. You open the case and "bam" "Connect". Fascinatingly easy.

    The first time you put on the headphones, I recommend that you go to Settings - Bluetooth - Airpods to use the function "Test the fit of the earplugs", this is to ensure that you have chosen the right size for the best experience.

    What are the features of these headphones that the predecessor lacks?

    -Noise canceling. As soon as you put the headphones in your ears (must be both, does not work with ONE) NC is switched on. I immediately noticed that the kitchen fan in the middle of cooking "died" completely. Nothing was heard. When the girl spoke, however, I heard what she said, but very low. If you turn on music over 60%, you hear about 2-5% of the sound from outside (depending on the circumstances), but speech, etc. dies completely. My mechanical keyboard sounds 0% when I write this review and it is very loud.
    I would say that NC without music you hear about 10% of the sound from outside. If this is a disadvantage I can not answer, as I personally can get dizzy from 100% NC that eg Bose and other manufacturers offer on their Over-ears.

    -Transparency. If you wish, you can turn on the "Transparency mode", which means that the microphones on the headphones amplify the sound from the outside so that you can hear what people are saying and general sound (without having to take off your headphones). This does not pause the music or the like, but you hear clearly what people are saying. This technology was originally stolen from military equipment where earmuffs are to amplify the volume at low sounds, but also "cut" the sound above a certain decibel (explosions, etc.).


    As a HiFi nerd, Airpod's first generation was never a "wow-feeling", but at the same time it was the headphones you ALWAYS had with you, largely due to the size that feels non-existent. The sound in the Airpods Pro is definitely better than its predecessor. The first remark is the sound volume which I would say is 20-30% higher than its predecessor, ie you can play louder (or it is the same volume, but it is felt higher because they are in the ear in a different way). In terms of sound, they are also better than their predecessor by about 20%. You simply hear more details in both low frequencies and mids and highs. The sound generally feels "clearer".

    -Base. Tested the bass with the song "Gosh" by Jamie XX. where the base of extremely many lures and speakers never come down in these low frequencies to even try to play them. In Airpods Pro, you definitely hear the bass and it is present. Is it breast-swinging? No.

    -Mids. Plainsong with The Cure. The bass easily takes over this song and the mids generally feel a bit half-weak in strength compared to the bass. Mids thus become a bit "smeared". In the song Long After You're Gone with Chris Jones & Steve Baker, on the other hand, mids are much more rewarding, this also applies to tests of Up All Night with Oliver Tank (where the bass and mids play extremely well together).

    -Treble. The Blue Planet with Hans Zimmer. Here, Airpods Pro begins to show what they can NOT do. The sound is neither as big nor rich as you could wish for, even at high volumes. The discus is almost non-existent in many parts where mids and bass take over the song to a large extent. Open with Rhye feels about as undeserved, the treble is far from as "crispy" as the song deserves. It sounds a bit like the headphones are trying to push up the bass and mids because that's what the "majority" thinks is "good sound". In the song Do it again with Zes, Airpods Pro manages to let the treble be present in a different way without drowning in the bass. In Working On A Dream with Wintercoats, the treble sounds reasonably good, but not perfect.

    If you just listen to billie elish, Airpods Pro plays extra nicely. Bury a friend sounds magically good.

    With reference to other more expensive headphones and speakers: (add an extra point for the size of Airpods, ie 9,9,7.)
    Base: 8/10
    Mids: 8/10
    Treble: 6/10

    The fit is always individual for everyone, but if the predecessor definitely fits this one. It fits both better and just as "emotionless". Personally, I do not think that I am wearing headphones. You probably have to work to get these to fly out of your ear.
    Apple has also inserted a small "air hatch" to let some air into the ear, which makes a less "sweaty" feeling in the ear and is thus more comfortable to wear.

    Microphone. Approximate with its predecessor. Better than many others lurks but not on par with, for example, a gaming headset.

    Quick questions:

    -Can you get better sound for the money? Yes.

    -Are the headphones worth SEK 3,200? Yes.

    -Is Apple a little greedy? No, considering all the features. The closest you get is Sony's WF1000XM3, but where you lack some features that Apple offers along with its own phones. However, arguably better treble.

    - Does Airpods Pro work with Android? As far as I know, Noise Cancel and Transparency Mode do not work, but you can listen.

    -Does Airpods Pro work with other Apple products? Yes, including NC. However, be sure to update the software. There is a list of supported devices on the Apple website. (Some older people do not have support)

    -Is there wireless charging? Yes.

    -Are there physical buttons? Yes (touch), pause / play, next / previous song, Transparency mode on / off, Hi Siri. NO volume

    It itself stings a bit to go to Apple's website and see these for SEK 3,200. It is clearly a lot of money and worth a thought. After now testing them and experiencing what they offer, I still have to give in one more time and say that Apple has succeeded again. All features in themselves what worth the money, but that in addition the sound would be better I did not expect. If you want better sound for the money, you can check out overear headphones and possibly Sony's model, but if you like other features and Apple's ecosystem, you will hardly be dissatisfied with these headphones. If I have to criticize, it is that the treble and microphone could have been better. In addition, they are a little harder to put in the case if you have large hands compared to its predecessor, and I wish Apple offered a replacement of batteries at a cost, which will probably be needed after several hours of listening daily for a few years. Say what you want about the price, but considering the balance between functions, sound, battery life and size, this is a full pot and pure joy in everyday life that is always in your pocket.

    Edit. got a couple of new ones on complaint, apparently manufacturing defects if they were manufactured before October 2020, see
  • Perfect
    23 days ago
    Very satisfied, good upgrade from regular Airpods!
  • Decent
    23 days ago
    Have had these for a month now. Clearly approved headphones, also has various different BOSE in ear to compare with.

    Sound-wise they are OK. For that price (SEK 2,200) I would have expected a little more. They are not close to any BOSE QC version, for example, if you want good sound, buy some others. I bought due to Apple compatibility.

    + Fits very well in the ear
    + Flexible and slightly discreet case
    + Absolutely ok noise reduction
    + connects quickly and easily

    - I can not understand how to remove / deselect the ability to raise and lower sounds on a pair of headphones. Yes, I know that you can do with SIRI / watch etc but this is not as easy in the long run as pressing a button. A star smokes on this
    - Quite a small sound, but of course it has to do with the fact that they are very small and flexible
    Summary: Considering what they cost, the headphones are 3/5 in my opinion
  • Perfect
    24 days ago
    Has both Airpods (gen 2) and Airpods Pro. The Pro model is in a different league than the mediocre standard model in all respects. Advise everyone to pay a little extra for Pro, well worth the money.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    A pair of awesome headphones, really recommend
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Awesome headphones
    Good job APPLE again
    10/10 quite simply
  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Fits ok in the ears but looks pretty silly.
    The sound is good but not so good that it justifies the price tag.
    There are better lures for lower price.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    Really good headphones, fits well in the ears, really good sound. The only thing is that the noise reduction could have been a little better, it is still good but for over SEK 2,000.
  • Very good
    1 month ago
    + Good sound (but as many have said before, do not expect any WOW experience)
    + Spatial audio (WOW! Experience)
    + Sits comfortably (does not feel like earplugs)
    + Good ANC and can easily be switched between the different modes (ANC, transparency, off).
    + Good size of case, does not weigh much
    + Good battery life
    + The case has wireless charging

    - feels a bit more plastic compared to original airpods
    - no volume control on the airpods, only via siri, apple watch etc.

    Good headphones, slightly expensive but good all-round headphones.
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Cruel lurks. Really happy with them. Has run both Bose and Sony's on ear for noise reduction. clearly think that these give the same effect.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Tested these on applestore. Significantly worse than my Bose qc35. Not even comparable. Those who praise these tricks have not tested Bose or Sony.
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    After three months of use

    + Connection is stable. Noise reduction. Wireless charging.

    - Dyra. Poor fit for some ears, there should be "plops" that come further into the ear. My Jabra 65t is much better. The sound is not that impressive for music.
  • Decent
    2 months ago
    Completely okay sound, perfectly okay noise reduction - but perfectly okay is not enough for SEK 2,300.

    Fits quite badly in the ears and falls out of sight regardless of the size of the buds.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Good sound - have tested Sony's flagship and Bose true wireless and these are clearly better designed and have a good enough ANC - that they work super easily with all your Apple gadgets is basically just a bonus - if I did not have an iPhone I would have these have still been better than Sony's as they press much less against the ear and give the feeling that nothing is even in the ears - thanks to the shape they are also harder to happen to knock away from the ears and still easier to control by clicking on 'stick' vs clean Touch on Sony's bids (and Mao these are better as they are much easier do not happen to click on if you want to "press" the headphones if they have slipped out a bit).

    In short, best in class. You've found the right one
    You are looking for buds, quite simply! buy!
  • Barely acceptable
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Mediocre cheats at classic Apple premium.
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    acceptable noise reduction
    did not like the sound
  • Barely acceptable
    4 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    I mainly compare with my old threaded Bose qc20. It's fantastically nice to go to completely wireless and Apple has squeezed an incredible amount into these little puppets, but I'm still not at all happy.

    AirPods have almost as good noise reduction as Bose but do not sit as well in the ears as the qc20, which means that noise leaks in after a while and you have to poke them again. I also drop them look tight.

    Running telephone calls and teleconferencing in these lures is not recommended. The microphone is incredibly bad, and people at the other end constantly say that they do not hear what is being said.

    I have Android and it is unfortunately impossible to get Google Assistant and voice control to work, and since it is not possible to control the volume via the headphones, you need to do this on the phone.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds 700 when they're now pleased to release them. To the computer, I drive on with Bose or another proper headset instead.
  • Barely acceptable
    3 months ago
    If you, like me, buy headphones to get good sound, avoid these, screaming sound without a well-defined bass. My ears get tired after 15 minutes! I have headphones for SEK 500 that sound better. If you also have bigger ears than the average 15-year-old, it is almost impossible to get these to fit well, not even comply pillows helped that much.

    But the ANC works well.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    Good upgrade from Airpods.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Have a pair of AirPods 1st generation o have hesitated to buy AirPodsPro precisely because of the price, but now it was possible to get them for SEK 2338 instead of SEK 3200 o because I started listening more and more with my old AirPods so it disturbed "thin "sound me more and more. For audiobooks they were ok, but not for music.
    So after reading reviews and tests and looking at You Tube and then found AirPodsPro at a slightly lower price, I decided to test them. Now I do not belong to those who buy lots of expensive headphones and compare, because I simply can not afford it, so this was a big step for me to spend so much money on a pair of in-ear headphones, but wow what a sound! Fantastic noise reduction and the fact that you can use different silicone tops on them (small-medium-large) means that you can adapt them to your ears so they fit perfectly. And it almost does not feel like you have them in your ear. I who have always been a little annoyed with headphones can wear these for several hours without getting annoyed at them.
    That they would be light and paired, I expected when I had a couple of older AirPods, but that they would be so easy to handle and switch between noise reduction and transparent mode so you hear the outside world without it interfering but still hear the music great , pause / play o to be able to jump forward in the tracks. I did not expect that.
    Now I do not have an iPhone but an Android and they work great for it too, but I will not deny that I love being able to hold the case in front of my toad and quickly see how much battery time I have both in the headphones in the case and that I through the toad can access and make fine adjustments on the AirPodsPro, but it's a big plus that they still work perfectly for my Samsung mobile.
    Now I mostly use the transparent mode on them because I have a hard time being completely disconnected from reality and only switch on the noise reduction as the outside world's sound is very disturbing and I love that the sound in the headphones is so good even though I still perceive the outside world. That the sound is so good in this situation and that the headphones are barely noticeable and that they do not make my ears warm or trigger itching - yes I am completely sold on them. Sure they are expensive, but for me they are worth every penny.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    My first AirPods, but have used many other top of the line tricks over the years.

    I would be lying if I said I did not love them at all, but there are some points that I am disappointed / surprised by after all:

    Noice canceling is pretty useless compared to my other tricks. Of course, you do not get up to Bose QC35 (over ear), but other InEs also perform better.
    People who talk around you break through, not so that you actually hear what they are saying but you hear that it sounds.

    Battery life is what I am most disappointed with, but it probably depends more on my user pattern than that they are worse than they promise. Reacts almost every day to the headphones dying in the middle of a call, which means that I have to jump back and forth between left / right to keep at least one handset alive until the ongoing call is complete.
    If you are going to say something positive, the headphones charge surprisingly fast when you put them in the case.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Provides grades in relation to the standard price.

    + First mating fantastically smooth in the apple ecosystem. They are also added to all other devices that are connected to iCloud (mac, iPad, apple tv, etc.).

    + Noise reduction works perfectly ok.

    + Fits well in the ears

    + Good sound in conversation

    + Flexible automation with presence control (music pauses when you take a nap)

    + fast charging of the headphones

    - Unfortunately, I have to say the sound here. They suffer from the same problem as many cheaper in-ear. Humming bass, absent midrange, too high treble and simply a generally skewed sound image. The question is if there are no better sounds in regular earpods (if regular airpods correspond to these I leave unsaid)

    - the case / charger is a real dirt magnet. Despite the smooth surface, it absorbs all conceivable dirt, much like bathroom porcelain ...

    In short, you can say that the user-friendliness completely screams apple and they thrive fantastically well in their own ecosystem. But it is not in any way a pair of headphones you use for high-resolution music listening, but simply a pair of headphones you have because you want a pair of flexible wireless headphones with NC.

    If you can do without NC and regular earpods fit well in your ears, you would probably be more satisfied with a pair of regular airpods.

    I'm glad I got them with the phone and did not buy them for full price.
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    AirPods Pro
    I have for a long time glanced and drooled over these headphones, because I drive with ipad and Iphone, and once I got the opportunity to buy them, the happiness was total. For 2 hours.
    Then Bluetooth started to bother. In my job, I can not always take the headphone out of my ear when I want to pause, because I often have stuff in my hands. When I physically press pause, on either the right or left headphone, the music pauses. So far, so good. Then when I have to start the music, nothing happens. This applies to both Spotify Premium, Youtube and Deezer HiFi.
    Have picked up the phone and pressed play in the app. Then the music starts playing but I hear no sound. The only way to turn on the sound is to skip to the next song (either on the phone or the headphones), then the sound will start. As I said, this does not happen exactly every time, but 7-8 times out of 10.
    This bothered me a lot so I went to the Apple store and got these exchanged for a brand new pair.
    Can it be added that I have Apple Care so maybe that's why it went so easily?
    Thought in my foolishness that it was only a Monday sex. So try the new headphones. Happiness is total for about 2 hours. Same problem with Bluetooth.
    Has for about 2 weeks experienced the same problem with Bluetooth, in addition, it has on two different occasions not been able to change the sound mode. With a slightly longer press on either the right or left headphone, you can choose between off, transparency and noise reduction. On both occasions it did not work no matter how many times I tried. Had also set Siri by a longer press on the left headphone. It did not work either.
    Had to reset the headphones completely by going into Bluetooth on the phone and pressing "forget this device", and set them as brand new to be able to use them again.
    Today, error 3 happens. Worked this morning and when it was time for lunch, I put them in the box for them to be charged. After about 1 hour, the right handset has been charged to 97% and the left to 33%.
    Conclusion after 3 weeks: Since I got my first pair replaced with a brand new pair, I do not think that AirPods pro is better than this. How small is the risk that I got a Monday ex again?
    Of course there is that risk, but it is incredibly small.
    So my advice is: avoid AirPods Pro for now. At least until the amateurs in California know how to release working software.
    Update 2020-07-22. Apple has released an update 2D27.
    Unfortunately, you can still not use play and pause satisfactorily on these SEK 2,500 headphones. It has gotten better but not good. Previously, play / break was disrupted 7-8 times out of 10.
    Now it crashes 3-4 times out of 10.
    So my advice is still: Avoid these, and put the money on a pair that works. Optional headphones over SEK 200 are better than these.
  • Decent
    4 months ago
    Nice with noise canceling and stuff but would not be upgraded from the "regular" due to the base, because it is quite much worse + that they are more expensive
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    But what a feeling, to pair is "no issue" with "fruit" stuff, small details such as battery health, comfort, sound, yes world class ... Apple delivers what is expected for the high price tag!
  • Poor
    6 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Really worse base registers on these, compared to AirPods First Generation which I have owned since 2017. Treble and midrange are a bit clearer, but the lack of a strong base makes these much more boring to listen to.

    The rubber mold makes them fall out * much * easier than regular AirPods and EarPods. AirPods Pro for me is not a pleasant experience, because you are subconsciously worried about dropping them all the time.

    The only thing that is really good about AirPods Pro is noise cancellation, and that they work well with Siri on Mac, which AirPods Gen 1 did not succeed.

    Note that problems with Bluetooth are very common with AirPods, although it has gotten a bit better since launch. A good portion of my time is spent restarting Bluetooth / computer, resetting the devices, etc.

    Next time I will buy regular AirPods instead of AirPods Pro.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Owned 2 couples, dropped the first couple in the toilet. Wonderful. Nice and good noise reduction for being "pods". The only thing you might question is the price - but it's Apple as well .. It'll cost if it tastes good.
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Very good and authentic product but it takes a little too much to see from 2 weeks to 4
  • Very good
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Fit seems to be a common problem.
    Anyway for me they are stuck in my ear (with some pressure just over the ear canal)

    ANC is Good but not sovereign, voices and other more distinct sounds are heard relatively clearly. Noise such as dishwasher, traffic and other background noise will disappear.

    The audio is an upgrade from Powerbeats Pro and Airpods (Not Pro). Higher ceiling on treble with more details wider stereo image (somewhat sensitive to how they sit in the ear)
    Smaller bass but tighter, slightly different between when ANC & transparent are on and how much bass you get. Transparent mode, however, is very impressed with very clear voices at long distances. Close to the feeling of not having them. However, the ANC has a slight "cabin pressure" that one can easily get from the ANC kids, better than most but not completely gone.

    The microphone is as good as one could wish, sounds as good if close to better than the one built into the iPhone 11.

    The battery is good, can they be recharged many times via "case"?

    Details I really like about these:
    They are small.

    They have a grill in the silicone top itself which prevents the wax from
    collects o the grill on the headset and costs only ≈ 90-100 SEK

    Very small charging case which makes them a good fit in the "coin pocket" so they are easy to put away.

    Good price for what you get ≈2400 SEK

    Very good range, can walk around the house without any problems with the phone in a room.

    Bad things:

    Does not fit me perfectly but my doing will probably "break in"

    The sound can be muted in one ear in a transparent position when they hear child screams, just as you get a lid for the ear

    Sometimes they need to be adjusted a bit in how they sit in the ear, however this is expected as they do not have a jumper like Powerbeats Pro

    Summary: They are very good at a lot but not the best at everything.
  • Very Poor
    9 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Good sound and ANC when I get them in the ear, but it is difficult and I get them well so they do not sit very long. They do not fall out but slide out enough for NC and sound to be bad. Have tried to change the pillows but do not get it good iaf.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago

    I've finally found out right after testing both Bose NC 700, Bose Soundsport Free, Libratone Track Air + and Powerbeats Pro.

    Sure, they're awfully expensive. If you read the specifications, the price is not justified either. They are a typical example of hyped apple product.

    Despite this, I dare to say that they are actually reasonably priced and, to me, the clear best choice of the aforementioned kids.

    Clearly the most comfortable of these. Good sound. Sickly flexible with iPhone and iPad Pro (of course).

    Noise reduction is good. Not near a pair of earphones, but definitely in class with for example Libratone.

    The sound quality is very good for being a pair of wireless in-ear headphones. In my opinion better than both Bose and Libratones in ear. More neutral than Powerbeats Pro (as these have a slightly exaggerated bass).

    If you can only melt the ohmult high price, it is a clearly sensible investment.
  • Excellent
    6 months ago
    Bought these when I wanted good noise reduction in a (very) small format. Previously, I used bose quit comfort 35, which has now been replaced by airpods pro. The idea was mainly to have them in the gym but now I use them for several hours every day.

    After 4 months I can see ...

    1. Very small / easy to bring.
    2. Good sounds, like my bosses.
    3. Good noise reduction.
    4. Works well during calls.
    5. Remains in the ear regardless of activity.
    6. Wireless charging on the case.

    1. Buggiga. Sometimes problems with coupling or strange noise. Switches over after a restart Occurs maybe once a week.
    2. Short battery life (I use them all day so it becomes a problem that they can't handle a whole day like my bose could, for example).
    3. Expensive (3100 SEK when I bought 🙃).
    4. Got hurt in the ears at the beginning. They scuffed. This has gone over but they are getting a little uncomfortable after a few hours now.

    Really good kids. The combination of just a small form factor and good noise reduction appealed to me. The price was expensive but on the other hand I use them several hours every day.
  • Very Poor
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Like Apple. But less and less. The microphone on these headphones captures all the unwanted sound around and amplifies it during calls. Miserable is diplomatically expressed. Have a pair of Bose 700 and they have a good mix. Yes they are over ear ... Sick bad microphone. Sounds ok, nothing special.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Great apple product. 🙂
  • Very good
    6 months ago
    Good sound though:

    Bought these when my Airpods got short battery life after 2 years of heavy use, have run in the rain and snowstorm and they have been super and fit well in my ears.
    The sound quality of Airpods Pro is superior to Airpods if you activate nc. But talking to someone feels awkward and can be done in any way, even when you are turned off by nc.

    But the problem I got after less than 1 month of use is that it starts to crack when talking in them or listening to some music such as Billie Ellis. Ill disruptive.
    Apple says they can send new ones to see reserve costs of about 2000: - & which I get back when I got the new one and at the same time sent the defective back.

    At first I thought I would, but then I ran on this article

    So now I buy a pair of Bose QC35II for ns and a couple of Airpods for phone calls / running.

    The first time Apple disappointed me.
  • Very good
    6 months ago
    Flexible, sits well and surprisingly nice with noise reduction. The sound is okay, really no more than that. It is hardly enough for music if you are picky like me. For podcasts and conversations, they work very well.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Really good! Highly recommend
  • Decent
    6 months ago
    Bought these for a test only. And should I describe these guys they are so incredibly good, but at the same time so incredibly bad.

    This is by far the most comfortable in ear headphones I've had. ANC among the best I've heard on in ear. Functionality is 10/10, never had a couple of smarter kids. So what's the error?

    Unfortunately, these sound nothing strange at all. For almost SEK 3000 I dare to say that there is very "meh" feeling in the sound. It works and works, but thats it.

    These are unfortunately a pair of headphones, and the basic function is to sound and unfortunately they do not do so well. Had the sound been given a boost, these would have been the world's best headphones, regardless of category. But now they have to settle for a strong 3a from me.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Used these daily since the middle days. Never strul, always good sound.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Great besides poor quality. Second handset on repair now after just a few months. Then there are many in the queue with similar problems, which testifies that it is not just my copy.
  • Decent
    7 months ago
    Hyper noise canceling. Removes noise but most of the time you just hear quieter.
    Battery life about 4 hours, ok but no more.
    Ok sound to music, nothing strange.
    A bit tricky to pair sometimes. Sometimes it drops a headset and then you have to put them back in the case and start over.
    Completely useless to use as a headset if it is not very quiet all around and you talk loudly. To talk on a bus or train, for example, is to forget when one must speak so loudly that it disturbs the other to hear.

    Sum sum, not worth the price.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Best wireless headphones I've owned. Someone mentions that they only support Apple pillows - not true, search ebay for memory foam airpods pro etc.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Have had AirPods since the beginning and have loved them since day one. The sound was really a joke, but it was weighed down by a sickly smooth solution ..

    Two weeks ago I jumped on the PRO train and felt totally skirted when I left the store.

    Now as I write this I listen to my AirPods PRO and it is actually incredible what it sounds good. Then I mean everything, microphone, noise reduction, music, audiobooks, yes everything. Is so crazy happy and my Sennheiser Momentum Wireless ends up on the shelf.

    Easily worth 5 stars, despite the price.