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Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT Pulse HDMI 3xDP 6GB

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  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Can't help but say that I'm impressed. Have not had a computer since 2005 that could be played on (a lot of video games instead) but damn, this is a great card that manages to give a great experience in gears of war 5 (full of everything) 60fps out that sounds from the computer. Has a Ryzen 9 and 32gb frame, as well as PCI ssd. It easily operates 4 screens with games on one. Have nothing to complain about at all. Recommend starting this card.
  • Perfect
    7 months ago
    Digger this card strong, got an ex with old cinema set with open packaging. It was a bit tricky to get to the bios update but went easy when I used AMD's official tool instead of the one coming from Sapphire. Has undervolted from 950 to 850 card runs cool, quiet and stable and comes up to the same clock under load.

    As far as performance is concerned, it is good enough for my 1440P display and my needs.
  • Perfect
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    I've owned it for less than a day, and I come from a GTX 770, which is 7 years old, but with that said, The Witcher 3, COD MW Warzone and GTA V at the highest settings with 2560 × 1440 float really nicely around 60 FPS, which is what my screen pallets with. I think AMD's software is also quite smooth and serious, it hardly burdens the computer. So I say this is a safe purchase.

    Now I ran a test in CIV VI Gathering Storm with Ultra settings and it rolled on in type 60 FPS as well.

    Otherwise, my CPU is an i5-3570K with 16 GB of old DDR3 memory.

    The graphics card is basically silent, even under the above mentioned load, my SSDs are more noisy.
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    Awesome card but HEADS UP!

    Not all of these cards can update the BIOS to the latest released for faster memory and higher TDP.
  • Very good
    10 months ago
    Good power saving gpu. But it should be mentioned that vega 56 from 2017 performs about the same as this 2020 .... scandal ...
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    You can play most games around 120-200fps.