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Tabac Original Hair Cream 100mlHair Styling Product£4.95£2.99  7957  
Merkur 34C HD SafetyRazor£34.95£31.99 9/1011484  
Floris No 89 edt 100mlPerfume £80.00£80.00  14415  
Mühle R41 Traditional SafetyRazor£34.00£27.20  15942  
Merkur Progress 500 SafetyRazor£47.95£42.62 8/1019222  
Proraso Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream 150mlShaving Foam£5.95£3.90  23163  
Floris Santal edt 100mlPerfume £80.00£51.89  25045  
Anthony Logistics For Men Glycolic Facial Cleanser 237mlFace Wash£26.00£19.50  28797  
Anthony Logistics For Men Alcohol-Free Deo Stick 70gDeodorant£16.00£12.00 8/1033116  
Hairbond Moulder Hair Shaper 100mlHair Styling Product£8.44£8.44  33933  
Floris Elite edt 100mlPerfume £80.00£47.96  34421  
Edwin Jagger DE89L Chrome Lined Double EdgeRazor£27.00£27.00  40542  
Mühle R89 Traditional Grande SafetyRazor£43.00£32.41  41682  
Tabac Original Deo Stick 75mlDeodorant£5.95£3.69  48399  
Mühle R41 Grande SafetyRazor£43.00£34.00  48633  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Mr Taylors Shaving Cream 150gShaving Foam£10.95£9.95  48831  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood edc 100mlPerfume £25.95£16.00  53329  
Recipe For Men Alcohol-Free Deo Stick 75mlDeodorant£16.00£12.00  54183  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream 150gShaving Foam£10.95£5.17  55879  
Merkur 38C SafetyRazor£39.95£38.99 7/1056075  
Recipe for Men Facial Moisturizer SPF15 75mlMoisturizer£30.00£26.73  57200  
Mühle R106 Traditional SafetyRazor£34.00£27.30  60970  
Musgo Real Aqua De Colonia No. 3 Spiced Citrus edc 100mlPerfume £30.00£30.00  63418  
Penhaligon's Vaara edp 50mlPerfume £44.00£44.00  64944  
Proraso Pre Shaving Refreshing & Toning Cream 100mlShaving Foam£8.94£4.09 8/1065708  
Floris No 89 edt 50mlPerfume £60.00£46.55  65807  
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food 100mlAftershave£15.00£12.75  66073  
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood edc 50mlPerfume £46.00£37.40  70311  
Floris No 89 Shaving Soap Refill 100gShaving Foam£24.00£24.00  71410  
Recipe for Men Smooth Repair Conditioner 250mlConditioner£18.00£17.99  75619  
Recipe for men Under Eye Gel 20mlEye Care£27.00£20.25  76658  
Recipe for Men Anti-Blemish Coverstick 2.5mlConcealer£18.00£13.50  77059  
Floris JF edt 100mlPerfume £80.00£50.99  77603  
Proraso Protective After Shave Balm 100mlAftershave£11.95£5.35  78809  
Dr Organic Body Wash 250mlBath & Shower£14.00£4.99  84430  
Recipe for Men Facial Cleanser 100mlFace Wash£18.00£13.50 7/1084799  
Böker King Cutter 5/8 Round Head Straight RazorRazor£111.00£94.95  88066  
Recipe for Men Anti-Shine Moisturizer 75mlMoisturizer£30.00£21.00 8/1088132  
Shaveworks The Cool Fix Gel 156mlAftershave£25.00£20.00  92841  
Mühle R41 Twist SafetyRazor£46.00£39.23  93334  
Proraso Refreshing & Toning After Shave Balm 100mlAftershave£11.95£11.95  93893  
Floris No 89 Bath & Shower Gel 250mlBath & Shower£26.00£26.00  95311  
Tabac Original Shaving Soap 125gShaving Foam£16.95£8.94 8/1096611  
Floris Elite After Shave Balm 100mlAftershave£27.00£23.89  97140  
Recipe for Men Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250mlShampoo£18.00£13.50  97655  
Proraso Shaving Cut Healing Gel 10mlAftershave£3.95£1.49  99771  
D.R. Harris Shaving Soap 100gShaving Foam£24.00£22.08  106854  
Mühle R89 Traditional Closed Comb SafetyRazor£34.00£33.25 8/10107711  
Merkur 39C SafetyRazor£39.95£39.95  107841  
Mühle R89 Twist Traditional SafetyRazor£46.00£43.90  107844  
Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar edc 100mlPerfume £65.00* £61.87   107892  
Merkur 37C SafetyRazor£34.95£32.99 8/10107965  
Truefitt & Hill 1805 edc 100mlPerfume £65.00* £61.87  108008  
The Bluebeards Revenge Pre Shaving Oil 125mlShaving Foam£9.94£7.89  108024  
Proraso Refreshing & Toning Shaving Cream 150mlShaving Foam£5.50£2.65 7/10108427  
Anthony Logistics For Men Facial Scrub 237mlFace Scrub£36.00£31.50  110995  
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Deo Stick 75mlDeodorant£14.00£11.90  111262  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Collection Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream 150gShaving Foam£12.95£9.95  112486  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap Refill 100gShaving Foam£9.94* £9.74  112665  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Bath & Shower Gel 500mlBath & Shower£13.95£12.95  112913  
Anthony Logistics For Men Ingrown Hair Treatment 70gMoisturizer£32.00£28.55  114102  
The Bluebeards Revenge ShavetteRazor£9.94£7.95 8/10115811  
Recipe for Men Concealer 2.5mlConcealer£17.00£12.75 8/10117234  
Penhaligon's No 33 edc 50mlPerfume £36.00£36.00  117484  
Geo F Trumper Sandalwood Hair and Body Wash 200mlBath & Shower£16.00£13.60  117646  
Proraso Sensitive Pre Shaving Cream 100mlShaving Foam£8.94£6.37  123151  
Floris JF edt 50mlPerfume £60.00£44.50  125404  
Recipe For Men Antiperspirant Roll-On 60mlDeodorant£15.00£11.25 8/10130423  
Tabac Original After Shave Balm 75mlAftershave£10.95£5.99  131745  
Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Bath & Shower Gel 200mlBath & Shower£17.00£17.00  133900  
Edwin Jagger Hydrating Pre-Shaving Lotion 100mlShaving Foam£9.00£9.00  134264  
The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream 100mlShaving Foam£14.95* £8.00  136083  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Deo Spray 100mlDeodorant£9.94£8.99  136116  
D.R. Harris Shaving Soap Refill 100gShaving Foam£11.50£10.42  136427  
Gentlemen's Tonic Daily Shampoo 250mlShampoo£14.00£14.00  137093  
Floris Santal edt 50mlPerfume £60.00£60.00  137327  
Geo F Trumper Extract of Limes Deo Stick 75mlDeodorant£14.00£11.90  138565  
D.R Harris Arlington After Shave Milk 100mlAftershave£28.00£28.00  140071  
Recipe for Men Raw Naturals Rustic Beard Shampoo & Conditioner 250mlBeard Care£18.00£12.99  142707  
Böker Classic Black 5/8 Straight RazorRazor£81.00£73.95  143264  
Merkur 34G SafetyRazor£41.95£41.95   144014  
Proraso Moustache Wax 15gBeard Care£8.50£6.80  145478  
Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather Hair & Body Wash 100mlBath & Shower£11.50£9.77  151281  
Edwin Jagger Chrome Long Double EdgeRazor£26.00£26.00 8/10156319  
Floris The Gentleman Eye Cream 15mlEye Care£30.00£30.00  161106  
Geo F Trumper Spanish Leather edc 100mlPerfume £55.00* £38.00  164022  
Parker 99R Butterfly Open Heavyweight SafetyRazor£20.95* £20.95  164475  
eShave Shaving Cream 120gShaving Foam£19.00£17.62  167352  
Anthony Logistics For Men Algae Facial Cleanser Normal/Dry 237mlFace Wash£36.00£29.58  167444  
Shaveworks The Cool Fix Targeted Lotion Gel 60mlAftershave£11.00£11.00  167686  
Geo F Trumper Wellington Cologne 100mlPerfume £60.00£60.00   168077  
Proraso Balm Cypress & Vertyver After Shave Balm 100mlAftershave£18.50£9.44  168309  
Parker 22R Butterfly Open SafetyRazor£21.95£21.95  170315  
Merkur 41C SafetyRazor£21.95£21.95  173333  
Geo F Trumper Eucris Deo Stick 75mlDeodorant£14.00£11.90  173466  
Cyril R Salter Luxury Shaving Cream 165gShaving Foam£9.44£9.44  174322  
Proraso Beard Balm 100mlBeard Care£12.50£10.30  174447  
Geo F Trumper Extract Of Limes Skin Food 200mlAftershave£23.00£19.55  174641  
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Stick 75gShaving Foam£9.94£9.90  175883  
Geo F Trumper West Indian Extract Of Limes edc 50mlPerfume £39.00£33.15  175967  
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