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Oculus Quest 2 64GB

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  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    A step towards perfect VR. The resolution of the new screen is amazing, a bit of deep black is missing. I recommend installing a more comfortable halo strap - old form Quest 1 works here.. just small modification is necessary (rubber around 2mm thick).
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  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Requiring FB account is not ok.
  • Good
    2 months ago
    Buy. The technology has really evolved and is really fun. Had a vr set 4 years ago and it was like that. This is sooo easy to use, many great games.

    Does not play pc and ps4 anymore. Tips on student table tennis games, mini golf, beatsaber
  • Terrible
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Blurred and blurry image that destroys everything. Only marginally better in the middle of the field of view but not good enough.
    The product needs much more development. I'm sure it will get better in the next few years so wait to buy it yet.
  • Perfect
    3 months ago
    1- Extremely good value for money (4000.-)
    2- Very easy to use
    3- Constant and really good updates that provide extra opportunities and fun
    4- Lots of good games in the Oculus store (but it costs a lot)
    5- Possibility of PC-VR both wireless and wired
    6- Screen Resolution is one of the best on the market, a major upgrade from Q1
    7- STANDALONE (Integrated battery and computer)

    1- REQUIRES Facebook Login
    2- Poorly integrated sound, use a 7.1 headset, or try a FrankenQuest.
    3- Fremtung, FrankenQuest fixes this too.

    For people who are not used to VR, this headset will offer an unreal experience.
    This is the perfect system for people who are VR-Curious
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    You get more than you pay for, with some compromises.
    * ObS *
    If you only use Quest 2 without a computer, do not buy the 64GB version, you will regret it.

    Starting with the positive
    + Price, Facebook loses every headset.
    + Wireless VR, is a sick freedom against a cord.
    + Mobility, can use it just about anywhere ..
    + High resolution, no "screen door effect"
    + No back-bleed from the screen
    + Movie, is like watching a 200 "TV screen.
    + Watching 3d film is a completely new experience, unlike 3d in cinema which is crap ..
    + Good tracking of controls
    + Charges quickly
    + Wireless VR streamed from a PC, only that feature is worth 3.6k.
    + The sound is actually better than expected, for price and size

    + - Battery life is okay, you rarely play more than an hour straight.
    + - The graphics are approved but no more, have not tested so many games yet.

    The negative
    - Quest 2 is sadly extremely uncomfortable to wear and is its absolute biggest disadvantage.
    - The lenses are not good, create light artifacts. I think I'm a little more sensitive than most?
    - The black is non-existent, it never turns black.
    - Can not adjust the brightness? Wtf?
    - 64GB is too little if you only play built-in games.
    - The FOV is bad, but still not worse than most other headsets.

    Quest 2 definitely has drawbacks and some are quite extreme shortcomings. Like how extremely uncomfortable and bad Quest 2 is upside down.
    That the blacks are completely awful and that the lenses are one of the places Facebook really skimped on.

    But a Quest 2 can do things that not even the Valves Index can for 10k.
    Even if I owned an Index, I would probably have bought a Quest just to sometimes avoid the cable and watch movies on the train.

    Subtracting a star for expensive games, my entire rating was based on a low total price.
  • Poor
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    - Cheap to buy (before buying all the addons needed for a good experience)
    - Good hand and finger tracking for Inside out tracking
    - Facebook updates frequently to keep the customer base
    - An entry into VR for those who want to know what it's about to later upgrade to PC VR
    - Requires facebook account and the monitoring that must be approved (cameras in headsets, what you play watching and more)
    - Not the same class as PC headset in image quality (Reverb G2 best by margin)
    - Not the same class as PC headsets in sound quality (Reverb G2 & Index best)
    - Not the same class as PC headsets in refresh rate (Index best)
    - Not the same class as PC headsets in FOV (Index "or Pimax" best)
    - Not full finger tracking like Index
    - Not the same class on tracking as light tower headsets (Index or Reverb G2 + additional towers)
    - Headband really bad, expect to buy an add-on
    - Connect to computer? Then you can buy a link cable
    - Buy for real headphones with 3.5mm but then lie on the ear, uncomfortable in the long run
    Not enough memory for stand alone with 64 Gb - buy the 256 Gb variant

    - With all the add-ons that are "needed", you land in the same price category as a real PC headset.
    If you already have a competent PC or do not like to be logged off, buy REverb G2 which beats Quest 2 at all points or wait for Deca gear (pre order) which is incredibly affordable with wireless connection, body module, the same resolution as G2, full tracking controllers like Index.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Updated: 4 months ago
    A lot of technology for the money and a big advantage that you avoid cables that do it. Above all, I stream from the computer and experience that it works decently.

    The disadvantages are perhaps mainly that the games are quite expensive in the Oculus store and that the quality of the monitors is like that - a small area in the middle is clear but around the edges the image is blurred, and my couple has some (sometimes?) Dead pixels.
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Lots of fun for the money. Feels like a mature product.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    VR is finally mature. Here you get the best of both worlds with both built-in games and connection to a computer (even wireless!).

    Run and buy. Now.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Excellent device, worth the money and no issues
  • Very good
    4 months ago
    Good but you get a little pain in the neck and hard with bad straps in the back but very worth it
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    Run Half Life Alyx wirelessly from the PC with no noticeable delay (approx. 15 ms) over 5 ghz wifi, absolutely incredible! The picture is even better than the Valve Index for SEK 12,000! The only downside is the field of view which is a bit smaller, but the sharpness is still the most important and there Quest 2 beats most!
  • Barely acceptable
    5 months ago
    Recommends waiting to buy for a month or so until they reintroduce the brightness adjust slider.

    If you have problems with the base light level, you can only adjust them in a night / day mode fnv. On day mode cohabitant managed 5 minutes, I 10 minutes = 20 minutes eyes hurt for both.
    Will be testing with night mode soon.
    Otherwise, a good upgrade from quest 1 text is very easy to read.
    Not fully tested due to the above problem.

    Have go quest, rift s and index never experienced similar pain. (I adjusted the eyes thing right o have exactly the top setting)
  • Very Poor
    5 months ago
    "Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to log in." So nothing for those who hate facebook and refuse to have an account that logs all your activity ..
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    The product of the future released!

    The resolution is finally high enough when you have now stopped in a 4K screen.

    Includes an XR2 CPU / GPU (Snapdragon 865 with extra features for XR) - better than the one in the latest Samsung S20 ..

    It can play 3D movies 60Hz in 8K - My monster computer can not.

    Tested to stream near 4K resolution in 90Hz from PC with latest low latency Wifi6 (160Mhz bandwidth)!

    6GB RAM .. 64GB SSD Disk .. everything just feels too good to be true!

    Have not yet had to change batteries in my controls after two weeks of use. How is that even possible?

    Two disadvantages: Comfort is better than Quest 1 but still not good. (Can be fixed with accessories or modding)

    The second disadvantage is the mandatory facebook account, but I guess that is why it does not cost SEK 10,000 as it perhaps should have done.

    A little tip is probably that you should buy it now because it is guaranteed to be out by Christmas ..

    Probably the best product I bought!
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Incredibly immersive experience.
    Have had the 64GB version for a few days, when you play it feels like you are being moved to another world.

    I never bought a link cable, it is possible to connect to your computer via WiFi without cable using side quest and run games via SteamVR on the computer. Search for instructions online, you have to connect the headset to your computer to download software for it to sync wirelessly with Virtual Desktop (which costs about SEK 200 in the VR store that can be purchased in the headset). You can connect the Oculus Quest 2 with the included charging cable to the USB-C input in the computer.

    Will buy an elite strap in the future, but what comes with it is perfectly ok. Remember not to tighten the strap around the head too hard so the headset presses too much on the cheekbones. Make sure that it tightens more against the forehead so it feels much more comfortable.

    Recommends playing Echo VR, free in the quest store.
    From the computer, Half-Life Alyx is a must.
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Do not buy from any of the stores that sell for more than 3690! Such as Complete. That they charge a higher price than that is just to trick people into thinking that they have to sell for 4000 because there are taxes and fees on imported goods and so on. Only that it is not so much that it needs to go up to 4000! Without them just put in the extra to make extra profit! Shop by Elgiganten only (right now) until the others sell for 3690!

    On topic, so very affordable and good VR headset!
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Omg! I still can not grasp what I possess .... just say buy!
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    My second VR headset after PS-VR. PS-VR has several great games but I sold my bad quick because I did not like the awfully low resolution. My eyes were bleeding. A few years later and I became curious about Quest. Sold out everywhere. And luckily it was then that Quest 2 was launched. The most fun and exciting gaming experience I have had in a long time. Gets completely engrossed and it's so impressive. And then I have not even tried it for a PC. It will be fun to buy a new computer and test with a link cable! The freedom without cables and the simplicity make this product a clear ten-pointer!
  • Very good
    6 months ago
    Updated: 5 months ago
    ### Positive ###

    + Sharp and nice picture (but very narrow area which is really good)
    + The graphics are noticeably better than Oculus Quest
    + Completely cordless if you want
    + You can charge while playing
    + Works great with glasses (mine a little bigger anyway)
    + It is possible to change the parts over the head and around the eyes
    + Only takes minutes to install and get started
    + The controls are comfortable and feel precise in the movements

    ### Negative ###

    - Battery life is meh at most (expect a maximum of 1.5 to 2 hours)
    - The hair band is tricky to adjust and uncomfortable
    - No, your Rift games will not work without cable
    - The brackets around the lenses feel plastic and look like they will break as easily as possible

    ### Notable ###

    . You must have a Facebook account to use Oculus Quest 2
    . The lenses on the inside quickly get dirty - polish very carefully with a lens cloth
    . 64 GB goes a long way (many games are only between 500MB and 3GB)
    . The Oculus Link cable is long, heavy and impractical with Quest 2 (and very expensive)
    . It can be a bit tricky to adjust correctly to keep the image sharp, and to keep the VR headset in the correct position
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Worth it! Lots of VR for the money. It is as if you are in a completely different world.
  • Excellent
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    NOW, VR has finally matured properly.
    Of course, the experience was absolutely incredible, when using HTC Vive for the first time.
    But the resolution was too low, and it was a hell of a mess with the base stations, so that you would not have a blind spot, which made the controls go crazy. Then there was hardly any game worth playing, as most were mediocre gimmick games.

    Owned Rift S for a while, and it was a relief to not have to use sensors, but you were still stuck with a cable, which I often bothered with in fast games, when you had to move the cord all the time.

    Borrowed a Quest from a polar bear for a couple of months, and finally they were completely free from both sensors and cords. Unfortunately, the games were really slim graphically, but still, the feeling was still good. So when Quest 2 appeared, with better performance, and much higher resolution, I struck out.

    The first thing you notice is how damn sharp it is, and that you no longer have to bother with the screendoor effect, thanks to the high resolution and RGB structure.
    The only downside with the screen, is that the blackness and contrast is much worse than on the Oled screens, which sat in Quest 1. Most noticeable in horror games, in light games, there is no problem. But after a couple of days, you have got used to the gray blackness.

    One thing I noticed is that I had no problems at all with the tracking, compared to Quest 1 and Rift S, where it could sometimes lose control. But according to what I read, apparently the tracking has improved on them as well. So maybe not unique with Quest 2.

    The battery life is not that long, but honestly, it's quite nice to take a break from VR, after a couple of hours, so I do not feel that there is a problem.
    If you want longer battery life, you can always plug in a power bank, which you have tucked in your pocket, or there is an Elite Strap with a built-in battery, which doubles the playing time. Speaking of Elite Strap, it may be worth investing in one. Is there a cheaper model without a battery, for five hundred. What comes with the machine is not useless, but does not fit perfectly on my skull, so have ordered an Elite Strap, which will appear in a few days. Updates the review, when I tested with that combination.

    Have not yet tested Link or Virtual Desktop, so will return with the impression of this.

    I deduct one point, partly for the "blackness" and partly because you are forced to link a Facebook account to the Oculus account, if you want to use Quest 2. I hate Facebook, but may well sacrifice myself, to get this great VR experience.

    Can be this year's Christmas present? Recommended!
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Updated: 6 months ago
    Now VR is something for everyone. Now I can say that it is good enough for everyone to get it and the price is incredibly good!

    From here, things get trickier

    Went from CV1 to this one and could not be happier. Fantastic sharpness and functionality.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Extremely happy with the purchase. The fact that you can use it as a standalone headset but also connect it to the PC (also wireless if you have a good wifi) gives a great added value.
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Everything is perfect with this headset
  • Perfect
    6 months ago
    Now VR will enter every man's home!

    Now the quality, content and above all the price are so good that the overall experience is magical. Oculus Quest 2 is the obvious choice for VR right now. Incredibly big improvements against Quest 1 but still a lower price. The comfort with the included head strap was above expectations and will suffice if you do not have high demands, but I bought the Elite Headstrap which was even more comfortable. 64 Gb is good enough so far as the games are generally no more than 3 Gb.