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Fitbit Charge 4

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  • Decent
    16 days ago
    Updated: 16 days ago
    A lot of technology for the money, especially for those who want a lot of training data. The big advantage of Fitbit is the app and the information that is logged. There they are really at the forefront. Had an ionic before that pied and got this instead. Basically the same features but no direct options to install apps on Charge 4. However, there is nothing that I ever used on my ionic. The most important thing for me is GPS and Fitbit pay and it has Charge 4. However, some things that bother me with Fitbit are that each watch has its own charging contact. The fact that Fitbit 2021 cannot use USB, wireless charging or at least a uniform contact standard for its watches is nothing but a pure scandal! Even the bracelets they send with are usually of lousy quality.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Had the watch for a month now. Not noticed by any of the negatives that others write.
    The screen is responsive, it is easy to navigate. Very good battery life. Charged it twice in a month. The heart rate monitor is very good, compared to a heart rate monitor that is put around the chest and they showed pretty much the same thing. The sleep measurements seem to agree quite well. The associated app is good, maybe a little difficult to find in the beginning. The free features are enough.
  • Terrible
    4 months ago
    This watch is a joke.
    The sleep that is logged is not correct, you can lie awake before you fall asleep / after you wake up and write on your mobile for several hours and still log that sleep. Tracking swimming is also completely useless, I have tested several times and it never gets it right. Last time I swam 1000 meters and the watch logged 3000.
    The only thing it is good for is to see the pulse, and then you can buy a good much cheaper watch instead.
  • Very Poor
    7 months ago
    Has Lost the pairing every time you close the app and have to hide the device in settings before it starts working again and usually also the device must be reset, do automatic workouts while you sleep? (No, do not go to sleep) Closes the training by itself during training sessions and goes to another automatic training session such as walking, battery life 2-3 days, not 7, the display function is lousy, you swipe left, it usually goes down or closes the screen completely.
  • Perfect
    8 months ago
    Syncs this with my iphone. Like this little gadget, usually comfortable to wear around the wrist and it has a lot of features. I bought it when it came out and about 2 months later the battery started to run out in 2-3 days without the gps on. Talked to fitbit support and they asked me to return it. Since I bought it from the web hall, I made a complaint to them, the next day I got a brand new fit piece and that is what I call good support!

    GPS works well, but you have to understand that such a small gadget of course eats up all the battery quickly when you have gps on.

    Have just set up so you can pay with yours via your bank, will return how it works.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Finally GPS
  • Very Poor
    10 months ago
    This has been rife with this for 1-2 weeks with the vision disappearing and activity measurement stopping in the middle of the activity. Sleep measurement is also raging. The fit bit worked for about 2v after it was purchased but has been running after a firmware update. Should you buy this soon after this review, I recommend you to check out Fitbit's forum on how the situation looks with the unit .. Left my back as many others have done according to the forum.