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Asus GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC 2xHDMI 3xDP 10GB

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  • Perfect
    12 days ago
    Bought the card at release and then gave 7990: - Reasonable price then but now I had not chosen to buy the same card for almost 10,000: -

    Had before a GTX 980 Windforce so in terms of performance, it was a real boost. Run in 1440p and so far tested Black Ops Cold War, Pubg and Battlefield V. Everything flows well and the temperature maxes 62 degrees in mode performance on the card. Usually drives with everything in High as I think it is enough graphically but ultra works with.
    Has a Fractal Design XL chassis with 3 fans in and 2 fans out so good air flow.

    The card is completely silent, have not heard it during the game even when the card has been allowed to work. The card is run together with;

    CPU 10700K is cooled with a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax
    Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3200 MHz
    Asus Rog Strix z490-F Gaming
    3rd Samsung SSD
    1st Kingston M.2 knitting needle
    Corsair RM 750x v2

    Everything is run in stock and when I measured consumption when playing Cold War, it maxed out at 470-500W according to my meter. The card feels solidly built even if the price is a bit high.
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Ordered September 17 received October 27.
    A sober and immense menu at the same time. The performances are there, the menu is silent and does not heat up much.
    This is perfect for 1440p and 4k on the latest big ulra games.
    In short, a purchase that I do not regret.
  • Decent
    3 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Superb version mtp launch price / performance. This is a card for you who play 4k or 1440p with high fps, drop these 3080 cards if you run 1080p. Very solidly built and definitely one of the best on cooling but a theoretical 1-2 decibel higher noise from fans (which you do not hear any difference when you gamer / work. Paid -10% of base price 8,249, - so it's worth it Tip: Do you really need such a card? Do you have 850W psu or better (750W is a bit small, as your system quickly uses 450-500W) Do you have a proper screen? Unsure .. wait to see what the next few months bring, as well as prices in November and until January sales.

    Edited supplement, 30 Oct: Do not buy: Now overpriced to over 9000, - mtp what you get. Even worse with the RTX 3070 card, extremely overpriced and hyped up. Nvidia wanted to coup AMD's launch, the RTX 3000 series was not quite ready but had to go on the market. Seriously consider buying AMD's later this November when you have seen reviews (check that drivers are ok, there is always some debris then) Nvidia will have to respond if AMD delivers (and has enough cards on the market)
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Excellent build quality and a very competent cooling solution that keeps the card both quieter and cooler than most other models. A nice plus is that the card comes with two selectable bios versions (quiet and performance), especially for those who want the opportunity to safely update / flash bios.

    Regarding factory overclocking, it can be good to keep in mind that most RTX 3080 cards should be able to achieve basically the same performance as this with the help of manual overclocking. Anyone who wants to save a few hundred bucks, but get the same nice cards basically can, however, advantageously choose the standard version of this model.

    Can add that I bought the card at the introductory price (SEK 7,990), which made it feel relatively affordable. Had I planned to buy a 3080 now, however, I would have wondered if I might have managed with one of the slightly "simpler" models that will probably be released in the coming months. In terms of performance, these do not differ much from this and other, even more lavish models, such as the ASUS ROG STRIX. For those who are not interested in extreme overclocking or are very happy with sound levels or card temperature, it will probably be possible to save a penny without getting a worse gaming experience.
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Not worth the new price.