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Xiaomi Mi Band 5

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  • Very good
    1 month ago
    I gave this bracelet as a gift to my sister and she has been very happy.

    She has previously said that she is not interested in "technology like this" but now it seems that she has started to like it.

    Thinking that it is a cheap "entry-level" smartwatch that can give a little note and give a taste of how a smartwatch works.

    The price is so ridiculously cheap so just test if you like it, and if not, pass it on.

    I have previously used Apple Watch 3, Mi Band 4 and today I use a Mi Watch Lite daily.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    For the price $69.95 Nz, this is a very good device. The app is constantly improving, and the device is quite accurate. My wife has the Fitibit Charge 4 and when I wear both devices they record steps and heart rates at very similar rates. I"m quite happy with it - with one exception - the strap is not very secure. It's pretty easy to make more secure though with the addition of a small rubber ring, or elastic ring.
  • Acceptable
    8 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Edit 2: time to find a replacement for Xiaomi Mi Band 5. The band as such is ok now, but the app is catastrophically bad. Activities that are started end on their own initiative of the app. Yesterday, the band and the mobile phone refused to communicate. Tested all "tricks" but it ended with factory reset and lost data and broken step suite. Thanks for this time Xiaomi.

    Edit: now it has been a while since the review below and I feel that the step count has improved a lot as updates have been rolled out. PAI also seems to keep up. Raises my rating from three to seven, but is willing to adjust up again if the band remains stable, or down the opposite. One thing I discovered is that the band has a hard time counting steps if you keep a slow walking pace. At one point, about 1,500 steps were missing in a 7,000-step round. I have chosen to speed up the pace and have thus come around this defect.

    Review: For those who want to use this band as a pedometer, I want to raise a warning finger. I have owned Mi Band 3 and 4 before and now moved on to version 5. I immediately noticed that the latest release was very frugal with the steps. After the update that came on 10/8, the band has gone from bad to clean rubbish if you ask me. The daily round I have been taking for about 1.5 years is about 6,700 steps, verified as an average from several different pedometers, iPhones, my wife Garmin etc (she gets about 7,100 on the same round). Mi Band 5: 5,400 steps!

    Very bad. Such a gross margin of error is unacceptable.

    Yesterday I had collected 4,000 steps earlier in the day and then took an evening walk with the activity "walk" started. After 1h 45min I had collected 10,000 steps during my activity, according to the app and bracelet. What do you think watch and app reported when I finished the activity? Yes, 12,900 steps! How can 4,000 + 10,000 become 12,900 steps?

    PAI is a great feature that shows how active you are. In theory at least, because it does not work. During the mentioned activity above, I got 3 (three!) Index points, which took me from 170 to 173. According to previous experience, 10,000 steps should give at least 20-30 index points.

    That said, stay away until Xiaomi resolves this. I have uploaded logs from both the app and bracelet to them but have not received any feedback.

    Bands 3 and 4 worked fine, so something is completely wrong with version 5.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    At 299 it is absolutely top. Surprisingly accurate. Many features and good battery life at that price. I should add that this is the first time I have bought such a type of product, so this will be a very subjective assessment. It is also waterproof. Small display, but good readability.
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Awesome for the price, you really can not get anything more sensible for money like this. In fact, not even for 2-3x the price.
    Perfect for those who just want to measure daily activity and get notices on their arm.
    Nothing at all for those looking for advanced smart watch or training watch.

    + Good battery life
    + Small and flexible
    + Accurate heart rate measurement for everyday life
    + Flexible to see who is calling, sending message

    - GPS only by phone, so it is really pointless and can just as well be measured by an app in the phone.
    - Heart rate measurement during exercise not reliable
    - Small screen means you do not read messages, only who it is from (enough for me)
    - Not completely obvious UX and lacks manual

    x Uncertain about how good the sleep measurement is
  • Very Poor
    3 months ago
    Bought only for sleep registration - which was pointless. My third activity arena and definitely the worst. No sensible manual, no help from the global support and no Swede exists. Hard to understand and bad app. NOT recommended.
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Bought for SEK 200 on Xiaomi's website during black friday. In short, you get what you pay for.

    This was my first smart watch just to see if it's a fun thing you might be interested in.

    My background has historically been a bit anti IoT but is a very active person with a lot of physical activities in everyday life.

    For me, this works well for:

    Step count
    - Inactive / resting heart rate measurement

    This works fine for:

    - Sleep tracking (mostly it's ai who guesses and if you sleep well it fits quite well, if you sleep worse it does not fit at all. You can be up and walking and it still reports that you are sleeping. You can sit quietly in bed and watch tv and then you also sleep according to the clock)

    This does not work at all for:

    - Any other activity except walking
    - Automatic activity identification
    - Automatic activity break
    - Google fit
    - Elevation tracking / elevation tracking

    As a first fun smart watch, it was fun but the majority of the data it produces in my active life is totally useless and incorrect when you then start checking and verifying it. Unfortunately, the integration with Google fit does not work.

    The automatic function that will identify activities is most random and the one that will pause if you cycle and stop at a red light 'sometimes' forgets to start again. No height data is reported at all. Xiaomi's answer, "new phone, who is it?".

    GPS search is incredibly slow. Unbelievable really even if you are in the middle of the football field at Heden in Gothenburg, but in the end it will find you anyway. You need to have the app running as well because the clock itself only syncs if someone misses it.

    At the same time, Google has 100% control and the tracking that Google runs while the Mi band app in terms of GPS is extremely much more accurate. It's almost comical and scary how accurate Google is. Unfortunately, the integration with Google fit seems to be broken as the band reports something in the Mi app. Then when it syncs to Google fit, it becomes something completely random. A bike ride in the Mi app is often a walk in Google fit, at 25km / h.

    I still give it 3 stars for SEK 200 for a pedometer and still okay heart rate monitor in inactivity is after all completely okay. So you really get what you pay for. Personally, however, I have got more taste now and send this band on to a more inactive family member who will count steps, so I will invest in something more serious activity band for active lifestyles.

    p.s: possibly it is my phone's android that plays badly with the app but it is a Xiaomi phone with their own official software so if it is to work well with any phone it should be their own you might think. Have reported all the stuff here to them and got some confirmed and others fell 'into the void'.

    Thank you for me and good luck with the step count :)
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Good with a slightly larger screen, good for a 48-year-old man! :-)
    May change me regarding battery life, needed "a couple of charges" to reach "full effect", now about 14 days battery life with "my use". (Battery life seems significantly worse unfortunately, about 7 days versus about 20 days with the "4"! :-()
    Åäö is with us now too, albeit a little small!
  • Terrible
    4 months ago
    Poor button fastening. Dropped on the floor and the display cracked.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Bought for SEK 199 and for that price there is not much to complain about. Have had my band 4 as well. Not that big of a difference actually. But difficult to give an opinion anyway because I do not use that often, because I have Samsung Watch instead.

    Big plus for battery life!
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    Works great for what I was looking for.
    The step count is very accurate, you can not fool it with extra waving your arms, very light soft steps or the like, no it's just right.
    Sleep measurement also works well, except if you sleep during the day.
    Heart rate monitors are also very accurate when I compare with professional meters.
    Good with vibration for calls, SMS when you want to avoid ringing from the phone.
    All other statistics to follow exercise and health also work fine, or as expected.
    Simply very happy with this cheap band.

    Update: New firmware today 14 / 12-20, i.a. sleep measurement works even on the day now.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Very good for the price. Almost everything works as it should, except when it is supposed to measure sleep. Sometimes it simply does not measure when you sleep and think you are awake.
  • Decent
    5 months ago
    Absolutely okay activity band, but not for you who work shifts.
    Cheap and good activity band that has many features for the low price. Works fine, except for the sleep measurement when working shifts.
    Do you have e.g. worked at night and sleeps during the day, so no sleep is registered at all. Can be "edited" manually, but does not think you should have to do it when everything else is measured automatically.
    Too bad, as the sleep measurement also worked for shift workers at MI Band 1.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Great! Too bad the battery life is worse on MiBand5 than MiBand4.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Incredibly good value for money. Works flawlessly, apart from a slightly deficient character set, hence 4 stars.
    Nothing to think about, just buy, everyone should have one.
  • Very good
    7 months ago
    Affordable and seems to count steps reasonably correctly. It is sad that there is no complete character set for the Swedish alphabet.
  • Excellent
    8 months ago
    Updated: 8 months ago
    Unlike the review below, has a very accurate count of the steps (with the same firmware) so it feels like its person's band is a Monday sex.

    By the way, I use the tape to count steps and to measure rounds and for that it works great and the measurement is very accurate. Good battery life and reasonably large and clear screen. Do not have much to complain about given the low price. One thing is that the date format is incorrect (mm / dd instead of dd / mm as it should be) no matter what setting you have in the phone.
  • Very good
    8 months ago
    Do what I expect from the double price. After my Ticwatch E was damaged by moisture, I looked for the cheapest smartwatch that can give me time, notices and good battery life.

    I want the messenger notifications to be visible, and they do. I have this as an SMS app, which meant that "Messenger" is not in the regular app list but can be accessed in the settings as "Incoming SMS".

    I am very happy overall, however, it is the notices that reduce it to a 4/5. I'm glad it works with notices for SEK 449 at all, but both emojis and å, ä and ö turn into question marks on the bracelet. This + few words per line means that it can sometimes be difficult to read a message before the screen goes out. An always-on function is very lacking.

    What made me choose Mi band 5 for 449: -, instead of Mi band 4 for 249: - was mainly that the screen has grown 0.15 inches (which I thought would be a big difference, but now in retrospect probably had not played any major role), and the belief that updates to this band will be released later in the year than to the 4th. I rarely use the band for training, but here there are eleven training sessions to choose from, instead of seven as on the 4th.

    The last thing I want to point out is that I, quite easily, got a couple of scratches on the screen. I have not noticed that I got a bang on the bracelet, but still I have found 2-3 scratches on the display after a week of use. This is usually not a nuisance, you only see them from certain angles. But there still seems to be a big difference in scratch sensitivity compared to my Ticwatch E which has had a scratch for about 2 years.

    Even if it was not a full pot, it is really worth the price. If you are discouraged because the price screams low quality, think again. Xiaomi could have sold this band for double and it would not have been a bad deal for you as a customer.