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Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB

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  • Perfect
    4 days ago
    It's an iPhone what more do you need to say. Delivers a top-class experience in terms of user interface, camera and build quality.
    Recommend it to everyone!
  • Decent
    9 days ago
    Updated: 7 days ago
    Many divided opinions about iPhone 12 Pro, here are my experiences so far. I'm going from an iPhone XS.

    - It's fast! I think iOS 14 is running well overall. Fastest phone I have ever owned.
    - The camera's wide angle and telephoto lens are magical.
    - The camera is cruel, still and video (in the right light)
    - I think the battery life is good. Was a little surprised that I had more than 50% left in the evening. (it did not have my XS with my daily use)
    - Personally, I like the angular design. The rounded XS is nice to hold but I always have a strange subconscious feeling that it will slip out of my hand. Had the phone been a little thinner, it would have been perfect in the hand.
    - Good cream in the sound level.

    - The ceramic screen. It is certainly extra shockproof BUT it is easier to scratch than any other iPhone I have owned. Things that have made lighter scratches before make deep and wide grooves in the screen :(. Screen protection is a MUST which I have not experienced before.
    - The screen edge is liite well wide for a phone for + 10k.
    - The phone is a little too thick for me to think it fits perfectly in the hand and then I have quite large hands.
    - The camera in low light. Apple's cameras still perform worse in low light compared to competitors.

    I have been faithful to the iPhone since 3S and have had a number of iPhones since then. Can personally admit that this may be one of the worse iPhones I have owned so far. Not because it is bad but I do not think the design and the light-tinted glass hold the measure for a phone in this price range in 2020. I am a bit divided on whether I can currently recommend the iPhone 12 Pro, hence the rating. Overall, I am satisfied as it is nice, fits perfectly OK in the hand and it is really fast. I choose iOS over Android and worth mentioning that I run the Apple suite at home.

    Included in the box is only the phone and a USB-C to Lightning cable. I already have a bunch of Apple chargers and headsets that are just lying around and littering. If you have been for a while, the excluded cords should not be a problem.

    Are you divided on the angular design, go and squeeze in any store! If you walk from a phone with rounded edges _will_ this feel sharp and heavy at first. Personally, it was a bit of a habit and now I probably can not have a phone that is light and "round" without getting that "drop feeling".
  • Barely acceptable
    15 days ago
    Updated: 15 days ago
    If you film in low light, you can just as easily pick out the VHS camera from the 90s as it has better quality and higher resolution.

    4K sure but not always
    the resolution in low light goes down to DVD level.
    Extreme dithering to remove the noise in the image at higher ISO means that all details are blurred into a single batter.
  • Acceptable
    17 days ago
    + Very fast mobile
    + Very good camera

    - Really boring design. In fact, the same screen design that you have had since 2017. So for four years!
    - Heavy and clumsy feeling.
    - IOS, the operating system that the developers forgot. Really boring and awkward to use. Requires long habituation due to that it is not intuitive at all.
    - Animals, animals, animals. Did any animal say? Extremely overpriced and affordable. You get two (!) Oneplus 8T for the same price and then it is a mobile that is just as good at basically everything and also extremely much better at important things like operating system and design.

    This is a mobile that only appeals to fanbojs / gals and that does not realize the disadvantages as long as it is a half-eaten apple on the back.
  • Very Poor
    19 days ago
    Adds when scrolling. Gets pain in the hand when you hold it. Battery life worse than expected. Too narrow compared to iPhone 7 Plus. Worse keyboard, harder to hit the letters correctly.
  • Perfect
    24 days ago
    Perfection in the form of a smartphone. Fits better in the hand than X and XS (not tried 11). The camera is absolutely incredible and the phone is fast no matter what you expose it to. The only downside I can think of is that the 120hz screen would have been even better, but that's not something I suffer from. Can be highly recommended, to anyone who is not willing to give Android a chance and who wants a handset that delivers all the way.
  • Very Poor
    25 days ago
    Oh, what an affordable price this year, we got a magnet and a design from 2014
  • Perfect
    26 days ago
    Fantastic nap! The flat sides together with the flat back and front make the phone feel really good in the hand. The colors + steel frame make the phone look and feel more premium than other phones on the market.

    Coming from an Xs, a real upgrade on the camera front, I must say. Fantastic pictures in all lighting conditions. Night mode, ultrawide portraits and 4K HDR are just some of the features that I find very nice.

    The screen: Yes, the note is still there, but we have already got used to it in this warehouse, it does not disturb at all. The screen, on the other hand, is sharp, has really nice color reproduction and blackness.

    + The design
    + The camera
    + The software
    + The screen
  • Barely acceptable
    29 days ago
    Perfect size for a mobile.
    BUT the screen ... aj..aj ...
    Really bubbly screen compared to my iPhone 8.
  • Excellent
    1 month ago
    In terms of hardware, this previous generation iPhone 11 Pro is quite similar. In terms of design, it is quite different! They have now gone back to the flat edges that many loved on iPhone 4 and 5. This is not only nice but also practical as the phone is easier to grip than if the edges are rounded as on previous generations. Unfortunately, the differences between this and the almost SEK 2,000 cheaper iPhone 12 are not as many as I had hoped. With this Pro model, you get what is not available on the regular 12:

    * An extra telephoto lens on the back (2.5x Optical Zoom).
    * LiDAR Scanner on the back (For augmented reality in apps and enhanced portraits in dark scenarios).
    * The main lens on the back has a slightly wider light range (1.6 aperture instead of 1.7) which gives a little more detail in pictures taken in the dark.
    * 6GB RAM instead of 4GB.
    * Dolby Vision HDR recording at up to 60 frames per second instead of 30.
    * Stainless steel edges instead of aluminum.
    * Other color choices in darker tones.
    * 8% brighter screen.

    This year, both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have almost identical screens. They are the same size and both are also OLED, which gives excellent colors and perfect contrast. Both have the latest A14 Bionic chip and both support wireless charging. Both mobiles are also waterproof at a depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes, and both have a wide-angle lens and Face-ID from previous models.

    As a whole, both mobiles are so similar to each other that it makes it difficult for me to justify the 25% higher cost of the Pro model over non-pro. Therefore, I can not give 12 Pro five stars, as it is simply too similar to its cheaper brother to be worth the extra money (in my opinion). If 12 Pro had included a 120Hz or 90Hz screen, it would have received five stars, but since it still only has 60Hz like all previous iPhones, it gets 4.5 / 5.