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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

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  • Very good
    13 days ago
    Had mine for 2 months, got them together with s21 Ultra when pre-ordered. Had not had them otherwise because I liked Bud + but these are better. The active noise reduction is great. The fit is ok but it is different for different people.
  • Barely acceptable
    25 days ago
    I have previously driven both jabra 65t active and 75t active.
    The big advantage of these is that you can choose which handset to sit in and the jabra is locked to the right (master).
    Great sound and fits well even when I'm at the gym.
    Now for the bad. Instead of using buttons that I have had on my previous ones, they have chosen a touch function. It's a complete disaster. If you want to correct the handset, you will probably pause the music or hang up the call. If you and the other side want to hang up, you will probably not succeed because the touch works a little when it feels right in my opinion.

    Good sound and fit unfortunately do not compensate for the lousy touch so unfortunately do not recommend buying these.
  • Very Poor
    27 days ago
    TIP! Solved the problem with plugs ... many complain and I do. But bought new plugs at kjell & co and now fits perfectly! The fit is now good! If you insert them well, it works ... or glue them in ....
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Comparison with AirPods Pro which has been used extensively for 1 year and was very happy with before I upgraded (yep) to these.

    Better than Airpods Pro:
    Sound: Much better, heavy bass and clear sound. Night and day against Airpods.
    Connection: Never any problems with connection or sound sync. Not as smooth with Airpods and Android.
    "Speak to turn down volume and turn off NC" function: Gold worth when you have your hands full.
    Microphone: Cruel, even outdoors in the wind.
    Touch control: Easier to press than to pinch.
    Battery life: Both lures and cases seem to have better mash.
    Shape: Likes the format of both lures and cases better.
    Charging: USB-C
    NC: Airpods scream in the ear if you put your head against a pillow, nothing like that in Buds.

    Harder to get the headphones in place in the ears
    Easy to put the headphones back in the case in the dark
    NC: Airpods dampen better. Buds are still good, however, and sort out almost all annoying noise (noise, etc.) but to some extent let through other things (eg keyboard noise).

    Neither better nor worse:
    Fit: Airpods are fool proof, just push them in and it's done. As I said, buds need a little more finesse and you have to hold them at the edges to not activate touch. Be close to throwing them in the trash the first time I tried to put them in! Once you have learned, however, they are quick to get in and I think they fit at least as well as Airpods, I hardly think that I have them in.
    Ambient mode: Works fine in both.
  • Decent
    1 month ago
    Got them with my S21 Ultra. Comes from Sony's reference headsets and jisses they are missing right away.
    The ink is insanely bad, but the sounds are OK but lack the base compared to Sony. Do not know how many times I lost them when I have to take these little slips out of my ears. And when I want to adjust them in the ear then they work but can then become deaf when the sound goes up. If there is no one left to take them and you then turn off the ink. I fight on and come back later with more that show up
  • Barely acceptable
    1 month ago
    Difficult to rate. The sound is really good, it's nice that they are waterproof, they sit perfectly ok and have good reception without interruptions when you have them in your pants pocket (unlike my previous 75h ...).

    But the controls on the bids are useless, to the point that I turn them off and control the phone completely. It has no noise canceling at all (notices no difference at all when it is on or not).

    So if these are basically good headphones where important features do not work, maybe it can be a second in grades?
  • Perfect
    1 month ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    They sit comfortably in my big ears. The sound that the noise reduction lets through consists mostly of birds chirping, the hooves of walking horses, footsteps and cars that mostly sound like bicycles. You are simply not a risk to yourself with these on.

    No wonder, Scalable Codec is enabled by default. You can attach a widget to the home screen that you can use to enable and disable the touch.
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Updated: 1 month ago
    Jaaaa ...

    Good things:
    + Nice sound experience (likes bass and there is plenty)
    + smart and simple functions
    + plenty of battery in small format
    + Premium feeling

    Less good things:
    - incredibly bad fit (maybe just for me), but has to fiddle, twist and push them in constantly ...
    - while I try to insert the headphones, it is far too easy to access the touchpad, which results in me always managing to change song / pause / turn on / off or turn on the transmission of external sounds ...

    So as a whole, the headphones are generally good (if they fit) but for me hard enough to create a frustrating experience ... unfortunately.
  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Compared to jabra's elite sport, these headphones are garbage.

    - sits loose with all adapters.
    - mediocre sound even with equalizer
    - the touch function shuts down calls even though touch is disabled. When touch is activated, it turns on music, ends calls and switches to active noise reduction as soon as I want to correct the bad fit in the ear.
    - storage boxes are frustrating to open if you have slightly larger fingers.

    Got these along with galaxy 21 ultra and will sell them right away, they are useless.
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Easy to connect with my S21 ultra 512GB
    Good sound
    3 different sizes of "pillows"

    I will definitely drop these.
    Absolutely not adapted for my ears.
    I hardly feel that you have them in your ears
  • Very Poor
    2 months ago
    Debris! The headphones have good sound, however, they sit terribly loose and bad as they do not have any wings like my previous Samsung buds.

    Noise cancellation does not work at all. Tried with running tap and vacuum cleaner in the background but heard no difference at all when I switched on / off with this function.

    The function that is to lower the volume when you talk does not always work either ... Troublesome when you stand like a fool in front of someone and try to activate the function with your voice and it does not work at all ...
  • Perfect
    2 months ago
    Perfect sound and fit. Sickly good battery life compared to Pods.
  • Barely acceptable
    2 months ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Hey! Bought these headphones the first of February and are so far happy with them. Below is a positive-negative list based on my experience with these.

    - Sickly good sound. Notices nothing wrong at all. Good bass and all sound well covered.
    - Good battery life. Can listen for a very long time.
    - Good integration with my Galaxy S20 (instant-connect, the app etc.)
    - The shell is small and fits well in the pocket

    - The only negative I have noticed is that their shape does not really fit my ears. My ears, on the other hand, are quite small so it might be different for you. This causes it to hurt in some places after just a few minutes of use, too bad!

    Summary: I think these are an extremely good choice. Has a very high quality, matches everything from battery to sound. If you have small ears, I would buy something else that fits better! Or you simply have to get used to it.

    UPDATE AFTER A WEEK: Earlier I wrote that these did not fit very well in the ear but that it might get better. Unfortunately, these were ugly all the time, they hurt to wear due to small ears. I wanted to return but Elgiganten does not accept in-ear headphones that are clean. The only solution now is to sell them on the block with a big loss as they are good there from 2500 to 2100 since I bought them. Then the price is further reduced because they are used. Shit boring I think. Everything was perfect except this. DO NOT recommend to you with small heads / ears!
  • Very good
    2 months ago
    Really good sound in the headphones during music playback.
    Works great to talk phone / teams / zoom etc etc in.
    Easy to connect between added devices.

    The only thing that detracts from the rating a bit is the noise reduction, which could have been a little better, otherwise the cannon is cheating!