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Synology RackStation RS816

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  • Synology RackStation RS816 4-Bay NAS


    • Decent performance
    • High quality power supply
    • Low energy consumption
    • Restricted height (1U)
    • Rackmount option
    • Power consumption
    • DSM OS
    • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
    • Support for up to 16 camera licenses (comes with two free licenses)
    • ErP Lot 6 compliant
    • USB 3.0 compatibility
    • Ability to skip disk checking during RAID setup (only in RAID 0, 1, and 10)
    • eSATA port
    • Compatible with Synology's RX415 expansion unit
    • Metal HDD trays which feature locks
    • 3 year warranty


    • Price
    • Weak SoC for demanding applications
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Low performance with encrypted files
    • IOPs performance in DiskSPD tests
    • Lack of HDMI port(s)
    • No option to skip disk checking during RAID 5 and RAID 6 setup
    • You cannot format an external disk into NTFS (however, external NTFS disks can be read and written to properly)

    Synology's RackStation RS816 is an entry level rackmount NAS with, however, quite the stiff price because of its extra features and very high quality components. Its limited height and ability to withstand tough operating conditions also require a special design and quality parts which obviously don't come cheap. This server's PSU is of extra high quality and is among the very few we have come across so far to feature a 12,000h bulk cap at 105 °C. Even ultra-expensive desktop PSUs are equipped with 2,000-3,000h bulk caps for the same operating conditions. The DPS-100AP-13A PSU is also 80 PLUS Silver certified, which further restricts the system's power consumption. The RS816 fares well in terms of performance, but it cannot keep up with servers equipped with stronger Intel CPUs. We would like to see more RAM as well since 1 GB looks low even for Synology's highly efficient DSM OS with its admittedly very low hardware demands. This server's RAM total can unfortunately not be upgraded, and given how cheap RAM is nowadays, we can't fathom why Synology didn't provide the RS816 with at least 4 GB or even 8 GB of RAM. The inclusion of an eSATA port means the capacity of the RS816 can easily be expanded upon by adding a Synology RX415 expansion unit, a 4-bay expansion unit with a 1U height profile and short depth of 12'' (30.48 cm). The major downside of the RS816 is in our opinion its poor performance with encrypted file transfers. In business environment, a NAS server will most likely be called upon to deal with encrypted files, which will have its low performance in such file-transfer scenarios cause lots of headaches. Synology might claim that encrypted file transfers are quite fast, but our test results proved quite the opposite. Its performance with open files is pretty good, though, especially if you exploit both Ethernet ports and team them for up to 2 Gbps speeds.

    4 years ago