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Samsung Galaxy Fit2

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  • Decent
    2 months ago
    Well. Changed from fitbit charge 2 as I wanted a slimmer and waterproof one with better battery life.
    The best thing about the fitbit, however, is what this is worst at which is; resting heart rate.
    It refuses to show the resting heart rate, which worked and was very clear with fitbit. Fun to see how it drops when you are more active and get up when you have relaxed too much. Also liked that you could clearly see even the lowest stroke during the night, which this one does not want to show particularly well so ... Well, it is comfortable and the vibrator is guaranteed to wake me up, but the fact that it does not show the resting pulse can make me change it soon .
  • Terrible
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    In an update, Samsung has removed a couple of features (In connection with the redesign of the Samsung Health app). Among other things, where you see the number of calories you have consumed per day. Sleep logging and calorie consumption was the main reason I bought this as it would be one of the most accurate, but since they have removed the most essential, it makes the activity bracelet completely useless to me ...

    You can still see how many calories you consume during a certain workout, but no more .. The fact that it should automatically sense the form of exercise is also a joke, often has to start the program manually and it does not count sets / reps, for example. without "you have been doing push-ups for 2 minutes and 7 seconds", tell me nothing .. A bit messy interface in general .. Battery life is perfectly okay! The pedometer seems to be better than the ones built into today's phones. It is nice to wear! SEK 400 on still makes it quite affordable, but for me and my needs, as I said, it is lousy. Due to the update, the product does not match at all with how it appeared on Samsung's "previous" website, some stores' product description or in tests.

    This applies to all Samsung smart / sports watches / activity bracelets. Download the Samsung Health app first before you buy something and try it out for a couple of days / weeks with the phone's sensors, so that you can see that you feel satisfied with the interface. Personally, I hate it after the update. Before it was perfect, but now you can for example not see the calorie consumption / day, the app can no longer automatically enter your meals for each day but you must now do it manually (For me who eats the same food every day, this feature was gold ). Everything was previously clear on the screen, now you need to swipe / scroll around to get an overview and see large headlines that cover the entire screen (maybe 4 headlines, but you get the point ..).
  • Very good
    3 months ago
    Updated: 3 months ago
    Not completely satisfied, during exercise (in my case so far walking) it works well (hung once though which was a bit troublesome). But in the home, the pedometer works very poorly, only a fraction of the steps are counted.
    Then the night function is strange, it shuts itself off as soon as you wake up and you are then even more awakened by the fact that it is light. I have so it should sync with does not disturb the phone but it turns itself off as soon as the clock strikes you that you wake up (even if it is just after midnight and you have slept a quarter).
    Have not had this type of product before so have nothing to compare with so may have had too high expectations.
    I like the functions that you can have alarms and notifications connected to the clock so you do not have to have sound on the phone and then disturb others in the environment.
  • Excellent
    3 months ago
    Very impressive for this low price.
    Battery life is 6-7 days with all standard widgets enabled.
    We bought it primarily for sleep measurement and this makes it very good. details about depth / strap sleep are logged impressively well ... any single night in maybe 10-14 days that "clicks" but it can probably also happen to more expensive units ...
    The simplicity makes it easy to check heart rate, start workouts and other things.
    Weighs nothing and sits comfortably.
    I understand that it should not have a regular charging port because it both takes up space and makes it more water resistant, but support for QI charging would have been the icing on the cake "i", but since you rarely charge, it's ok ... A little worried that you are buying the lose charger adapter.
    The watch is fast in its GUI, easy to swipe.
    A really fun gadget that creates awareness about health.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    Used with Samsung S10 for a few weeks. Synchronization and setup go smoothly with the Samsung Health and Samsung wearable apps. Fit2 has several useful features. The pedometer is very accurate and has only 2-4% deviation. You can configure it to receive notification when you receive calls, text messages, emails, snaps, alarms, etc. You can read text messages and answer them with pre-programmed answers. Control spotify. Sleep monitoring. Stress measurement. And it can help wake you up in the morning by vibrating vigorously. The screen is very good, which allows me to run brightness at minimum and save power.
    Are you tired of bad battery life on smartwatches and bracelets? - here you have at least 2 weeks between each charge!
    Something that could have been better is a little more accurate / detailed heart rate monitor during training. The software could have been more thoughtful in some modes (allowed to hope for an update). Anyway, here is an incredible amount of functionality, battery life and utility value for less than 600 kroner.
  • Perfect
    4 months ago
    My Galaxy Fit2 works great and wears it every day. I am very happy and do my activity much better. Recommended! 💥
  • Perfect
    5 months ago
    Top notch functionality, for cheap money.