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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC 2xHDMI 2xDP 8GB

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  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Updated: 7 days ago
    A good, quiet and fast 3070 card - nothing more and nothing less.

    When it comes to delivering FPS with high quality pigs, you will not be disappointed. Assassin's Creed Valhalla in Ultra High graphics in 1440p with 60-70 FPS is beautiful. And best of all - it keeps it quiet and usually stays at around 70 degrees in FurMark.
    It is already overclocked from the factory so you do not have to worry about it if you do not want to. I do not know if this is what causes me to get error message in Afterburner and also Aorus Engine when I try with their built-in auto-OC features.

    In terms of appearance, it really is not the most beautiful card in town. What would bother a person who cares very much about what the computer looks like is that the plastic cover for the fans does not cover the entire short side (as you see if you have glass) so you look into the electronics and heat sink and the small power cable for the fans - if you can not take that, you should buy another card. (see TechPowerup's review for more photos showing what it looks like)
    The RGB exists but is very, very discreet, it is only the Gigabyte logo on the page that you can control or, as in my case, turn off.

    Had this been one of the cheaper 3070 cards, I would have been very happy. But since it is in the middle layer in terms of price, you expect a little more from it in terms of appearance. You damn what it delivers frames and in the end that's what it's about.

    Like another reviewer here, it's a weird howl (which does not come from the fans) when this card is loaded when it is in my Intel platform with ASUS Prime Z370 motherboard, but when I insert it in my AMD platform with Asus ROG Strix B450 motherboard so it does not sound at all. Do not know if it has to do with the motherboard or PSU?
  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Good performance but sounds awful when loaded. Have had 970, 2070, and now this, none of the other wines and sounds this much. Hear over all other fans in an otherwise well-ventilated open chassis. Bought it because it has windforce coolers that were previously very quiet.
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Great performance! Switched up from 1070 and got very much more stable and better FPS in all games. If you are like me and drive in 1440p, this is a card for you.

    To you who are still playing at 1920x1080 resolution. Buy a new screen BEFORE you buy this best. Completely pointless without 1440p screen with G-sync.

    Has overclocked in the middle with MSI Afterburner and has so far reached +105 on core and +1300 on memory. Still it cools well and yes never gets above 65 degrees in load.