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  • Barely acceptable
    7 days ago
    + Excellent picture, handy wheel on the remote.
    Messy with apps and inputs that tab on the screen, lousy search function, no app for Google Photo, lousy selection in the app store, the remote gives a cheap feeling.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Updated: 29 days ago
    Sickly good TV!
  • Acceptable
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Really Flat picture in HDR compared to Sony XH9505.
    RGB Colors glow only up to 390nits the rest of the monochrome light is represented by the white sub-pixel.
    It's called cheating, which is clearly visible in HDR.

    "Dead" Sample And Hold motion management compared to PWM that Sonyn and Plasma tvs use.
    There is no "flow" in the movements.

    In addition, it can not render genuine 6500K white and shades of gray with ordinary material.
    The blue / green membrane shines through everywhere.

    OLED can also not be trusted if you work with photo editing or graphics.
    It does not show a picture as it should look, which makes it uncertain as you do not know if the greenish wall on the card is really green or if it is the TV that shows it.
    in 99% of cases, it is the TV that invents that nuance, not the card.

    Comparisons in SDR against a reference monitor (Pioneer KRP-500M)

  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Probably the best TV on the market, absolutely amazing.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    A really fat TV, the best picture quality on the market.
  • Terrible
    3 months ago
    Tv with a very beautiful image but the marking of the panel quickly makes it less beautiful.
    If you watch TV a lot, take a QLED with a slightly less beautiful picture without hesitation, but it will remain so in the long run.